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When I went to a big major university I was kind of sheltered and not that popular with the guys. In high school I had one brief affair that led to my loss of virginity but it was nothing so peak of, over and done in a few minutes. When I got to college and joined a sorority my big sister fixed me up with this guy from the football team. He played the offensive line and was quite a big guy to say tithe least. We dated a few times and nothing serious happened. one day we were going to spend the day together he had to stop buy his apartment which he shared with three other football players. It was a Saturday afternoon and when we got there nobody was around. With some heavy duty petting type stuff I was getting on fire and he then started playing with my tits, reached down and fingered my pusses and I knew I was destined to screw this guy. He was a big brute of a guy, must have been 250 pounds or more and I felt overpowered by his body. He took my hand and placed it on his cock which was a full erection. He gently lowered my head to it and I started sucking him off. It was such a turn on, this big jock and I loved him for being so happy with my blow job. He then got up and put his price on my lips telling me to suck it Baby. It had really no taste but I started ;moving my tongue around it and he went crazy with those ;movement. All of a sudden he tensed up and started to come in my mouth. I clamped down on it and swallowed the entire load and was surprised to hear him say OF baby that was so nice of you to do that that I didn't realize a lot of girls didn't swallow. We waited a while and I sucked up his price and he positioned himself at my pussey and started screwing me. What a dick I though;, nothing like I ever had. I came several times and really loved this big hunk of a guy screwing me . I felt so lucky having ajock like me;, not being a playboy model or something like that. We dated and screwed for a month when one night at his apartment his football roomates were there. I had a lot to drink and was hot to say the least. While we were screwing his roomates came into the bedroom, one shoved his huge dick in my mouth and another sucked my tits. I was on fire. Being a conservative girl I never dreamed of ;multiple people having sex with me but that night started it. Dennis, my football lover came in my pussey and his one roommate came in my mouth of which I swallowed it all. The other roommate took Dennis place at my pussey and started screwing me but good. He came in my pussey and it was drenched . The other player started coming in my mouth. By the end of the evening I was sore, my jaws were sore and I was soaked with cum. They loved me and this started a long three year relationship of screwing. A few of the memorable nights were we a total of ten guys from the line came and fucked me to some heights of ;the like I would never see again. Stan;, a polish guy was hung like a horse. We he entered me I buckled up, toes turned down and gasped at how full I felt. Dennis said a lot of guys would like to see me and particularly get a blow job. Since I swallowed their come they felt special and that's what I did. I figured over the three years of being a team girl that I gave at least 1500 blow jobs and swallowed a bucket of cum. They loved me and I loved sucking and being screwed by the offensive lineman. Forget the quarterbacks and stars, the big burly and hung guys are one the line and they fucked me to death for three years. Being a team girl has its merits. My husband now has no idea of all the cocks I sucked and all the dicks my pussey stretched for. College days, I wish I were back.

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