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Medevil Chronicles I

Alexander walked slowly down the path as the site of the small gypsy village came into his site from over the hill. The bright sun shone down on his dark brown hair as he made his way down the the dirt path. As he steped past the first of the tents in the gypsy village a small child stared up at him from his spot where he sat on the ground next to the flap of a tent. He looked from the child and made his way down the path through the village he looked left down the first turn and saw a woman next to a well withdrawing a pale of water he stopped interested in her for some
unknown reason. He wathced her intently he was obviously still unknown to her. Her long mid back length black hair waved softly against the dull worn out pink fabric of long un reveiling dress. Her skin was a dark tan smooth and well cleaned, he pulled the water filled bucket from he open whol of the well. She began to
backstep franticly as she lost total control and spiiled the water onto the dirt. Then he heard a voice come not from the woman but a mans voice come from the nearby tent "By all the power invested in me I sware to the gods above that your the most useless person I've ever ser my eyes on." The man reveiled hiself fully as he steped out of the tent from the flap in it's side. The man was overwaight, his
skin was darker than the woman's his hair also black yet unlike the woman's was ungroomed and sticking freely in every which way. He grabed her by the left arm pulling her towards him kicking the empty bucket back towards the well causing it to his the brick and roll back a ways,
The man spoke harshly again to the woman "I don't know why I've let you live here this long..." he paused looking her up and down then spoke up again" then again there are many reasons for you to be with me, HEH"
The last "heh" set Alexander in a rage yet he remaind in standing there watchimg the two. The man pulled the womans arm harder and she groaned in the obvious pain. The man then kissed her ruffly his bearly beard scrathing te soft face of the beuatiful young lady. The woman tried with all her might to get out of the kiss yet was unsecseful in making the man release her. He finally withdrew his head from hers and loosened his grip on her. She pulled trying to get away and he tightened it up again. he then started to yank at the womans dress, the buldge in the man's pants was know visable to Alexander, yet he still stood watching.
The man succeded in tearing off an arm and then still having her arm in his left hand pull her waist to his with his right. the then started to loosen his beltthe woman started to scream yet the rest of the surrounding remaind calm and quiet. He got it undone and yelled for her to cooperate yet she continued to scream for help.
That last scream set Alexander off and he ran in a rage to the two swingin his fist at the mans jaw the fist connected with the man's hair covered face and he fell to the ground the woman ran inside as Alexander jumped on the man laying on the ground and pounded on him longer untill there was no more sign of strugle.
He stood slowly letting the man's colar that he had unknoingly grabbed for leverage in the beating. The man fell heavily back to teh ground and layed there motionless. Alexander then turned to the tent flap that the woman fleed into and started towards it slowly duting himself off along the way. He walked past the torn sleave and picked it up and continued to walk toward the tent. He stoped a few feet fromt h flap an turned around looking to the well. He then started towards it once again. He arrived picking the bucket up from the dirt ground. He lowered it down intot he well and the pulled it up once again this time it was ful of water, he carefully walked back to the tent the bucked of water in one hand and the sleave in the other. He ducked down moving slowly into the tent throught the flap.
The woman set on a mat silently in a balled up position. Alexander layed the sleave on a small table and the bucket of water slowly onto the ground. She turned his way as he set it on the ground and looked into his eyes, her eyes were a dark blue shade. He stood up slowly still looking at her. She stood up as well showing her figure, her full breasts a little larger then other petitely built women, she stood approximatly 5'4 ½ feet tall, small compared to his large 6'2 ¼ muscular figure. Her hair still in a nicely groomed fashion as if she fixed it ass soon as she entered the tent while he had been beating the man outside. Her bare feet set flatly on the dirt floor as she stared at him not speaking. Her hips were slender yet weren't too slender, making a perfect hourglass figure infront of his eyes. She shifted then spoke.
"I thank you good sir, I owe you somthing for sure." her lush red lips moved perfectly N'sync with her voice.
Oh no you owe me nothing m'lady!" I responder quikly not reveiling his thoughts of taking her his arms and having his way with her. She spoke up once again her once soft shy voice a little more less shy and soft "Oh but I insist!" She started towards him witha suductive walk that made her hips shak from right to left with every footstep. His member started to grow for the first time that day since his awakening that morning. He shifted as she came closer and closer.
"Oh m'lady tis only right for me to help a dansil in destress out when in need" he said as she approached him.
Those words seemded to pass through one side and out the other, as she walked non-stop towards him her hips waving back and fourth, his mameber growing not daring to look down at the buldge as if he might draw attention to it. He stood there in silence as she made her wway up to him stoping only a foot or two away from him then taking one more step making her full breasts touch his chest, he felt the nipples become hard uner her dress and even through the thin leather he wore overhis shirt. He looked up at him putting her right hand on his right shoulder and her left on the left one.
"Oh... you will receive a reward!" she said in a mischevious voice.
She then lifted herself up onto her tows licking his neck then sucking on it bringing the skin into her mouth and holding it there teasing it with her tongue. As she released it he felt the spot tingle and she looked at the spot proudly. He knew there was a red mork there now. His member was know harder then ever before and rubbing her leg with all her movements. She noticed this right away and moved her right hand down to his belt buckle undoing it with stealth and quickness as if a veteran at the job. She then put her hand down my pants stroking it with her dry palm. It actually grew and felt as if it were fixing to explode with passion. She then began to push my pants down to my ankles with her free left hand and then droped to her knees gazing atAlexander's now huge cock. She then gobbled it up on one gulp and began to bob her head fowards nd backward. A woman had only one other time pleasured him in this way. She seemed know her way around he pelvic area well and began to play with his balls at the same time still bobbing back and fourth. He ran his fingers through her black hair. She bacame faster and faster and he began to thrust back and fourth as if to keep up with her pace. She stoped and stood once again his cock still in her hand tightly grasped. He bent down kissing her passionatly thrusting his tongue into her mouth she too preticipated in the "sport". As they bro the kiss she laid her hand on the top of his head and pushed him down to his knees and assisted Alexander in raising the ankle lenght dress up she was nude from there her dark black pubic hairs looked as if they too had been groomed. He spread apart the pussy lips easily, she was no virgin! Yet this made no difference at the time. He shove two of his fingers into her and she moaned softly , he started thrusting them in and out of her slowly growing in speed. Her moans became loader and loader until he felt her cum around his fingers and hepulled them out and stood his erection sticking straight out. She lifter the dress over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were beautifully sculpted into round orbs, her crimson nipples pointing at him like to fingers. He teased them, first pinching them then bendeing down licking them and tassting them like they where candy. He grew even harder and she must have sensed this as her grip found his cock once again this time pulling it to her and rubbing its enormous head over her lips up then down and repeat. She then guided it into her slowly and he took it from the grabbing her butt for leverage. He thrust his dick in then out slowly. She led him to the ground now she was on top of him, his large swollen cock still shoved deep inside of her cunt. She didn't bounce like all the other woman that he had been in this position with, but rocked back and fourth slowly moaning aloud. With ever rock and moan he could feel his load growing closer and closer.
"Cum inside of me!" She yelled, answering his question that had been floating in his head ((should I?))
He felt the cum load reach then end of his head and discharge into her the cock's muscles launching the cum into her cunt like a cannon. She screamed with pleasure as th largest of the load entered her. After Alexander was finally done she stood up his cock flopping limply to the side still larger than usual yet not stiff anymore.
She look down at him smiling, "Yes that should do it!"
Alexander stood slowly pulling his pants up and buckling tucking his tan shirt in and putting on his belt as he turned for the flap he saw the large burly man standing there face to face with him. The man swung at him and he quickly duck the large arm firing a punch to he pelvis he fell to the ground again like a rock holding his member his face red with pain.
(for now)
Part II in the works.

This is the first of the series of stories taking place during the dark ages of myths of dragons and knights. The main character A;exander Gangreil is an adventurer and lover. There will be more stories coming soon. If you like this one or even dislike it please email me at thanX!

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