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Innocence Lost V

In Which Innocence is embodied in the value of Twelve; and joined in a fury of pain and pleasure; and in which Chastity pursues love of a woman and Innocence the Love of God.

It was in another field, this time within Une's extensive estates, that Une and Innocence were happily fucking together. Being her own estate, Une naturally chose a comfortable field where the grass was short and green enough for there to be relatively little scratching or discomfort from the ground as the two lovers pursued their business. It was a lovely sunny day, and as Une straddled her thighs over Innocence gazing down at her beautiful penis thrusting in and out she could feel the sun burning her back.
It was with a little surprise that Une felt more feminine caresses from behind. But she didn't care. After making love to Chastity on a few occasions now, she no longer cared about her attention. She merely moaned appreciatively and bent forward over Innocence's prostrate body to give the caresses as free rein as possible. She pushed her tongue into Innocence's mouth and the two lovers explored each other while these other hands explored her.
And, then, with a shock, Une felt another object, hard, stiff and clearly the right shape, also enter into her moist welcoming vagina. What was this? she wondered. One of her lovers? Or (and this gave her a glorious frisson of desire) a woman endowed like Innocence? With that fantasy she brought herself to the point of a loud and explosive orgasm as two tools exercised themselves inside her capacious void.
It was only when Une disentangled herself from the writhing bodies she found that there was in fact only one other person and she was a totally normal woman. Normal, that is, in the biologically accepted way. She was a little skinny, with high cheeks and perky breasts dominated by pointed nipples. She was also virtually naked - but then so too were Une and Innocence. How this girl was not normal was that her hair was virtually all shaved except for a long pointed quiff on her head several inches long. Body jewellery decorated and pierced her body, including golden dangling earrings and pointed ivory caps over her nipples. She also wore a dildo strapped around her waist which although it totally obscured her vagina seemed somehow much more indecent than total nudity could ever be.
Une had seen this look before. It was, she knew, a fashion amongst many girls in the cities to dress in this way - and it meant nothing there. Secretaries, receptionists, hairdressers and all sorts wandered around quite naturally with curious hairstyles and either dildos or, less provocatively, codpieces covering their cunts. Even in the cities, total nudity was not that acceptable. However, this style of dress was bound to attract a great deal of adverse attention in the country. And, anyway, what was a girl like this doing so far away from the night-clubs, bars and haunts of the big city.
Her name was Twelve - a common sort of city name it appeared. She had come to the countryside with her lover - a man called Three - and the two had had an argument. He was not very tolerant when he found her in bed with two other people, and had stormed back to the nearest railway station leaving her behind. She was renting a room from a couple of local people - "real yokels" she described them. Une knew all the people in the village, and the family she described were some relatively poor freeholders who farmed goats just above the village. Heaven only knows what they thought of a provocatively dressed girl like Twelve who probably had no sympathy or understanding at all of country ways!
Normally, Une would have had very little time or sympathy for someone like Twelve, but after the circumstances of their meeting - in which she'd betrayed rather more interest than she normally would have done - it seemed churlish not to invite her back to her farmhouse. Twelve agreed, and they returned to meet Chastity, whom these days made no effort to disguise her indulgence in sex with two of Une's lovers. With semen dripping out of her mouth, she greeted the company and almost immediately discarded her male company to focus her conversation on Twelve.
It came as no surprise to Une when, as the night progressed, Twelve and Chastity disappeared off to have sex together. She knew that it didn't involve the dildo, because Twelve had long past removed it and her ivory nipple protectors and left them on the mantle-piece ("It's wonderful to go naked!" she announced, almost incongruously).
Twelve became quite a regular visitor to Une's household - and, with increasing jealousy, it became apparent to her that it was Innocence and her wonderful penis that attracted her the most. "Innocence is so lucky!" Twelve announced, holding Innocence's erect penis between forefinger and thumb. "The rest of us just pretend to have this kind of thing - but for her it's real. And it comes all over you so creamy and rich! I just love the taste of it!" Une's jealousy was not lessened by the evident fact that Innocence also enjoyed Twelve's attention. How could she prefer such a vulgar slut? she wondered. But she could see that beneath her urban veneer, Twelve was a very tender lover and treated Innocence in a way that perhaps only an experienced lover of women could. Une's experience of making love to women was still not very great, and it was something that she had still not reconciled herself to. She wasn't a dyke was she?
Twelve had some peculiar interests. She listened to music which sounded about as execrable as music could be. Fast and cacophonous. Noisy and unstructured. It wasn't music at all. Only the fact that Innocence would be listening to the music with Twelve, and Une's wish not to lose touch with her enticed her to spend more than the smallest amount of time with them. She also seemed extremely interested in films which had moments of violence and pornography of the kind that most villagers were quite happy to watch, but to Une these were only the interesting bits of films which punctuated periods of plotless meandering and self-indulgence. And the art she professed to like! What was the point of art that gave no pleasure?
However, for Innocence's sake, Une tolerated this and the mammoth sex sessions that Innocence and Twelve indulged together. Even Chastity seemed to find Twelve's fascination with Innocence's penis a little bizarre. "There's only a few inches to it!" She exclaimed. "Surely she must know it in total detail by now." Une couldn't answer. In fact, she wondered if it might not be the peculiar drugs that Twelve and Innocence indulged together that kept the two going for so many hours.
"Innocence isn't a happy girl!" confided Twelve one day, while Une and she were lying face down in the sun. Twelve's skin had gone rather red in the sun. She clearly wasn't used to it at home, but she still persevered. She had developed a reddish freckly glow on her shoulders and around her nose.
"What do you mean? Not happy?" wondered Une. Perhaps Innocence had realised that Une was the only true love for her life.
"In many ways Innocence is just an ordinary girl. And she just wants to be an ordinary girl. But she doesn't want to pretend to be something she's not. She's curiously endowed and she doesn't want to change that. But she does want to feel less of a freak."
"There's nothing wrong with being unusual," sniffed Une conscious of her unusually large vagina.
"But your asset doesn't give you identity crises," mused Twelve. "Innocence knows that she's not really a woman. But she's also clearly not a man. So what is she? Gender identity's pretty important you know!"
Une sniffed again. "And what is she supposed to do about that then?"
"That's exactly Innocence's problem."
Twelve soon moved out of the cottage she was lodging in to stay at Une's home. She complained to Une that she was fed up with having anal sex with her landlord. "It's the only way I can afford to pay," she declared. Une wondered why it had to be anal sex. Why not more conventional forms? "Well, it does get a bit painful - especially when he asks for a month's rent in advance. And he's not very subtle. But it's the only sex his wife tolerates. In fact she has to watch to ensure that he doesn't commit any infidelity and enter me from the front." Une didn't comment, but she was aware that among some of the more traditional villagers there was the belief that the only sex which really counted was that which would lead to procreation. Sex with animals, prepubescents, men or any anus wasn't considered in the same way at all.
Not long after Twelve moved in, a friend of her's, also from the big city, came to stay at Une's home. This girl was of oriental background with the undeniably exotic name of Ching. Ching was a smaller girl than Twelve with a slender waist and breasts that were more just aureate pink bumps on her chest. However what she lacked in endowment she compensated by a brashness that easily exceeded that of Twelve. Her own dildo was held on by rings pierced around her anus and vagina and was of exaggerated dimensions, more than a foot in length. Her hair was completely shaved off except for a little tail of hair dyed an incongruous golden colour flicking over her shoulders. She made no attempt to disguise the flatness of her breasts and in fact was habitually naked except for her dildo, petite golden sandals and an ankle-ring.
Ching didn't hesitate at all before making love with Twelve, Innocence and Chastity. It was only a little later that on Twelve's insistence Une also made love to her. Ching's dildo was well-designed for Une's cunt - the tightest fit she'd had for a very long time. Despite it being artificial and unable to spurt any semen, Ching made up by a passion and skill at love-making which was greater than even Twelve's. Indeed, as Une came to be aware, Ching's sexual appetite was biased quite differently to Une's own. The clearest evidence of this was that unlike the other three guests, Ching had no interest in her male lovers at all. However much they tried to interest her in their own endowments, the only penis that attracted Ching was Innocence's that was only rarely permitted inside her.
Ching had other tastes which Une only gradually became aware of, and this began to change the atmosphere of Une's home. The first time that Une discovered this was when she found Innocence one morning in the living room with her hands tied behind her back and legs and penis tied by ropes to the furniture. As the rope tying her hands was attached to a hook from a ceiling, she was in a very uncomfortable position which made her eyes water as she pulled on the rope. Her penis was decorated by a ribbon tied in a quite pretty knot which nonetheless must have squeezed when she got an erection. She had been unable to cry out as her mouth was covered by a cloth tied around her head.
Une quickly untied Innocence and soon established that this was the way she'd been left by Twelve, Chastity and Ching after they'd been playing one of Ching's games. Innocence, as Une soon gathered, became the object of most of Ching's games which required bondage and a little pain. Perhaps it was because Innocence was the youngest of all the people staying at Une's home or because of her general attitude of doing whatever she could to be of help to others. But Une surmised that it may have been more to do with Innocence's endowments which somehow attracted Ching's attention.
Innocence wasn't the only one to be smacked, tied up or mildly humiliated. Une found Ching herself face up while Innocence was urinating on her face and Twelve was fucking Ching with Ching's own dildo. On another occasion it was Twelve whom Une came across tied spread-eagled to a bed while Ching and Innocence fucked her repeatedly despite the blood that had gathered just between her legs. Even Chastity, who generally seemed above the role of the victim, accepted a role of helplessness when Une found her tied to Innocence whose penis was inside her anus and secured in such a way that it couldn't easily come out.
Une herself didn't take part in the girls' games, and soon got to feel a kind of exclusion. Perhaps it was because she was so much older than the others or perhaps they realised that Une's sexual predilections were of a less unconventional kind. She also realised that the tensions among the four other girls were exacerbated by Ching's games along with the peculiar drugs she'd brought along - some of which apparently did wonders for one's sexual appetite and stamina. Innocence seemed to be becoming more silent and reserved. On the occasions that Une made love to her, she was aware of a kind of desperation in her passion. She sometimes wept silently just after achieving orgasm as if the release it brought had also caused her pain.
Innocence was the centre of all the attention. Twelve would still hold her penis for hours on end, gently stroking it and occasionally taking it into her mouth. Ching and Chastity also pursued Innocence, and competed with each other for her body. This produced many occasions where the two girls would be locked together in sex games where the underlying aggression of Ching's predilections would lead to quite visible bruises.
However, neither Ching nor Twelve were to stay for very long. They departed as abruptly as these two manifestations of urban life had originally trespassed into the peace and calm of the countryside. Their last night involved a lot of noise, screams, giggles, slaps and groans. Une was sufficiently disturbed by it to go into the bedroom Ching shared with Twelve to see what was happening.
In actual fact, she still couldn't be sure as all she could see was a contortion of flesh, leather, dildos and Innocence's erect penis that was hammering away inside Ching's vagina. String, rope and vegetables were strewn around and there was a strong smell of sex mixed with urine. Une felt reluctant to either intervene or participate, so she retired to her room. Her first thought had been to call two of her lovers and satisfy a kind of sexual vacuity, but somehow the thought of just masturbating was more attractive. So, she lay in her room imagining what was going on elsewhere and moistened her vagina with milk, carrots and her fingers.
The next day, both Ching and Twelve were gone. The house felt as if a hurricane had passed by, but was now back to the calm which had preceded their visit. Innocence however still seemed a little shaken by it all and Chastity now seemed to spend more time with Une's male lovers than with either Une or her sister. Une felt that Innocence was going though some kind of crisis precipitated by the hedonistic abandon of the last few weeks.
A curious side effect of Innocence's melancholy was that she no longer made love to Une, Chastity or any one else. She now spent most of her time sitting in a chair by the fire reading books. She took to wearing a simple white robe much as Une did which trailed down to her ankles and covered her shoulders and arms. As she sat on the chair with her bare feet pulled up, her long hair flowing down to her waist and her beautiful face looking so serious, Une felt more passionately in love with Innocence than ever before. But as Innocence made quite clear, she could look but not touch.
Chastity, however, had become more engrossed with Une and very soon the two women developed a routine of making love together with two or three of Une's male lovers and sometimes just the two of them. Chastity herself seemed a little more reserved and sometimes she would talk more to Une than indulge in more physical conversation.
Une became aware that Chastity was actually in love with someone, and not, as she'd originally believed, just in herself, and not, she was less pleased to discover with Une, but with a black woman she'd met before she'd come to stay in the countryside. Chastity's intention was to go and live with this other woman in another part of the country where she described a life of naked frolics and passionate lovemaking. Une wondered what was so different about their own amorous activities, but she'd lived long enough to be aware that affairs of the heart were less to do with what was done but how it felt to do it.
Chastity was also very concerned about Innocence. She confessed that she felt that her current unhappiness might very well be Chastity's own fault. She had introduced her sister to incest, lesbianism and a host of lovers. Some of these lovers Une knew - they had somehow passed her path before - but Une wasn't at all sure why that should be a problem.
"It's only a problem because Innocence doesn't know what she is, and where she wants to go," explained Chastity. "She's a girl with a penis, and she doesn't know what she's supposed to do about that."
"She doesn't seem to mind having a penis," commented Une stroking Chastity's clitoris gently and thinking of Innocence's passion. "In fact it seems to cause her less problem than it would for most men."
"I'm not saying she wants it removed. That would almost be too simple."
"What do you think she'll do?" Wondered Une. She thought of Innocence lying front down on the carpet by the roaring fire in her white robe with one leg nonchalantly raised and the other stretched out straining over a novel by Dostoevsky, a poem by Goethe or some other book.
"Well she's been reading the Bible recently," commented Chastity.
"The Bible?"
"And the Koran, the Baghasadvita and Kant. She's gone through almost all your collection of religious and philosophical books. She's read the I Ching and the Kama Sutra. She's looked into Nietzsche, Wittgenstein and Thoreau."
Une had a very large library of books which she'd collected on her journeys around the world. At one time or another she'd been to almost every country and acquired things from each. Carpets, ornaments, paintings, flowers, compact discs, videos and, of course, books. It wouldn't be true that Une had read all of them. It wasn't too easy to read books written in those languages she hadn't yet learnt. A large part of her collection was of erotic books from different cultures and different times. It was these books, she knew, that Chastity and Twelve used to read. Innocence didn't read those particular books.
One of Une's most prized books was a copy of the Bible reinterpreted by a sect which seemed to see sex in everything. The italicised annotations on the margin made constant allusions to sexual activities and proclivities sometimes blatantly referred to, but more often only hinted at. The most interesting part was an Apocrypha of obscene stories concerning Jesus' fucking of a hundred whores, Moses' incest in the desert, Eve being fucked by Cain and Abel, and missing chapters from Revelations which featured the sexual humiliations of hell. There was a particular chapter on the sexual tortures of early Christians by the Romans. This, however, was not the copy of the Bible that Innocence was reading.
Une also had a collection of Jacobean and Elizabethan sex plays which were performed surreptitiously and invariably climaxed in on-stage sex in the fifth act. This however was as nothing compared to some decadent Roman reworkings of Euripides, Sophocles and other Greek playwrights. There came a phase in the Roman Empire where authenticity became very important. Although it was possible to persuade slaves to enact the classic plays in authentic blood and gore, a good actor would have a short life. Oedipus could only be blinded once. So an attempt had been made to reinterpret violent action by sexual action, which stretched the physical resources of slaves, allowed sufficient humiliation to satisfy the appetite of the Roman audience and for those in the audience who liked authenticity. Une's knowledge of Greek and Latin words for the anatomy and sex had improved remarkably.
It was not a total surprise when Chastity and Innocence announced that they would be moving on. Chastity would look for her black lover and she hoped that the two of them would be reconciled. Innocence however had decided to work for Christ and was going to live in a Convent. She was assured that as she had no vagina and had therefore never been penetrated there, she was technically a virgin and could take such orders without any hypocrisy or deceit.
Chastity didn't seem too pleased by her sister's decision and had even tried to persuade Une to intercede. "I can't bear the thought of having a nun for a sister," she complained. Une, however, had a longer view on this. The point is to keep looking. Not to find. To join a holy order is not the last step of a journey of discovery, but possibly just the first step of a new journey within a particular frame.
"Fuck that!" Chastity snorted uncharitably. "The sooner my sister returns to her senses the better!"

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