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Michelle was SO fat, but she had those huge tits that all the guys just LOVE- she wanted so bad to hang with us, and we let her come along but she HAD to sit in the back of Tiffany's car just in case some cute guys were checking us out, y'know?
So one night Michelle shows up with her father's Z3 convertible and we all said "oh my GOD!" at the same time! Michelle in a sports car?! Not only that, but she's all dolled up in a black lace top stretched to the max by her watermelon-sized tits and you could SEE her black bra underneath- no problem! ..AND she's wearing this short leather skirt and black nylons (I didn't know they MADE skirts that big!!)
Okay, so we like HAD to let her come with us to the Dance Factory downtown- we danced ALL night and at 3am we left, all sweaty and gross from dancing but still looking for some fun!
I whispered to Brianna to talk Michelle into scoring some coke for us, and we like told her it was no big deal, OK? Just drive a block away and ask those four black dudes if they can score for you- they're cool, we know them.
Michelle looked a little tipsy from the long island ice teas she had earlier, but got into the little BMW and drove up to the group of guys.
They gathered around her when she pulled up to the curb, and from where we stood I could hear her giggling and it looked like one of them had his HAND down her top! We walked closer but stayed away from the street light.. "Of course they're real!.." we heard Michelle giggle again. Oh my GOD! Not only did one of them have his hand in her top, she had her blouse opened up and and was holding her big tits up for them to squeeze! What a total slut!!
We snuck a little closer, behind a Pathfinder to watch... we didn't hear Michelle's voice but heard the guys talking low "..yeaah, that's reeeall good, bitch".. When we peeked around the SUV we saw the guys had their big black COCKS pulled out and Michelle was leaning out the open driver's window, her big fat boobs flopped out over the door and she was stroking this guy's wet-looking dick with both hands and was bobbing her head back and forth and taking almost all of it into her mouth! The guy just stood there with his pants undone, his hands on his hips and telling her things like "You WANT it, don't you, big girl? SUCK it real good.. tell me what you gonna do when I go off in your fucking mouth? I shoot REAL big, bitch- REAL big.." Michelle stopped slurping and stroking just long enough to say "..I want you...~slurp~ to cum so much.. you fill up my stomach with hot CUMMmmm.." Then she opened her mouth up for his massive-looking penis and he did just what he said he would and CAME right in her MOUTH! Michelle's lips stayed wrapped around his cock, but her cheeks ballooned out and we could see creamy white goop spill out from the sides of her mouth! The guy squeezed his dick out into her mouth, then pulled her face off his cock and pushed it onto the next guy who already had been stroking himself the whole time!.. he didn't even look at her, but grabbed her curly hair and started pushing her head back and forth with one hand while he jacked himself off into her mouth with his other hand!! They were passing her from guy to guy and just using her mouth to cum in!! It was so disgusting but Michelle let them use her... and I think I saw her arm moving between her big thighs.. was she masterbating? She was!
The second guy finished in her mouth and told her to lick him clean before he pulled his pants back up. She was doing whatever they wanted her to do! Anything!
Everything happened so fast and before she was finished licking the second guy, a big athletic-looking guy stepped into the drivers seat and stood with one leg on either side of Michelle, straddling her. She knew what she was expected to do. She tilted her head all the way back and opened her mouth in a round shape, covering her teeth with her cum-smeared lips. "Good girl... now be a good fat slut and take it down your throat.." he told her. I was horrified to see his giant black veiny cock head go into her mouth and see this male pig push and push until his whole cock was ALL THE WAY down her throat! His big balls were smashed up against her chin! How could he DO that to her?!? "Check this out... I'm fuckin' her tonsils, dude!" he chuckled to his partners and started pumping his dick in and out of her mouth! I thought I heard Michelle gag, but I saw her pudgy hands wrapped around his black ass- as if she WANTED him to fuck her mouth!! What was wrong with her?? Did she LIKE being degraded and used like a toy??
"Oh shit yeah, Miss Piggy, you gonna get your wish in just a second- I'm gonna pump a GALLON of hot nasty jizm down your throat! You'll be so full of cum your belly gonna ache!!.. shit yeah, SHIT!!" and the brute held Michelle's head with both hands and his whole body jerked each time he ejaculated!! It was making me sick just to watch!! Poor Michelle! It seemed like forever that he kept spurting more sperm .. over and over till his cock was completely drained and he stood there for a second, panting hard. He pulled his cock out and straightened his collar before he stepped over her and out of the Z3.
Michelle's lips were rimmed with semen that dripped in rivlets down her chin, cheeks, neck and splattered onto her giant boobs; her eyes were half-closed but she had a wicked look about her, as if she discovered some secret desire that had been discovered that gave her pleasure; she actually enjoyed being a drive-by suck and swallow slut and driving home with the nasty salty taste of sperm in her mouth from four black men she had never met before.
What was next?

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