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Submissive BBW

I dated a beautiful woman who was overweight, but looked VERY sexy to me-big, full hips, double D tits, and big sexy eyes!

She was uncomfortable with taking her clothes off at first and would turn the lights off or leave her skirt on when we made love, but eventually she warmed up to showing herself to me. She enjoyed pleasing her man and was usually open to my suggestions.

One evening after returning from the movies, I gave her a box and told her to go into her bedroom and put on what I bought her. She closed the door and I heard her giggle as she opened the box. After a few minutes, she opened her door and stood in the doorway wearing a black lace-up corset, black nylons and high heels.

She looked like a plump porno queen and I felt my cock stiffen to the max!

She played the part well and strutted over and asked if there was anything I saw that I wanted- her 40DD tits were pushed up like a couple of melons waiting to be squeezed..

Foreplay was brief and in minutes I had her on the carpet with my cock deep inside her snug pussy while I grabbed her big, luscious ass with both hands so I could shove as far inside her as possible! She moaned and writhed under me with each hard thrust and her dark hair was tousled across her face.

I wanted to try something different, so I pulled my slippery dick out of her pussy and climbed up, straddled her chest and pulled her huge soft tits out of the corset, squeezed them together and started fucking her tits. She looked a little surprised, but didn't complain, just rubbed my thighs while I tit-fucked her. I paused to grab a pillow off the sofa and put it under her head so her face was facing her tits. Of course I pushed my cock deep enough into her boobs that the head jutted out from her cleavage and after rubbing it across her lips she got the idea and took it in her mouth each time I thrust it through. She knew how to please....

The sight was a total turn-on! I pumped her tits like a man possesed! I think she enjoyed getting me so turned on and she reached down and fingered her twat with her pudgy fingers.

I felt the dam getting ready to burst and I wanted to see how nasty this big-titted girl was, so I told her "Oh god! I'm gonna cum- open your mouth!" She looked up a me in disbelief for a second. "Open your mouth!!" I insisted and she obediently made a large "O" shape with her lipsticked lips.

I bucked hard two final times and shuddered as I climaxed, shooting a big gusher of hot thick sperm from between her tits right into her open mouth!

I could see her grimace as spurt after gooey spurt landed onto her tongue and splattered all over the inside of her mouth!

Could I get her to act even nastier?

When the final gobs of my semen landed onto her neck and I relaxed my grip on her tits I told her "Don't swallow it yet- show it to me in your mouth..."

She looked like it took some effort but she looked SO sexy when she looked up from the pillow with her pink cheeks, hair tangled and clinging to her damp forehead, a sexy look in her eyes and half a mouthful of hot gooey sperm for me to see.

"You are so hot... Do you know what I want you to do now?" I asked her. I could feel her heart racing under me.

"swirl my cum around in your mouth and finger yourself till you climax- but don't swallow it till you cum! I want you to get used to the taste of sperm!"

She looked shocked but starting pushing her fingers back into her wet pussy and rubbing her clit in a circular motion with her mouth and eyes now closed and I could actually hear the semen swishing! She almost gagged once but continued after she opened her mouth to take quick breath.

She was nearly orgasm and her voluptuous body started to tremble slightly.

I stood over her watching. "Show me your tongue" I told her. She was panting through her nose when she stuck out her cream covered tongue. The panting became soft moans that matched the rhythym of her finger-banging, faster and faster.

"Do you want to drink your sperm?" "Umm Hmm" she hummed in reply, her hand quickly bringing her near climax...

"That's good- make yourself cum real hard and then you can reward yourself by swallowing a big load of hot semen and feeling it slide down your throat!"

She tensed up and arched her back as she climaxed, gulping my creamy wad loudly, then panting like a tired dog. I could smell the jizz on her breath even standing over her.

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