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Part 1

First let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Emma and I am a 48-year-old woman who was recently divorced for the second time. I had just moved into a little two-bedroom apartment in Westchester County, New York, a suburb of New York City when I had an experience that would change me for life. I have never been a sexual active women even through I was married twice. I must admit right from the start, I was never a good sex partner to either of my husbands. I have always been very self-conscious of my body since high school on account of my breasts being so small. I have never thought of my self as being beautiful or sexy in any way although my body was nice in every other way. Through both of my marriages, both of my husbands complained about my sexual ability or lack of same. Either I was truly frigid or neither of my husbands could adequately excite me.

My whole life changed (for the better) one rainy Saturday afternoon. I was walking home from the local supermarket. The bag of groceries I was carrying got wet and opened up and all the contents fell on the sidewalk. A very nice black man who was walking behind me bent down to help me pick up my groceries. He had an empty plastic bag and offered it to me to put my things in. Since it was raining very hard, I was in no position to refuse his offer, I graciously accepted. When we had all of my groceries in the plastic bag I did something quite out of character for me; I invited him to come up to my apartment to dry off since it was raining quite heavily now and we were both soaking wet. I lived just down the block and he accepted immediately. He seemed to be a perfect gentleman and carried my groceries up the steps and into my apartment. When we entered my apartment, I offered him a something to drink, a soda or a glass of water. He asked me if I had any hard liquor and I said I had some vodka. He asked me if I would make him a vodka and coke and I said sure. I made him his vodka and coke and he asked me to have a drink with him since it wouldn't polite for him to drink alone. I have never been a big drinker but it was Saturday and as usual I had no plans for the evening so I agreed to have a drink with him. When I gave him the first drink he introduced himself as Bob Campbell and said he worked at the Food Emporium where I did my grocery shopping every Saturday. He was fifty-two years old about 6'tall and also recently divorced. Well one drink led to another and before I knew it, I was finishing my third drink and feeling no pain. We could hear the thunder outside and the steady patter of the rain. When Bob asked me if he could stay until the storm passed over without hesitation, I said of course.

He asked me if I would put some music on and I put on one of my favorite albums which had romantic slow songs on it. He than asked me if I would like to dance and I guess the liquor had gone straight to my head and did it's job because I said I'd love to. When he took me into his strong arms I just about melted. I have never been with a black man before and never had the urge to be with one but all of a sudden I felt a strange feeling coming over me. This man had a way of making me feel different than I have ever felt before, I felt sexually excited for the first time in a long time and it felt good. I don't know what he did but it made me feel like a woman should feel and I liked the way I was reacting to this total stranger and a black man at that.

As we danced to one slow song after another he held me very close and I could feel him moving himself against me with a gentle grinding motion that was setting me on fire. He whispered in my ear that I was a good dancer and when he kissed my ear it was as if he put an electric shock through my body. I was so excited by being kissed by this black man that I almost fainted in his arms. At this point, he started to get more brazen and than he put his hands on my ass and pulled me firmly against his crotch, that's when I realized that I was also grinding into him. I was weakening and when his hands gently started to caressed my breasts, that was it, I just stood there as if in a trance, my hands dropped to my sides, I was helpless. I knew that I couldn't resist anything this man wanted to do to me. I was both scared and tremendously aroused at the same time. He than kissed my lips with the hottest, wettest kiss I have ever felt in my life his tongue entered my mouth and my tongue meet his with passion unknown to me. He whispered in my ear for me not to worry, he wanted me to relax, he said he would never hurt me. I don't know if it was the vodka or not but I was thinking thoughts I had never in my life ever thought of.

I was now at his sexual mercy and HE KNEW IT. He stepped back a step looked at me and said quite firmly "EMMA, TAKE OF YOUR CLOTHS, IT'S TIME." Without hesitation, right there in the middle of my living room I undressed for my black stranger. I knew nothing about him and in a matter of seconds, here I was in my living room, completely naked standing there in front of him and was so excited I was shaking. He looked at my naked body smiled in approval and told me that I had a nice body for a women my age, I wanted to thank him but the words wouldn't come out of my mouth I was so excited my knees were about to give way. Bob then started taking off his cloths and when he came to his shorts he told me to get down on my knees and take them off for him. Without hesitation I got down on my knees and took his shorts off. I could not believe that me "Emma in Charge" was being submissive to this virtual stranger and obeying his every command. When I looked up at him, there was this beautiful cock staring me in the face. I was never able to give either of my husband's good oral sex but when Bob told me to kiss his cock I immediately kissed it and licked the sides. I was actually on my knees, worshipping this black beauty. Then I did something I still can't believe I did, I asked Bob if I could put his cock in my mouth and taste him. I had been so excited that these were the first words I could get out of my mouth since he put his arms around me and we started to dance together. He told me that I could taste him only if I said Please. I was out of control and begged, "Bob, may I PLEASE suck your cock?" He answered since you said please you can put it in your mouth but you had better suck it nice for me, I'm used to my women giving me good head. Both of my ex-husbands called me frigid and here I was naked, on my knees begging this black man to let me suck his cock. I never wanted anything so badly before in my whole life. I was so hot and excited that I was able to take the whole thing in my mouth on the first try. His cock was not any bigger than my second husband's but the thought of having this beautiful black cock in my mouth was so exciting that I could hardly wait to taste it.

He sat down on my couch and ordered me continue sucking until he told me to stop. After what seemed like a blink of an eye even though I had been sucking his cock for about a half an hour, he told me to stand up so he could see my beautiful white body again. I was still paralyzed and couldn't move so he helped me get up and he held me in his arms. He kissed me softly and told me that I give good head and that I should get used to taking black cock in my mouth. I told him that I would do whatever he told me to do. He then told me to take him to my bedroom so he could have his main course. I took him by the hand and led him straight to my small bedroom. When we reached my bed he picked me up and laid me on it ever so gently. Since my only sexual experiences up to that time were with my two husbands I never thought of safe sex, I just wanted to have this man inside me as soon as possible and never considered using a condom. He told me that I was going to give him any pleasure he desired and I told him that I would do what ever he wanted me to do. I was helpless, there was nothing I could deny this stranger, I was his body and soul. He lay down next to me and started to kiss and lick my cunt in a way no other man had ever done before. His tongue felt like it was on fire as he licked my clit, he then put one of his fingers into my dripping wet pussy. He was now finger fucking me and eating my cunt at the same time. Before I knew it I came with more intensity than ever before in my life. I was crazed with lust and squirming around so much that I almost fell of the bed. He told me to lay still and he was now going to have me FUCK HIM. He rolled over on his back and ordered me to mount him so he could have me fuck him with me on top. I jumped on top of him and when his black cock entered my pussy, my submission to him was complete, I was his possession and I loved the feeling.

He grabbed my small breasts and used them as handles. He held than tightly as he guided me up and down on his shaft. Faster and faster I fucked him loosing all concept of time. When he told me to kiss him I kissed his lips hungrily. Bob told me that I was going to give him a special pleasure and that I might feel some pain and I told him to do whatever he wanted to me and that I was his, for his every pleasure. He then took my left breast and cupped it in his right hand and slapped it with his right hand, not hard but hard enough for me to feel the impact. He asked me if I could feel what he just done and I said yes. I was so excited I almost couldn't get the yes out of my mouth. He then took the right breast in his left hand and hit it with his right hand. No one had ever done anything like this to me before, up to now no one had ever hit me, not even my parents as I was growing up. With that he told me to offer my breasts to him for his pleasure, I immediately held each of my breasts in my own hands one at a time and offered them to him for him to slap. He hit both of my breasts a second time and told me to bend down so he could kiss them and take away the pain. He really didn't give me much pain, he didn't hit them hard enough to hurt them but his lips felt wonderful on my erect nipples. He told me that he was going to do whatever he wanted to me from now on and I told him that I wanted him to use and abuse me whenever he wanted, and that I was his sex slave. He then took my erect nipples and held them firmly between his fingers and asked me if I ever wore nipple clamps before. I told him that once while in high school a girl friend of mine and I put cloths pins on our nipples and it hurt so much I took them off immediately. I told him I didn't know if I could stand the pain of having them on my nipples. He held onto my nipples for a long time periodically squeezing then hard and giving me a little pain. I was surprised that his harsh treatment of my nipples also excited me. All the while he was abusing my nipples his cock was buried deep in my cunt and the fire in my body kept burning brightly. In all my life, no one had ever held my nipples so tightly as to make them hurt but I didn't complain, I wanted him to know that he could do whatever he wanted to do to me even if it hurt. He told me I would soon wear nipple clamps for him. He then asked me if I had any cloths pins in the house and I told him apologetically, no. He said next time he came over he would bring the nipple clamps for me plus some other sexy toys he had.

He then told me he wanted his cock in my mouth again so he ordered me to get on my knees between his legs so he could see my pretty white face suck his black cock. I instantly jumped off of his cock and got on my knees between his legs and went down on him like a hungry animal because that was what he was making me into, a crazed sex hungry animal. After he had enough of my mouth for the time being, he told me to lie on my back and that he was going to fuck me now so he could cum inside of me. I was obedient and did what he told me to do and lied on my back and waited for his penetration. He mounted me and told me to put his cock in my wet pussy. My hand went straight for his cock and guided it into my hot waiting pussy. He entered me in one slow motion and I went crazy I kept saying "I'm yours Bob, please don't stop, fuck me harder, I love your black cock, I belong to you, I'm yours." A smile came across Bob's face as those words came out of my mouth. He grabbed my ankles and put them up in the air then back by my ears as far I could take it and began to fuck me. Almost as soon as he entered me I came so hard that I almost fainted again but he kept me focused on his cock and soon I was on fire once again. I wanted to feel every inch of this black cock. He started to fuck me slowly at first then a little faster and faster until his hips were a blur going up and down on me, his cock pumping harder and harder into my hot pussy. Then the moment came that I was waiting for, I was about to get my reward. I could feel him stiffen and start to spew his hot cum into my eager pussy. I begged him to fill me up and told him that I needed his hot cum deep in my cunt. One thing he did have was a huge load of cum and he sure filled me up. After he finished depositing his cum into my body, he continued to fuck me but he now fucked me slower and slower until he went soft and slid out of my cunt. He then ordered me to get between his legs again and suck his cock until I licked up all his cum in my mouth. I jumped up and went down on my knees, between his legs and sucked, kissed and licked his cock and his balls until he was clean and I had all of the cum from both his cock and my cunt in my mouth. I loved the taste of his cum, it tasted salty but was like honey to me.

I have never been so hot, so excited and so satisfied in my whole life. This stranger had taken me to heights that I had never known existed before, he let me cum five times that afternoon and I couldn't believe how happy I was. Bob had rolled over and lied next to me his cock now limp but he had a smile on his face. He held me close to him and whispered into my ear that he was glad he was right about me and that he was going to have me whenever he wanted and that I couldn't deny him anything. I told him that I would do anything he wanted me to do. I told him I would be his SEX SLAVE and that I would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and wherever he wanted. I asked him what he meant about being right about me and he told me that ever since he first saw me in the store he had a feeling about me. He said that he had a feeling that I looked like I was not only a lonely women in need of sex but the type of women who would be submissive and might accept belonging to a black man, him. He was right, I was a very lonely women, I needed sex badly and with out ever knowing it I was submissive and yes I belonged to this black man body and soul. We took a shower together and I once again asked him if I could PLEASE taste his cock in the shower and once again I was permitted to suck his beautiful black cock, this time with the water of the shower running over my body. He asked me if I had ever made it with more than one man before and I told him, never. He told me that when he thought I was ready he was going to bring one of his friends over and that I was to service both of them at once. I told him that I didn't know if I could do that but I would try for him. He told me if I didn't accommodate his wish, I would be punished and I knew how he was going to punish me. Not wanting to offend him, my lover of a lifetime, I told him that I would do the best I could to fuck and suck both of them together. He reassured me that his friend was clean, nice, disease free and would also be gentle with me. He told me that no matter what happened, I only belonged to only him and that if he told me to service another man, that in no way gave him possession of me. I told him that I was his and his only to obey and please. He promised me that I would enjoy the experience. I then told him that I would be obedient and do my best for him when he thought the time was right for him to share me with his friend. Six months later Bob invited me over to his apartment, he told me he had a surprise in store for me that night and I had an idea of what was in store for me that evening. That night I met Leon, Bob's best friend. I am proud to say I able to service both of these men that night and many nights since. Bob has shared me with something like ten of his friends, all of them black men. I'm not really excited about fucking his friends but as long as Bob is there with me, I do whatever he wants me to do and these men are always so gentle with me and treat me like a lady.

When we dried off, Bob told me that he used to watch me in the store and hoped this day would come and that he could meet me and get friendly with me. That wonderful Saturday Bob told me he intentionally followed me home and that he hoped I would have trouble with my grocery bag. Since it was raining so hard he brought along the plastic bag just in case, boy did he plan it right. He also told me that he was going to introduce me to a new and very exciting lifestyle, a lifestyle of lust and pleasure where I was going to become a total women. I once again reassured him that I was totally his and would do whatever he wanted me to do and give him whatever pleasure he wanted of me and yes, he had made me feel more of a women than I have ever felt before in my life.

Well we have enjoyed many mornings, afternoons and evenings together in variety of situations. Bob is no longer a stranger to me and has made a new and exciting women out of me. He has never asked me out on a date, I am not his girlfriend, I am his sex slave and serve his sexually needs only. He usually comes over to my apartment after work to have sex with me. Sometimes I go to him at his apartment and sometimes he takes me in to friends houses and shares me with them. I can now experience my true sexuality and give my self to men like never before in my life. By the way I am now remarried to a great (white) man whom I met at my office, his name is Paul. He is the only white man I have had sex with since I met Bob. It's crazy, I now love black cock more that anything in this world, except for Paul's of course. Paul and I are very much in love and he treats me like a lady in public and a whore in bed. Our sex life is better than it was with my first two husbands, thanks to Bob. The best part of all this is that I am still serving Bob and sometimes his friends sexually usually once a week. I consider myself the luckiest women on earth. I am toying with the idea of telling my husband about Bob and asking if we could have a threesome. What do you think I should do?

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