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Big Girls are Easy

This cute fat chick Paula worked in the accounting department at my job, and she had a HUGE pair of tits and ass to match. I used to see her when she had to get supplies from the warehouse, and I'd catch her glancing at me then looking away. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I go up to her and ask her if she could give me a ride to my truck that was a the smog clinic during lunch. She looks kinda embarassed, then gets all giggly an' says "Well, sure- why not? Where is it?"
I give her the address and at lunch I get into her car- on the way she says she likes my jean jacket- "What's so special about this jean jacket?" I ask her an' she says "It's kinda cute, uh.. like you're kinda cute, I mean.. it's.." an' her cheeks turn pink and she looks all flustered. "You're a sexy lookin' woman yourself.." I said to her.
"Really?? I, do you really.. oh god." then she pulls herself together and tells me she really likes me but she lives with her stupid boyfriend but could we go out for a drive sometime..
"Sure- just let me know when.." I told her.
Two days later we're in my truck parked up by the whistling tower at
night and I got my tongue in her mouth just two minutes after I turned the engine off- she likes to have her big tits squeezed too, lemme tell you! She starts moanin' like I'm already fuckin' her when I start fingerbangin her.. I pull up her sweater and checked out the biggest tits I ever saw, then pulled them out of her black bra and kissed her nipples while I'm sliding my finger in and out of her pussy- she's getting out of breath and reaching for my belt. She unbuckles me and I pull out my cock and aim it with my hand under her big belly and stuff my hard meat into her hole and start fucking the bitch and watching those big pink melons bounce all over the place..
"Wait.. Wait!! Do you have any condoms?" she asks me. "No-" I tell her. "Well.. tell me when you're going to cum and you can cum in my mouth.." she says, still breathing hard. Fuck yeah! I got a real slut tonight!
I start slam-fucking the big girl and she's flopping around like a rag doll, moaning and getting all sweaty! I'm squeezing her boobs with both hands and her pussy is SO tight for a fat girl, and I feel like I'm gonna go off like a firehose real soon- "Okay honey, lay on your back now.." I tell her. "Why ~pant~do you want me to do that?" she asks. "Just DO it- lay across the seats on your back!" I tell her.
She crawls up from laying with her big thighs spread wide open and lays down with her face toward me. I open the door and stand outside and pull her so her head is hanging over the side of the passenger's seat.
Y'ever notice how much trouble a chick has taking all your dick in her mouth when your standing up an' she's kneeling? It's because your cock is curved and doesn't fit easy in her throat at that angle.
But when she's laying on her back...
I stood over her and put my fully loaded hard cock in her mouth with the
safety off.. I leaned into her and felt my meat go WAY past her wet full lips and down her throat- she must've done this before, because she got into it real quick, wrapping her hands around my ass and lettin' me shove my whole cock in and out of her mouth! She let me stuff it in up to my balls- her throat was smooth and more snug than her twat, and I was ready to shoot my wad- "Get ready bitch.." I muttered, almost holding my breath "Mmmm Hmm" she hummed.
I flooded her with gob afer gob of steamin semen! This chick was gluggin' down more cum than she ever had! Her fat legs were movin' around on the seat, her huge tits were shaking all around and she made some whiney noises but I kept on shootin' sperm into her mouth until I emptied my balls completely.
When I pulled out, she sat up and looked a little out of it- I zipped up my pants and offered her the rest of my beer. When I dropped her off two doors down from her boyfriends house, I saw she still had cum on her chin, but I figured she'd wipe it off before she went in.
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