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My First Experience - Part I

by Amber M.

My name is Amber, and I'm now 20 years old, but I would like to share with you the experience 2 years ago when I had my first sexual experience. It wasn't really conventional, but it still makes me horny to think of it now, and I hope it will do the same for you.
Now I'm at college, I've realised that my younger years were pretty innocent. I worked pretty hard at my studies, and so it was no surprise that I reached the age of 18 without ever having had a sexual experience with someone else.
Of course, like anyone else I had sexual thoughts as I went through adolescence, and sometimes I would lie awake in bed at night, and this hot 'itchy' feeling would develop in my pussy. I would lie on my front and grind my pelvis into the bed, but I would never achieve an orgasm, and not knowing what else to do, I would be left feeling pretty unsatisfied.
That all changed one incredible night, which I would like to tell you about now, but first I need to fill you in with a little family history. I have an elder sister Jenny, (by 3 years), who couldn't be more different to me. While I'm quite petite with short brown hair and a slim but well shaped body, she is the typical gorgeous girl: long straight blonde hair, large pert breasts, curvaceous hips and legs to die for. To top it all off she knows how to use her body too, and even I could appreciate her sexual power. She has these large blue eyes that just scream at men to fuck her, and fuck her they did. There wasn't one boy on the football team who she didn't manage to sleep with, and she must have been good at what she did, because they always came round begging for more.
Anyway, this one night I want to tell you about, she had been dating this guy called Mike for about 3 months. Now this was a long time by my sister's standards, but it was easy to see why. Mike was a sort of God at school, and I used to hear other girls discuss his supposed sexual exploits with wide eyes and open mouths. Apparently he had a really huge cock, and he could make any girl have the most amazing orgasms of her life.
I used to ignore all this as idle locker room chatter, but when Mike started going out with Jenny, I started to take more notice of him and the chatter. I have to admit Mike would make most women go weak at the knees, and he certainly did that to me. When he came round, I would make sure I would answer the door, and he would fix me with a huge grin, and ask if Jenny was home. It always made me jealous when Jenny would come skipping down the stairs flaunting her body in really skimpy clothes, and I would watch him hungrily cast his eye over her bulging breasts. Usually this would make me retire sulkily to my room to curse my lack off attractiveness to men.
All this changed one evening when my parents had disappeared off for the weekend, leaving my sister and I alone in the house. Jenny called Mike up and suggested that they stay in and watch a video. He said he'd be over right away, and Jenny asked me if I wanted to join them. I said no as I didn't want to be the odd one out, and anyway I wanted to get on with some school work.
A couple of hours later after I had spent a particularly interesting evening discussing the merits of Shakespearean tragedy, I heard my sister and Mike coming up the stairs rather clumsily and noisily. They'd obviously had a bit to drink, and were talking very loudly as they went into my sister's room opposite. Not very long after the door closed, I heard the sounds of passion start. Mike would say things in a muffled, low voice I couldn't hear, and my sister would respond with breathy moans that signalled her arousal.
I'd heard these noises before, and my usual response would be to bury my head in my pillow, more out of embarrassment than anything else. However, that night I think I had got to a point where I was so sick of my lack of experience, and I just wanted to know what it was that made Mike so damn sexy.
With my heart pounding in my ears, I went to my bedroom door, slowly turned the handle, and opened it. Immediately, the noises became clearer, and I could hear the rhythmical moving of my sister's bed, accompanied by her sighs of passion. I tiptoed across the hallway, with my heart beating in my ears. The sexual sounds and the fear of being caught were really turning me on, and I didn't care that what I was doing might be considered wrong.
I could feel my breathing begin to change, and I became overwhelmed with a desire to see what my sister and Mike were doing. I knelt down and moved my eye close to the keyhole. At first I could only see the floor next to her bed, where their clothes lay scattered. However, by moving my eye even closer and shifting my position slightly, I got a good view of about half the bed.
I could see my sister on top of Mike, arching her back, grinding her hips down onto his cock. He had her large breasts in his hands and was moving his upward thrusts in time with hers. My sister's moans were getting more insistent now, and I couldn't take my eyes away. I pushed my head even closer to the keyhole to get a better view, and then it happened.
The door mustn't have been closed properly, as ever so gently, with a soft click it swung open, revealing me kneeling on the floor, and it was obvious what I must have been doing. I scrabbled to try and catch the door and close it, but it was too late. Mike saw me, and his jaw dropped open. By this point, I had turned a very bright red colour, and I was trying to back out of the room, while muttering about having dropped something on the floor.
By this point my sister had also noticed me, and I swear I could have died
on the spot. I was just about to close the door, when Mike did something I
wasn't expecting. He said just one word, 'Stop'. It was enough to make me
freeze. He said to my sister,
'So your little sister likes to watch us does she? Lets give her a real show
I was expecting my sister to slap him or something, but her only response was to let a wicked smile spread slowly across her face. Mike told me to go and sit in a chair next to my sister's bed. I don't know what had come over me, but by this point I was completely in his power, so I duly went and sat down. My sister and her lover started to have sex again, and this time she cried out even louder, obviously turned on by the thought of having someone watching them.
I was mesmerised by the sight of their gyrating bodies, and I desperately wanted to relieve the aching in my crotch, but I didn't know how. Mike was now talking gruffly to Jenny, asking her if she wanted him to take her from behind. It was all she could do to breathe yes. Mike took hold of her body and flipped her round so that she was on her hands and knees, with her tight ass sticking up in the air.
It was then that I saw his cock. It was a full 7 and a half inches long, and very thick. It was glistening with the juices of my sister, and I knew then, even in my sexual innocence that I had to have that cock thrusting inside me. Mike took his enormous penis in his hand and began to tease Jenny's pussy lips with it. He rubbed it up and down her slit and allowed just the head to disappear into her hole.
This was making Jenny ecstatic, and she begged him to push it all inside her. He asked her if she wanted his big cock, and she just mouthed yes, yes. Mike then dropped his hands to his sides, and let Jenny push her body backwards. It was incredible just watching his whole cock disappear slowly into my sister.
Mike then began to thrust slowly, using his whole length. He grabbed her hips, and pushed himself harder into her. Her moaning was becoming louder, and I watched as her hand slid down her body until it was rubbing away furiously at her crotch. This made Mike thrust into her all the more, and their rhythm became faster and faster until they both let out huge groans of pleasure.
I realised I had just witnessed Mike giving my sister the fucking of her life, and how I wanted him to do that to me as well. By this point the lovers had collapsed on the bed while their breathing returned to normal.
Mike turned to me, and asked me if I'd enjoyed what I'd seen. It was all I
could do to nod my head. Then he asked me if wanted to learn some more
about sex, but I think I'll tell you about that in the next part of my

If you have any comments on this story, then I'd love to hear them, get in
touch at
Amber M. xx

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