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My First Experience - Part II,

by Amber M.

This story is a continuation of Part I, which I suggest you read so you know all about what's going on.
Mike asked me if that was the first time I'd ever seen anyone having sex, and I nodded. He asked me if I'd enjoyed it, and I told him yes but I didn't know how to relieve my sexual tension. He asked me if I wanted him to teach me some more about sex. At this point I went a bright shade of crimson, but he took my lack of answer as agreement.
He told me to come over to the bed, and remove my clothes. I hesitated at first, but then I pulled my top over my head, and took off my jeans. I was now down to my bra and pants, and I hesitated again. It was weird to undress in front of my sister and her boyfriend. Mike told me I looked beautiful, and that he wanted to see me completely naked, so I slowly unclipped my bra, and let it fall away, leaving my pert firm breasts exposed. I could see Mike looking closely at me, and this turned me on all the more.
His gaze dropped to my white cotton panties, and he gestured to me to take them off. I slowly eased them down my thighs, and then off over my feet, leaving my pussy exposed. I had always been careful to keep my pubic hair neatly trimmed so it formed a perfect dark triangle. However, by now my arousal was obvious, and my wetness had caused my hair to become all matted together.
Mike asked me if I'd ever seen an erect cock before, and I slowly shook my head. By now he had become hard again, and he knelt up on the bed so that his penis jutted out straight in front. He asked me if I wanted to learn how to kiss and touch his penis, while my sister watched. My only response was to let out a soft, low moan.
He reached out for my hand, and guided it to his thick shaft. As my fingers encircled him, he showed me the correct pressure and speed to use. I let my hand travel slowly up and down his full length, while Mike tilted his head back obviously enjoying my caresses.
I became overwhelmed with a desire to have Mike's cock in my mouth, so I knelt down and guided his long shaft past my lips. I wasn't really sure what to do, so I just slowly moved all the way up and down, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could. I knew I was doing the right thing when I heard Mike's groans of ecstasy.
It was then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my sister wasn't just watching us. She was leaning back against the headboard of the bed with her legs spread as wide as they would go. From that moment on I couldn't take my eyes away from her gorgeous pussy. She had shaved most of the hair leaving only a narrow line above her bulging pussy lips. She started to run her finger up and down her wet crack, and I could see her lips glistening, as she spread her moisture around.
Instinctively, I copied her movements, and allowed my own hand to drift to my aching pussy. I slowly circled what I now know to be my clitoris with two fingers, and it felt so good. It was the sexual relief I had been longing for for years, and I could see it was a real turn on for my sister to 'instruct' me in this way.
I got so caught up in what I was doing to myself, that I almost forgot to keep going on Mike. He didn't seem to mind though, because he told me it was time for the second part of my lesson. He said that he wanted to see me give oral sex to my sister, and that she would tell me how to do it.
I looked at my sister, and her pussy was so inviting. I just knelt down between her legs, and brought my face close up to her. She told me to start by licking slowly up and down her crack using the hard tip of my tongue. The taste of another woman's pussy, who was my sister as well was amazing. It may have been the first time I had done it, but I soon got into my stride, and I loved every minute.
My sister got more and more wound up as I slowly teased her, until she could stand it no more. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her crotch so that my tongue was directly on her clit, and told me to lick her there, HARD. I really enjoyed the feeling of control, of being able to have my sister under my power, knowing that she would do anything to keep my hot tongue on her hard clit.
Again, I started to touch myself, more sure in what I was doing this time,
and soon my sister and I were on the expressway to orgasm heaven. However, I
was about to find out that things could get a lot better…
I felt Mike's hands on my hips, and his mouth next to my ear. He whispered to me, 'Do you want to fuck me Amber, do you want to feel what it's like to have a hard cock inside you?'
I stopped what I was doing for a second to nod my head furiously. I looked up at my sister, and heard her say, 'Oh yes baby, fuck my little sister hard, give it to her like you give it to me.'
I could feel the tip of Mike's penis pushing against my thigh, and then he took it in his hand, and guided it to my wet opening. He pushed slightly, and I felt his enormous head part my pussy lips. The feeling was incredible, and the knowledge that I was about to get fucked in the way I had dreamed about for years drove me wild. I buried my face in Jenny's pussy again, and pushed my body back onto Mike's cock like I had seen her do.
It was all I could do not to scream as Mike's huge member inched its way into my tight hole. I rocked slowly back and forth, each time taking a little more inside me. Once he was fully in, he slowly pulled out, and began to rhythmically thrust into me using his full length. All I could sense was Mike's huge cock and my sister's hot pussy.
I felt the orgasm coming from a long way off. It spread throughout my whole body until it exploded in the biggest feeling of ecstasy and relief I have ever had. I rammed myself back against Mike, and my pussy clamped down on him like a vice. He let out a low groan, and I felt his cock convulse as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into me. The sight of our simultaneous orgasm caused my sister to buck her hips against my probing tongue, and I heard her gasp, 'Oh my God', as she too had a huge orgasm.
Gradually, our breathing calmed down, and we collapsed in a huge tangle of arms and legs. After a while Mike said, 'Do you think you've learnt something tonight Amber?' I gave them both a both a big smile and said, 'Yes, but I know there's more you can teach me.'
At this point, my sister gave me a wicked smile, and I knew it wouldn't be
last time I shared their bed…
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Amber M. xxx

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