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What nephews are good for

There was a big family reunion up in connecticut last summer and people were all over the place.
I'm a 43 year old woman and seeing all the young people married and with boyfriends and girlfriends made me a little jealous. there were 12 of us staying at 1 house and it was the night of the big reunion dinner. It was an hour before tim to go and Everyone was rushing into bathrooms, showers etc. i went for the shower in the basement at the same time my 19 year old nephew did. We argues for a second on who should get the shower, then I said well lets take a quick shower togetherand turn our backs to each other, after all we are family. He refused at first but looked at the clock and agreed. At first there was nothing sexual about it, i couldn't see him he couldn't see me. I glanced backwards for a second and saw his cock. It was soft but a pretty nice size and much better looking then any 40 year old cock. I went back to washing and thinking about his dick. I wanted to see it hard but didn't want anything too sexual to happen. So i offered to wash his back. He said sure why not. When I did i pressed my large breasts(36D) against his back and said "I'm sorry there Jake." He just stood still. We went back to washing and i glanced at his cock and he was still soft as a pillow. I said keep looking that way Jake I have to shave my legs and what not. I sat down and leaned against a corner i began to shave my legs and thighs when i noticed inbetween his legs hanging down was his rod. I could just see the head. I began to shave my pussy when I began to moan softly. After a few seconds of moaning i couldn't see his cock anymore, i thought it must be up! I got up and started to rub his strong back. He turned his head and I smiled at him. He shrugged me off and said lets get ready fast. I began to kiss his back when I could hear his breth louder. I reached my hands around and rubbed down his muscular chest until I reached his hard cock. I slowly stroked itas he just sat there still. I said "wow Jakie, what happened to my little sweet Jake that used to tell his aunt Audri jokes in her kitchen." He turned his head and kissed me as i jerked his cock lightly. He turned around and went right at my chest and sucked my breasts for a while. I went down and sucked his cock slowly licking around his head then putting almost the whole thing deep in my throat. He cummed after about 3 minutes. The I said it's my turn now. i sat down and spread my legs as he slowly went down to lick my juicy wet pussy. I moaned so loud I thought someone upstairs would hear for sure. Before I cummed I stood up and put my hands on the wall. With my ass in the air Jake stood up and fucked my ass hard and fast. I screamed with pleasure as he reached around and grabbed my boucing jugs. He shot his wamr load in my assand I moaned loud and it got softer and softer as the seconds passed. We got out of the shower and were only a few minutes late to dinner. No one had a clue what happened. I Havn't seen Jake since then, but I can't wait until the next family reunion. :-)

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