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I became very close friends with a woman I had a brief but VERY passionate affair with, and she would confide in me about her insecurities as a lover with the new men she was now dating, most of whom she met on line, by the way!
Her previous boyfriend had told her that she didn't know how to give head and not to even bother, and that comment bothered her so much that she was reluctant to perform oral sex with her NEW boyfriend.
Since we were comfortable enough together that we could discuss it, I gave her my masculine input that oral sex should be deep, eagerly performed and "complete"- no spitting. It seemed simple to me!
Well, the new boyfriend turned out to be a jerk and a month later we went out for dinner and returned to her place. We still shared an intense attraction for each, and her voluptuous body never looked more inviting- we hugged in her living room and I let my hands caress her curvy, ample ass. She sighed as my hands slid up to her 40D cup breasts and and felt her pulling herself into my body, rubbing herself seductively against my growing erection.
I led her into her bedroom and I unzipped her dress and let it slide to the floor and had my tongue deep in her mouth as I laid her down gently onto her bed. Her black panties came off easily and I was so hot I just unzipped my pants and stuffed my thick meat into her pussy as far as I could. I pumped her like a man possessed, holding her plump ass cheeks tight in both hands so I could fuck her as hard as possible- she moaned and squirmed under me and we both gasped for breath.
Minutes later she looked up at me with beads of sweat on her forehead and whispered "...come up here..." I didn't know what she meant, but she motioned with her hands to put my knees up on her pillow. I pulled my hard, slippery cock out her her hot pussy and climbed up so I was straddling her face. This was too good to be true- I leaned my hands against the wall over her headboard and watched her.
She positioned herself between my legs just right and reached up and pulled my stiff cock downward and put it in her mouth. A wonderful sight in itself, but then she started milking it with both hands and gobbling as much as she could, bobbing her head up and down on the pillow.
I gave her a test when I began to push my cock down into her mouth, very difficult at that angle. She couldn't take it all, but I felt it go down her throat a couple inches and it only made her moan more! She had been practicing!
The sensation and the sight of her deep throating me was unbelievable,
and I felt like I was going to explode with pleasure! I told her to stroke
my cock in long, hard strokes and get ready-
My whole body tensed up as she brought me to an intense, white-knuckled orgasm- I held my breath and my head turned toward the ceiling as I spurted uncontrollably into her sexy mouth! I convulsed with each huge sloppy gob of sperm that I fed her and she kept jacking me off into her nasty cum-gulping mouth, humming and rubbing her thighs together.. it was the first time I actually HEARD a woman swallowing semen. It was very sexy sound. I felt like I shot a quart of hot cum in her mouth, but when I finally pulled my spent cock from between her lips, she ran her tongue over her well-used moist lips and had gobbled my whole messy load with no problem! She even licked my cock clean before I laid down next to her!
Obviously, she passed the final with flying colors.

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