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Water Sports

by Virginal Vixen

My parents have gone out for the night and I idly consider calling one of my friends over but decide that I'm really too tired to watch TV and eat popcorn. So I gather up my pajamas and body lotions and go into the bathroom for a relaxing shower. I love the sensations of the warm water running down my body, of my own hands soaping up my breasts and vagina, my skin slick and wet with my dark pink nipples fully erect and distended against the incessant beat of the warm water against my body. I sigh as I massage shampoo into my long red hair. Noticing that the overhead water is rinsing it out as soon as I rub it in, I detach the shower head from the wall and brace it between my firm young thighs so I can freely shampoo my hair. Because my skin is now so soapy I have to clench the head pretty hard to keep it in place and am suddenly overcome by a knee-weakening sensation as the warm, strong-pressured water assaults my soapy clitoris. "Ooooooooh," I moan in surprise. I'm a virgin (by choice) so I'm relatively unaccustomed with the pleasures my body can give me and will one day give to some hard young cock.
My insides seem to turn to delicious hot liquid as the water pounds at my swelling clit, now standing erect from my practically hairless pussy lips. "Oooo my Lord," I murmur as the feeling curls up through my immensely aroused young body. My hands automatically move from my hair to my aching breasts, although the water no longer stimulates them, my buds remain prominently erect. How they would love to be sucked right now. I tickle and tease them then allow one hand to wander down to my soapy buttocks and pause to squeeze them as it traverses slowly down to my pussy opening. I gasp in surprise to feel how my own juices have gathered there despite the probing water.
I slip one finger in but gain only minimal relief as the water continues to drive my poor clit wild. I slide two soapy slick fingers in and groan a little at the sweet torture of the attacking water keeping me on the edge of orgasm.
My thoughts are drawn to an amazingly hot guy I cybered with on the net last night. He made me so wet as I lay on my bed in my nightie, my laptop in front of me. I remember how phenomenally hot my pussy was getting under the tiny nightie as he told me what he wanted to do to me, how he would make my first time, my best time. I believe he really could. Finally my knees weaken and I slide to the shower floor, my feet braced against the door and the wall as I press the shower nozzle hard against my pulsating clit. I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes as the shampoo suds traverse down the valley of my firm, ripe breasts into my tiny red pubic curls. I moan and again feverishly slide my fingers into my tight but needy virgin pussy. Three fingers work in and out of me as I imagine some hot guy with a hard, thick cock joining me in the shower to satisfy my needs. Suddenly my hot liquidised body jolts and shudders with the vibrations of the best orgasm of my young life. "Fuck me!" I exclaim as the water continues to claim my hungry body. I rinse my hair and body lovingly and get out of the shower with a self-satisfied grin on my face. I pull on my little cotton nightie, warm from the radiator and it clings to my damp breasts and firm round ass. Now I think I'll go on-line and see who's in the mood for chat......I know I am.
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