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Teddy Bear's Picnic: A True Story

by the Virginal Vixen

Since a pretty young age I've known that I'm a lot more highly sexed than my friends. When they fantasized about their favorite actors it would be to imagine going horseback riding with them.........I always had a different kind of riding in mind! I'm a very hot, petite, 18 year old redhead and could probably have any guy I wanted anytime I wanted but my family are strictly Catholic. That means for poor sexually frustrated me, that I can't have sex before I'm married.
I mostly go out with guys in their mid-twenties because they know how to handle a hot little thing like me better than boys my own age. I let them fondle my firm, very responsive tits. I LOVE to have my nipples sucked, it sends curling sensations down to my clit and sets my insides on fire as my hard love buttons respond to the warm moisture of a man's probing tongue.
I try very hard not to be a tease, I tell the guys beforehand that I plan on still being a virgin at the end of our date. Most guys are pretty cool about it, secretly though, I think they think they'll have changed my mind by the end of the night. So far I haven't given into that very strong temptation. But one night I got so caught up in the passion of heavy petting that I ended up completely naked on this guy's bed. He was naked too and as he ground the engorged head of his cock onto my swollen clit I couldn't help but moan as my pussy juices began to flow. It was very fucking hard convincing both him and me (who was fairly drunk) that I wanted it to stop there. His is the only cock I've ever felt so I don't know if it was big or not but I could imagine the pleasure of having that hard, thick erect cock stretch my tight pussy to the limits. With memories like that it's virtually impossible for me not to touch myself in bed at night. My hands seem to automatically reach under my cotton panties and vest to tweak at one hard pink nipple and my harder little throbbing clit.
Being Catholic, I know that I'm being a very, very bad little girl and that I should stop, but forbidden pleasures taste the sweetest ;) When I get so wet that I can hear my juices I allow my naughty finger to slide into my tight virgin pussy. One is never enough so I slide in a second then a third. As I drag my hand away from my nipples (now straining through the thin cotton vest) so that I can use it to frig my hot clit, I find myself wishing for a man to help me. I need more than two hands. Mercilessly I frig my pulsating clit while thrusting my fingers in and out of my slick, practically hairless pussy. But that's not enough. My body grows hungrier and hungrier as my legs unconsciously move about as though looking for a man's body to wrap around and pull in tight. But there is no man in my room, I almost cry from the intense sexual frustration as I cannot make myself cum. I need a man. A big man.......
Angrily, I toss the bed covers aside and as they hit the window, the curtains part slightly and thin beam of moonlight invades my room. I get up to close the drapes when I see my favorite old teddy bear "Boris" illuminated by the moon. My mind and body go into overdrive as I look at Boris. He's a huge big black toy gorilla, he comes up to my hip, he's so big. I can't help myself, I let out a low moan of desire and drag the heavy beast down on top of me in the bed. His big hairy body feels fucking amazing on the silky skin of my inner thighs and instinctively I pull off my vest to allow my straining breasts rub against his hairy, animal chest. "Ooooh Boris...." I moan and he seems to wink at me as the moonlight catches his eye. I lick and bite at the fur of his neck as I wrap my arm around his thickly cushioned back and grab his furry butt to push his hairiness down to my cotton-clad clit.......the panties are now thoroughly soaked as I thrust up against the big motherfuckin gorilla. With my other hand I rip off my panties and feel the cool air against my hot wetness. Quickly I pull Boris down to my bare clit and the feel of his hairy though dickless crotch against me is almost too much to bear. I groan and flip over as I now straddle Boris, I find his padded leather paws and pull them up to my breasts. I push the warm leather against the rock hard, dark pink buds and grind my clit hard against his hair. I wish to fuck that he could come to life, but he can't so I lie on top of him, squashing him with my chest, wishing he could suck my aching globes for me. I again wrap my arm around his waist, this time bringing my hand out through his furry ape legs. I pretend that my finger is his glistening pink gorilla prick.
"Fuck me Boris Baby, Fuck your naughty little jungle whore," I squeal as I lower my pussy onto my fingers, riding them faster and faster. My 3 fingers thrust deep into me as my sopping wet cunt grinds down hard onto them. For the first time ever I get a 4th finger in, then practically my whole fucking fist as I imagine how this huge wild beast would grunt and sweat under me if he was real. My other hand frantically grabs a clump of Boris' hairy torso as my whole body cums to a shuddering fucking climax. My juices drip down my fingers (clenched tightly in my buzzing pussy) and into Boris's hair, I think I feel some of his fur in my pussy. "Bad Boris, bad," I growl as I viciously lick at his furry face and twist my own swollen nipple. My spent, young body collapses onto Boris and his fur sticks to my sweat-sheened tits as I pull his paws around to my butt cheeks. Christ I need a man........

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