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Twenty years to fulfill a fantasy.

Dave and I grew up around the corner from each other and went all through school together. While I was pretty average looking, David was the boy all the girls loved. He developed well before the rest of us, and had a toned, hairy body and a dazzling smile. In grade school, he was quite and bit stronger than I was, but I loved to wrestle him and feel his body. It confused me, but I never considered myself bisexual.
As we grew up, we both stayed in the same city, and although we didn't talk to each other regularly, we ran into each other at various spots. I heard that he might be gay, although that was never confirmed. Growing up, I watched him get every girl he wanted.
A few years ago, now in our early thirties, I was in a small town north of here and picked up the phone book to call him, knowing that he had moved there some time ago. For all those years, I dreamt of him, and he was the only guy I ever had fantasies about. I called him and he was happy to hear from me. I invited him to my hotel for drinks and we said he would be there at 8pm.
Dave arrived and looked the same as when we were kids. He had that warm smile and nice build. I didn't know where it tonight would lead, but I hoped that I would finally get a shot at him. we drank for several hours, talking about old times and people. I asked him about his sexuality and he said he switched to guys after high school. I asked him a few more benign questions and nothing more was said.
At 10:00pm, I invited him back to my room to continue our chat. Dave agreed, and we went to my room. Once inside, I told him I wanted to change clothes, and I went to the bathroom and put on some shorts and an old shirt with the sleeves ripped off. I am in pretty good shape (6', 167) and I work out regularly. Dave commented that I wasn't the skinny kid he knew 25 years ago. I reminded him that he always kicked my ass, and he laughed and said that things probably hadn't changed. I told him to bring it on...and he asked if I had an extra pair of shorts. I gave him a pair I had and when he came out of the bathroom, he was only wearing the shorts. I was drooling. His body was even better than before. He was toned and hairy and just beautiful. I told him that winner gets to decide the prize, and without hesitation he agreed. I really had incentive to win now! I was going to spend the night all over him, and do it my way.
We quickly met on the floor and from the start it was clear I was in trouble...he was still stronger than me. Touching him was giving me an obvious hard-on and I loved touching his arms, even if they were around my neck. The match lasted all of two minutes when I gave up after nearly being choked-out. I was sad because I thought that was it, but Dave obviously had other plans. He noticed the bulge in my shorts and asked if I enjoyed my match. He grabbed me by the hair and told me to get on my knees. I had no idea what was happening, but I lost the bet, and I knew he could kill me if I refused. Before I got there, he told me to take my clothes off, and I did. Dave, with one hand still on my hair, pulled hi pants down and told me to get ready to lose my virginity. He knew I hadn't been with a guy and I guess he decided it was my time.
Dave's dick was just as beautiful as he was, and there it was, inches away. He was starting to get hard and he yelled at me to open my mouth, still grabbing my head and hair. I felt his dick in my mouth and immediately started to get the hang of giving head. I loved the feel of it and one hand worked the shaft while the other reached around to finger his ass. This was unbelievable...and I was loving it! Of course, I hadn't thought ahead to later, and in my dreams, it always stopped at oral sex. What was I in for?
I began to taste the salty pre-cumand Dave was hard as the proverbial rock....some 7 inches. It was great. I didn't want to stop. I wanted him to cum in my mouth for two reasons...because I wanted to taste him, and because it might prevent any further action. Dave pulled out and helped me up. He grabbed both sides of my head and kissed me. I felt like a schoolgirl on her first date. My hands were all over his body and his dick was banging against my stomach. "I want you"...I whispered...and I was putty in his hands. Dave took me over to the chair in the room and had me bend over with my ass sticking in the air. He used various shirts to tie my hands and used one more for a gag in my mouth. "You will need this" he smiled. I knew what was coming next and although my ass was a virgin ass, I wanted him to fuck me. Dave found some Vaseline in the cabinet and started playing with my hole. His fingers slid in and gave me a new sensation. My own dick was hard, but I knew my relief was not a priority. After his second finger navigated its way in, he pulled them out. The moment was here.
Dave took his dick and worked it at my hole. I grabbed the chair legs and held on. He hurt a lot less than I thought and after getting the beat, I was enjoying it. I liked getting fucked by Dave. In one respect, I almost wish he didn't use a condom. He fucked my ass hard for several minutes and then pulled out, pulled the condom off, and came all over me. He scooped up a glob of it and pulled my gag down. His hand smeared it on my lips and I sucked all I could.
I was so in to Dave...all I wanted was to please him. He spent several more hours fucking me and making me do him. I touched him all night and he woke up with me sucking his dick. I think about him all the time now and next visit he is going to give me to his friends to use. I never imagined I would be a whore for other guys, but I am. Fantasies do come true!

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