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The Awakening

I have been online almost 3 years now, and love meeting women on-line, have even met a few in real life, but those were short lived long distance relationships. So then I met Kala, she lives in the same city as me, that's when life got real....interresting! It started as friends but moved quickly to on line sex of all kinds and some were kinky ones! Well, after a month or so we met in person and had sex the first night. Oh she was so, so hot we started trying to do all that we had talked about on line. Oh after about two months and doing everything at least 3 or 4 times, we were getting along real good but really just for sex, that is all we really wanted from each other so it was great.
Last week she told me that some of her male College friends were wanting her to come to a party, that was most likely going to end in a gang bang, she seemed real excited about it. I told her that if she wanted to go by all means go and have fun! She smiled brightly then pulling me close kissing me passionately! Backing away she said "Baby come with me, join in, I really want you there, you have to come baby, PLEEEASEEE???" Well, I thought about it for a long long two seconds! "sure baby I would love too go with you!" After all we had talked about that online!
She came by and picked me up at 9pm we went to this nice real busy night club, as we walked in two young guys jumped up and called her name, as we were going over they singled us to follow and moved over to a bigger table with 6 chairs saying more were on the way. As we got there, both shook my hand and gave her very deep penetrating kisses, after which we all sat down the bigger of the two introduced himself as Jerry and also introduced his friend as Tony. Kala sitting next to me grabbed me by the hair and said "This is my very sweet boy David!" That struck me as strange and I was about to ask her what she meant by that but just then three more guys came up to the table, at their suggestion we all got up and followed them outside we all got into three cars and left, driving way out in the country. As we got out of the cars the loud music greeted us and as we filed in, I saw two more guys sitting at the kitchen table. Beers were passed all around and one of the guys asked Kala to take off her clothes. Kala smiling brightly stood up, her blouse dropped to the floor her proud upturned breasts stood out naked with hard nipples. Then she dropped her skirt and she was wearing no panties either, standing there naked looking around the room said "hey no fair, come on guys take off your clothes too!"
A few of the guys started hurriedly stripping, then we all stripped and resumed our seats, but one of the guys stayed standing, and pointing at Kala told her to lay down in the middle of the room and spread her legs and raise her knees, which she did immediately as if this happened all the time! Smiling broadly he turned to me and said "Hey since you are the guest of honor why don't you get things started, OK with you?" Then without waiting for my answer he pushed me insistently towards her telling me to eat her. Kala looks up at me smiling, telling me "David be a good boy and do just what he says, and bury your face in my pussy!"
I feel his hands on my shoulders pushing more and more insistently down till I am on my knees between Kala's legs "Lick her David" he says as he grabs my hair and pushes my head to her shaved pussy. I start to lick her, hearing her moan as my tongue touches her. Looking up I see one of the guys put his cock in her mouth and she sucks it in hungrily in. I still feel his hand in my hair, grinding my face into Kala's pussy, then I feel a stinging slap on the ass along with another voice this one gruff and mean sounding saying eat her good bitch! As I start to rise to rebel to being called bitch I feel Kala's hands grabbing my hair at the temples telling me to "Just relax and enjoy it since this gang bang is yours not mine!" Her hips start to thrust up at me as her moans get louder and she has a long sustained orgasm, then as it subsided she scoots away. A large black man named Rick takes her place waving his large 8 plus cock at me and with that gruff voice I heard earlier tells me to "Suck it bitch, your my slut now!" I look up at him hesitantly, then Kala comes close, whispering in my ear "Oh go ahead baby you know you want to, just go with it!" then after a moment I nod, then reach up to put my hand around that thick shaft. Then he says in even a meaner voice "When I tell you to do something bitch, you say yes sir, do you understand me slut?" I look up at him with a small smile saying "Yes sir" then I kiss the head of his cock, my tongue circling it as my hand strokes his shaft slowly but firmly. I hear Kala in the background saying "Yeah baby I knew you had it in you ... you little suck slut you!"
Thinking to myself how good Rick's cock tastes I suck his head into my mouth sucking it rapidly then while my hand strokes his shaft my head starts to bob up and down in unison with my hand going a little deeper with each stroke until I stall out at about 6 inches. Then I hear a whispered chant of "All the way, all the way" over and over, then Rick says "You heard them bitch, now do it!" and grabbing my hair he starts pulling my head up and down going farther down each time. I gag at first when his fat cock forces its way into my throat but I get used to it pretty damn fast and the next thing I know, my nose is being flattened against his flesh and his pubic thatch is tickling my nose.
I start to feel hands all over me, squeezing my little man titties, pinching my nipples, squeezing and spreading my ass cheeks then I feel someone putting some cold Vaseline on my asshole then a finger then two slipping into my asshole moving in and out. Then the chanting starts again "Fuck him, Fuck him" I hear some movement behind me then I feel something large warm and smooth pushing insistently against my puckered asshole then I hear Kala's voice in my ear again saying "OK baby push back against like your trying to shit, it won't hurt so bad then!" I did as she said and the cock popped in. Oh my God it was so damn big, it felt like it was ripping me apart. Rick then said with a chuckle, "Meet Joe, bitch, your lucky he's only 7" he said with a cruel snicker and then a low moan as all of a sudden he exploded in my mouth and throat, I almost gag as spurt after spurt came gushing in! "Hell I bet he could put out a fire with all that cum!" I thought to myself. Then Rick starts laughing meanly saying "Oh yeah you little faggot bitch, I'm about to cum! ha ha ha." With that the room filled with laughter as Rick moved away yelling "Next!"
Joe was holding my hips as he pounded me from behind, the pain had subsided and now I was enjoying the feeling of his hard rod filling my ass. Then a big Indian scoots up to me and lifting my head by the hair says "Suck me Squaw!" laughing meanly and pulls my head down and I let his large cock into my mouth as the crowd yells "Choke him Tony, choke the slut!" I hear Tony tell them "Hey check it out guys he must love this, he is hard as a rock! Hey Kala why don't you make your self useful and crawl up under him and blow him!" I soon feel her under me then her warm mouth engulfing my hard cock.
Unseen by either of us Tony points to Jerry then to Kala's bare pussy, Jerry goes up to Kala's supine form and spreads and raises her knees. She pulled my cock out of her mouth yelling "Hey wait asshole your not supposed to fuck me !" Then I heard Rick Laugh and tell her to "Shut the fuck up and suck him, now we have two bitches to gang bang ha ha!" I hear her gasp as Jerry enters her hot pussy, then I feel her mouth back on me, sucking like crazy.
After she swallowed my load they pulled her out from under me, and the next time I looked over at her they had her sitting on one cock and another was just entering her ass, accompanied by a long moaning scream until another cock was pushed into her mouth to gag her. So thanks to my sweet Kala the night was not quite as rough on me as I feared.
Then after what seemed like hours and after they each came in both of us at least twice they made me lick her clean and I do mean all of her, licking her face and body clean of all of their cum then licking and sucking it out of her pussy and asshole. Then it was her turn to lick me clean. as they all watched and making all kinds of comments. After that was done they turned on the TV. and as they all watched a movie they made me and Kala kneel in front of them and wait to be summoned to suck any one of them as needed which happened often, its one of the wonders of youth. They even thought of inviting others to cum and use us but decided against it.
Right before they all dressed to leave Rick looked over at the two of us still kneeling there and said with a big grin "Well my two little sex slaves, do you want me to set this up again, but maybe with more guys this time?"
Kala and I looked at each other for just a brief moment, then in unison we
both looked back at our big black master and said as one "Yes Master"
He just grinned and gestured to the others and they all just filed out, leaving Rick as the last who turned and said "You two can keep this room for the rest of the night, have fun!" With that he turned and left shutting the door behind him.
We looked at each other then wrapped each other in a tight embrace, falling to the floor....
....The End....
(for now)
By Kevin

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