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A Dream CUM True

He watched her from his bedroom window. She waltzed out of her front door swaying her perfect hips. She had to be the sexiest thing Matt ever saw and just looking at her made him go for hours at a time. Her long blonde hair hung right over her 34C chest wearing a tight tiny Playboy bunny shirt. Her tight stomach, jazzed up with a belly ring, showed freely among her hiphugger black extra short shorts. Her toned, tan legs gracefully walked to the mailbox and a permanant smile was frozen on her face. Even her named seemed beautiful...COURTNEY. Matt longed to groan her name in a sweaty heat.
He was so convinced that he would never have a chance with her, whether it would be to just kiss or to have her perfect body riding him for hours.
"God dammit, I want her." He mumbled as he walked across his room to his computer. A creak let out and a screen name appeared on his buddy list. He almost fell off his chair when he saw who it was.. LiL BLoNde QT...Courtney. "It's not like I've never talked to her before, I'll just IM her." He said to hisself:
Pinme4always: Hi
LiL BLoNde QT: Oh hey Matt whats going on?
Pinme4always: Nothing, what about you?
LiL BLoNde QT: Just chillen and being fucken bored.
Matt looked at the situation. Here he was talking to a hot blonde chick who was bored. Maybe he could ask her...
LiL BLoNde QT: ....?
Pinme4always: if you wanted you could come over
He couldn't believe he just asked her. He was sure she'd turn him down.
LiL BLoNde QT: Sure, I'm bored anyway. I'll be over in a couple minutes.
A slamming noise echoed and her screen name dissapeared.
"Holy shit! Shes actually coming over...TO MY HOUSE!" he grabbed his hair
in amazement.
The doorbell rang suddenly, suprising Matt. He flew down the stairs, stopped, caught his breath, and slowly opened the door.
There Courtney stood, her blue eyes twinkling and her mouth still turned
up in a smile. "Hi"
"Hey. Come in." He watched her walk into HIS house.
She turned around and looked at him. 'Hes actually not bad, maybe we can
have some fun.' She bit her lip and silently planned out what she would do.
They watched TV in his den for an hour and talked. Courtney, Matt discovered, was not only awesome looking, but she was sweet and funny-which only made him like her more. He wanted to kiss her so bad, but Courtney was looking for something else.
She layed down on the couch opposite Matt and put her arms underneath her head, which busted her chest out more. She let out a small moan as she moved her chest up and pretended to scratch her back. Matt sure noticed and Courtney knew he did, which made her want even more. She looked over at Matt and slowly got up. She knew he would do anything she wanted, and she wanted something so she knew he would give it to her.
"Matt." She let out in a syrupy, sexy sweet voice.
"Huh." His heart started to beat faster and faster as she got closer.
Courtney climbed ontop of him and snuggled into his lap.
"I've been thinking alot lately."
"What about?" His palms began to get sweaty.
"About your tounge in my pussy, and to be honest...that sounds good right
about now." She smiled and in one swift motion she leaned down and gave Matt one kiss he would never forget.
She came up and stood up.
He sunk down onto his knees and undid her shorts.
"How the hell are you gonna do that when I'm standing up?" She obviously
never got it this way, which made Matt feel superior and experienced.
"Mmm..I know what I'm doing." He slid down her shorts, revealing a skimpy pair of leapord thongs.
"Oh fuck." He whispered. He couldn't take it anymore. He quickly pull those down and licked his lips at the sight of her sweet pussy. This is the moment he always wanted, and now he has it.
He grabbed her waist and thrust her body towards him as his began licking the inside of her lips with the very tip of his tounge. She threw her head back in delight and sighed.
His tounge flickered against her clit and wanted to fuck that pussy with his tounge. He gently pushed her to sit on the couch while he remained kneeling. He spread open her legs and eyed her moist cunt waiting to be played with. He wrapped her clit tightly in his mouth and nibbled gently.
"Ohhhhh." She shivered. He looked up and saw her tits hardern through her shirt.
He pulled gently on her clit and suddenly thrust his finger into her sending her to a short,wonderful scream. Still sucking away, he moved his finger in and out and her breaths became shorter and quicker. She gasped out,"Fuck me ...with that ..tounge...ple..ase."
Matt granted her wish and removed his wet finger. He KNEW she would love this part, thanks to his nice, long tounge. He dug his tounge deep inside of her and she screamed "Fuck!" over and over until she started moving her waist in rythmn with his tounge. She wrapped her legs tightly around her head, trying to get every bit of his tounge possible in there.
"OHHH GOD I'M GONNA CUM!!!" She announced to not only Matt, but probably
the whole neighborhood as well.
He prepared for her sweet sex and opened his mouth around her gap and she let out a loud moan as it came pouring down his throat.
"Thank you that was the best pussy eating anyones done to me.
" She complimented.
"Anytime." He was the happiest person in the world right now and he would be even happier if he got to do it again.
"So..what about tomorrow?" She smile flirtaciously.
He smiled back and moved down below.
"What are you doing?" Courtney began moaning once more.
He paused and came up "I'm still hungry."
And he continued scooping out the leftover cum.
By: Lee

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