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College Roommates

It had been awhile since my buddy Luke and I actually just hung out and drank beers together. Both of our girls were out of town. We decided to hang out and watch football and drink a couple of beers. We were about 5 beers into the game when Luke started flipping the channels since our team was losing badly. He got to the spice channel and there were 2 girls going at it eating each other out. He started to talk about how it was acceptable in todays society for girls to do this but not for guys. I just laughed and said just kidding around that I thought it was okay for guys to be gay. We both just kind of chuckled and took another swig from our beers. Before we knew it our beers were empty and we were both feeling kind of buzzed. I went to the frig to get 2 more beers. I didn't know it until I turned around but Luke had followed me into the kitchen. He came up behind me and grabbed my butt and said he thought it was okay too. Then he reached around and gave my cock a squeeze. Before he could let go, my cock got rock hard in his grasp. He smiled looked at me and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. He turned me around and dropped to his knees and took my cock fully in his mouth and down his throat. I wanted him to stop because I knew it was wrong but it felt so damn good. After a few minutes of getting a blow job (and a damn good one) from my roommate I felt the cum building up in my balls. This was by far the best blow job I had ever been given. I didn't even have time to warn him I was cumming and I shot my load in his mouth and down his throat. He swallowed every last bit of it. I was so excited by this whole situation that I thought I should return the favor. I told him that we should go back in to the living room and sit on the couch. As he sat down I got down between his legs and unzipped his pants and took them completely off. No underwear - very nice. Just a big stiff 8" cock staring at me. I looked at it and just went for it. I had never done this before but I knew what I liked so I started by licking the head slowly and then engulfed the whole thing in my mouth. Before I knew it, his cock was fully in my mouth and down my throat. It wasn't that bad and it was actually not hard to do at all. I was getting kind of excited about tasting him cum when all of a sudden his pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to get completely undressed. I did as he said. He told me he wanted to lick my asshole - I kind of hesitated but then thought - why not? My girlfriend had done that before. I turned around doggy style and he went to town sticking his tongue all the way in my asshole. It felt really good. I was in complete ecstacy. The next thing I knew he stopped lick my ass and gets up behind me and says he wants to fuck me. He then puts his cock up to my asshole and grabs my hips. Before I know it he is completely engulfed in my ass. I felt his pubic hair on my ass cheeks. It hurt really bad at first and he went slow but then it started to loosen up a little and I started pushing back against his cock taking the whole thing in and he got more excited. This went on for about five full minutes when he started going faster and faster and then all of a sudden he moaned and I felt his cum fill my ass. I wanted to taste his cum so bad that I turned around and took his cock in my mouth as I tasted my juices as well as his. I cleaned his cock completley off until it got soft in my mouth. I reached back and stuck my finger up my ass and licked that too. I looked at him and smiled. We laughed and collapsed in a heap on the floor and just laid there. I couldn't believe what we just did. But I knew it was just the beginning of many sexual adventures between the 2 of us.

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