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First Time For Everything

You want to know about one of my first times? Okay - well it’s a long story, but please
read - because I love to tell it ...
It all happened one night after a long day’s work.

"Bye guys - have a good night, see yaw in the morning - UNFORTUNATELY!" I said to my
co-workers who were leaving at their scheduled time of 5pm. I was working a little
overtime for some extra cash and to get some of my work done. All of a sudden an IM came
up on my computer, I often left my Internet up all day at work to entertain me while I
didn't feel like working.
It was my male co-worker Jeff; we had flirted quite a bit before, but nothing ever came
of it, so I responded to his IMs for a while.

JEFFLOOKSGOOD: are you staying late tonight?!?
DABRATONFORCE: yeah - i really have to get some of this stuff done, are u staying late?
JEFFLOOKSGOOD: only if you meet me in the receptionist bathroom in 20 min.
DABRATONFORCE: yeah - ok Jeff - see ya there in 20 .. ha ha ha
JEFFLOOKSGOOD: really?! YES! I can't wait!
DABRATONFORCE: are you being serious??
JEFFLOOKSGOOD: yes!!! will you meet me there??
DABRATONFORCE: ok - I will be there in 20min.

That's what our IM looked like before Jeff had to sign off in a rush to finish up the
bit of his work, and call his wife to tell her he was working a little late. Yes - his
wife. Jeff was married - not only was he married - but his wife worked with us, but got
off a few hours earlier then us. What was I getting myself into? I wanted him so bad -
but we never really got any further then talking about how I was going to suck his dick -
and he would fuck my ass, which I hadn't done yet, but he was determined to be my first!

Finally 15 Min. had passed - and he hadn't gotten back online - so I figured it wasn't
going to happen, as always! I was mad too, because I really wanted to suck his dick and
get my
ass fucked. Just then he walked by - and told me to meet him there in 5, he was
going now.
My heart dropped, I couldn't say no - I had chickened out too many times - it was
happening this time! People were still at work, but no one would use that bathroom - and
we can actually lock the door in the receptionist bathroom. So I stood up - my pussy was
already starting to throb, wanting to be penetrated with his cock so bad - but yet I
still felt a little weird.
I walked by his desk - and no one was there, I didn't know if he would already be in the
bathroom - or if I was going to be first. I said hi to a few people on the way - someone
even asked if I was all right, because my voice kind of cracked. I just told them I was
- when really I was too horny to speak, and too nervous.
I opened the bathroom door - and shut it behind me, there he was...looking better then
ever, standing against the wall and smiling - but I know he was more nervous then I was,
but he had a good way of hiding his feelings. I locked the door - and walked towards
him, smiling. He started to say something - but I didn't want anything said.
I interrupted him with my finger against his lips, and with my eyes I told him to shush.
I put my other hand against his chest - pushing him back up closer to the wall - and with
my finger slid from his lips down to his neck - where I kissed his neck, sucking and
licking it so softly .. my finger continued to slide down him while I kissed, down to his
pants. I untucked his shirt, and removed his belt buckle, he was wearing a pair of tan
khaki's. I looked at him, and moved both hands down to his pants, while staring in his
eyes. I unfastened the khaki's, and unzipped them - he was already very erect from my
kisses and touch. I finally had the perfect chance to be with someone I had been aching
and fantasizing about for the longest time.

I got down on my knees - and pulled his very huge cock out of his pants - it was a little
bit of a struggle to get such a big hard dick out, I couldn't wait to have it in my mouth
though. And I knew he couldn't wait either - his hand moved against my head, with a
little bit pressure, I knew he wanted it then. I saw a bit of pre-cum on the tip of his
head on his huge cock, so I first licked that - it was so sweet, I love the taste of cum,
and couldn't wait to taste his load. I continued - I put his cock in my mouth as far as
it would go - being sure not to touch my teeth against it - even though it was SO thick!
As I moved my mouth back and forth on his shaft I used my free hand to gently touch and
play with his balls - I could feel them tightening up - which normally means its almost
time for my treat, but I wanted him to enjoy every last bit. Moving my mouth slowly back
and forth on his dick - sometimes going faster, I knew when he wanted me to suck harder
because his hand would become a little tighter on my head ... so I would suck harder on
to make HIS head feel great ;-) I loved it - then he started to moan, I knew any second
I would get his load of white creamy cum in my mouth. Seconds later my mouth was being
jetted with blast after blast of the sweet cum from deep inside Jeff's balls! It was
great - and I swallowed it all!
"GOD" Jeff exclaimed! "that felt so good, I want to fuck your ass, and make u feel as
as u just made me feel" Of coarse I had no complaints - So I smiled and told him that's
what I wanted too. My pussy was so wet, and was throbbing for him. I told him I'd let
him fuck my ass if he'd eat my pussy first. I knew he had only done that a few times,
but I had never done anal - so I wanted him to have to do something he's not used to,
plus I knew I tasted good ;-) So he agreed - and before I knew it my skirt was lifted
and I was sitting on his face with his tongue sliding against my wet pussy lips, it
helped a lot that his tongue was pierced, I'd never had that before. It felt so good - I
am glad I asked him to do it. It didn't take long at all before I was ready to cum - his
hands rubbing my tits, and his tongue probing my pussy made me want to scream, but I had
be quiet. I shook all over - keeping the sound inside made my body shake even more in a
most splendid orgasm. He continued to lick the juices off of my pussy. I guess I was
right about me tasting good :)
It was finally time to de-virginate my ass. I wanted it so bad, that orgasm wasn't
for me - I like multiple orgasms, and my ass was ready for his cock. Without even
talking, I moved myself off his face, and down to his pants, sliding them all the way off
... Not to much surprise, his dick was already standing high again - I knew we didn't
have any kind of lubricants except for my juices, so I first sat on his dick, and let his
dick enters my pussy - which was already wet again in anticipation. His dick moved in
out of my pussy a few times, making me want my ass open even more. I was still nervous
though - and I knew he knew. He had told me before he would be VERY gentle. So to get
my ass ready he stuck his fingers in my pussy to wettin them a little, then out of
pleasure he put them in my mouth, I didn't mind, I had tasted pussy before. Then he told
me to turn around, he was sitting on the floor, and I was sitting on his stomach, his
dick just inches from my ass...I turned around so my back would face him, and he took his
wet fingers and put them in my ass .. I sighed a bit, it felt so good, a little rough,
but it made me just want it more. So I moved myself over his dick - with his help, and
slowly lowered my tight ass hole on the head of his cock, it took some force, and a
little good pain, but after the head was in .. it was great. I leaned back a little -
far enough that his hand could grab hold of my big tits, but still having his dick
probing my ass. Then he asked if I would let him do me while I was on all fours. I was
wanting anything - I already knew it felt great. So I leaned forward, and he got behind
me. Once again his head went into my ass, and he had full control now. He started
slowly, pushing his cock into my ass with a big thrust at the end of every forward
motion, and a moan out of me. Then he started to go faster, his hands reached under me
and started playing with my clit - and he pushed himself fast and hard into my ass,
taking some of the juices from my pussy and rubbing them around my ass hole a little. I
orgasmed my first time after only 2 or so minutes of rubbing my pussy and thrusting
inside of me, then again about 3 minutes later. I loved it - it was like nothing before.
I turned my head and asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth; but he wanted to cum in
my ass. Finally he came, I could feel his juices flow down my ass crack onto my already
wet pussy ... it was so nice, so warm. We both were in heaven. I knew it was the best
sexual encounter I had ever had, and I hoped it was as good for him. We stood up, I was
feeling sore -but still on an orgasm high. I asked him if he enjoyed it - and he said it
was definitely a time he would never forget, and asked when we could do it again. I just
smiled, kissed him, and walked out of the bathroom. It’s been over a week - and we
haven't really talked about it much, other then the daily ... "are you staying late
tonight" ... I think I will be staying late again tonight.

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