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Payback Time for Mark

by Virginal Vixen

It was a hot August night and I was wearing my tiniest, most revealing tank top and cut off shorts. It was so hot, my brother and Mark and I were all sweating as we drank our cool beers on the porch. Two days had passed since Mark had taken such sweet advantage of me while I was sleeping. He still didn't know that I knew it hadn't been a dream, however much it seemed like one because it was so good. I didn't quite know what to say or do about it, I wanted to get him back. Not because I didn't like what he had done but because I was angry that he hadn't fully woken me so that I could completely enjoy the pleasure he gave me.
Mark had been uncomfortable around me all day and had sat with his legs crossed, hiding his crotch from view while I had sunbathed in my little baby blue bikini. I knew he wanted me, I may have been a relatively innocent 18 year old virgin but I could see the desire in his eyes and feel my clit throb in response to it. I had slowly rubbed the suntan oil into my skin, down my legs, arms and tummy and across the swell of my young breasts above the bikini material through which my nipples were clearly visible, letting my head fall back exposing my long neck as I took obvious pleasure in my task. I had feigned a look of irritation and asked sweetly, "Mark, could you rub some oil on my back for me please?" He had tried to clear his throat and speak but no words came out! My brother came back into the garden at that point so I don't know what could have happened between us. Now as the three of us sat on the porch I suddenly got up and stretched my arms high above my head, arching my back in a sexy, feline manner and asked if anyone wanted another beer. Both my brother and Mark said yes so I leaned across Mark to fetch his empty can and pretended not to notice him stealing a glance down my top. I went into the kitchen to fetch the beers from the refridgerator and looked around to make sure that no one could see me. Then I opened a kitchen cabinet and took down a little pill bottle with my Dad's sleeping pills inside. I ground a few down to powder and put them in Mark's beer can which I had already opened for him. I watched them dissolve in the foamy golden liquid and was careful to give Mark the spiked drink, allowing him another look at my firm young cleavage. About a half hour passed before Mark mentioned that he was feeling woozy. My brother seemed a little annoyed that Mark would not be able to go to the nite club with him again, having been too "sick" to go out for my brother's birthday. Mark got up and was very wobbly on his feet, he asked my brother if he could sleep in the spare room then slowly made his way there. Annoyed, my brother took off to his favorite club saying, "Take care of Mark," I smiled and answered, "Sure thing bro!" I went upstairs and showered, paying great care and attention when soaping up my pussy and tits and allowing the strong water to pleasure my clit for a while. I shaved my legs and decided that I should leave my practically hairless little pussy alone. In my bedroom I towel dried my long red hair, put on some cherry lip gloss and slipped into my cotton panties and vest. I could see Mark in the bed when I pushed the door open, he was lying on his back spread-eagled and illuminated by the hall light. He had no t-shirt on and I unconciously licked my lips as I surveyed his muscular torso. The blankets covered him to the waist. I sauntered over to the bed and smiled as I looked at his face, so peaceful in slumber. The feeling of having a helpless, sexy guy at my disposal made me wet and I crossed my legs to put pressure on my throbbing clit. Slowly I peeled the blankets back to reveal his muscled thighs and black boxers, I lowered myself down beside him on the bed and ran my finger nails lightly down his chest and blew on his face. My sweet breath made him blink a little but he could not wake up. For a second I was worried that he would be so paralysed by sleep to the extent that he wouldn't be able to "rise to my challenge". I ran my hand earnestly over his crotch and felt for his penis through the material of his boxers. I grabbed him firmly through the cloth and massaged his length. Immediately he became longer and sooooo hard. I smiled and reached up to whisper in his ear, "Oooooh Mark, you are a big man aren't you?" He seemed to try to make a noise in response but the grip of sleep held him tightly. With a husky laugh I ran my tongue into his ear and probed his aural cavity, then moved down and parted his lips with my hungry tongue. I kissed him deeply and felt his lips move a little with mine, even in sleep the boy sure could kiss. I nipped his lower lip gently between my teeth and slipped my hand under the waistband of his shorts which were starting to look more like a tent. I grabbed his silky manhood and rubbed the tip in circles with my index finger. Then as I ran my eager tongue along his rapidly rising and falling chest, I began to move my fist up and down his length. I was so hot and wet at that point, my panties were soaked and my nipples were straining against my vest. Just when I thought I couldn't get hotter, Mark groaned low in desire, "Ahhhhhhhhh.........." My throbbing clit was now aching so bad I had to pull my panties and vest off but then when I was naked I decided that it really wasn't fair that Mark still had his underwear on.
I straddled him and the feeling of his hard cock pushing up against my soft aching wetness, even through his shorts was almost enough to send this virgin over the edge. I grabbed the waistband with both hands and pulled his boxers down allowing his very impressive, thick 8 and half inches of manhood spring free. My mind was suddenly in conflict with my body. I wanted soooo badly to slide down his hard pole, my body was begging for it but my mind kept saying that losing my virginity had to be done with someone who was fully conscious. But since I was straddling him anyway I guided his cock head to my pulsating pink clit and rubbed it hard against it to ease some of my suffering, then as I traced his beautiful cock helmet along my pussy lips, I felt him swell even more and tremble and moan "Uuuhhhh....." so I quickly let go of him. I didn't want him to cum all over my hot needy pussy. Imagine getting pregnant without ever having sex, what an ironic waste that would be! While I allowed Mark to calm down a little, I paid attention to my erect but neglected nipples. I pushed my breasts up toward my mouth and sucked hungrily on one nipple then the other as I tried to ease the fire building in my pussy. "Oooooh Mark," I mumured, "You're missing out."
His cock seemed to twitch in response and I pushed his legs apart a little so I could lie between them. My hot breath on his penis brought it fully to attention again and poor Mark looked flustered in his sleep, tossing his head fitfully from side to side. I smiled and kissed his purple head gently, tasting the precum with my hot tongue. My body urged me on and suddenly I was out of control, grabbing his thick base with one hand and sucking the head like a lolly pop. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of him down my throat as I could, bobbing up and down on his gorgeous engorged cock. My hand rubbed up and down his hard rod as I sucked and sucked, loving it, getting so wet it probably leaked onto the bed sheets. I licked up and down his sensitive silky underside and cupped his big balls. A gasp escaped the sleeping man as his balls swelled to the point of pain and he erupted into my wild mouth. I swallowed it all down my young throat as he kept on pumping and pumping his warm seed into me, my lips tightly locked around his head, my hand greedily milking him for all he had. When he finished shooting his load, I licked him clean and kissed his balls. Wow, Mark really is a dream boy. I was still so wet I had to ram my fingers in and out of my cunt until I was rocked by an earth shattering orgasm and collapsed onto Mark. I had to pull the boxers back up his legs, under his butt and over his exhausted cock. His stomach muscles quivered as I laid a little kiss there, he seemed to mutter in his sleep, "Don't stop......" I giggled and tucked the blankets in around him. "Sweet Dreams Mark."
Next morning at breakfast Mark just kept staring at me with a dream-like expression on his face, "You know," he said to me, "you were in my dream last night." I served up the eggs and bacon and said as casually as I could, "Really?" He smiled at me, winked and said, "Yeah, I think there must have been a magic ingredient in that beer!"
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