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Red Ribbons

Part One

It was the early Sunday morning shift at the gym, and Kimi Okumura was bored senseless. She was a very cute, and petite eighteen year old girl of Japanese heritage. She often wore her hair parted in the middle, with two long pony tails, tied with a different colored ribbon every day. Today she wore red ribbons.
She was feeling naughty. Her full, pouting lips were painted ruby red. She wore tight red silk workout shorts, and a white tank top that showed her navel. She also had a little tattoo on her upper arm, the Japanese character for 'divine fire'. Even though it was small, her parents were reservedly livid.
They were traditional Japanese parents, and couldn't quite understand the American teen need for rebellion. But they were proud of their daughter, she was so smart. Kimi was going to do them proud, maybe she would marry soon. She woke up early to make money for college in the fall, they knew they raised her right.

Kimi was trying so hard to look busy at five o'clock in the morning. Sunday mornings were so dead, nobody came in until after church. She was so bored, and so horny. Ever since she lost her virginity, she's been on fire. She hasn't had sex since then.
The jerk she lost it to was her boyfriend. The second he cums, he tells her he's leaving for college in the morning. She was devastated, it was the first she heard of that. She suddenly became very afraid, maybe she could be pregnant. Thankfully, she wasn't late, and she swore she wouldn't let that happen ever again.
She was thinking about anal sex as an alternative this morning as she fidgeted and scribbled. She had been watching her brother's porn videos a lot lately, and stumbled across an interseting item. A girl was getting fucked in the ass, and it looked like she was enjoying herself immensely. She began to be obsessed with asses Men's asses, women's asses, and even her own.

Kimi had been trying herself out as it were. She couldn't seem to control her urges, and she masturbated frequently. She was even thinking of braving the adult video store for a good movie.
"Maybe I'll buy a dildo," she thought outloud, and was instantly glad no one was here to hear her say that. "Fuck!" Kimi screamed as she realized she could say whatever she wanted. "The next guy in here is getting fucked!" She wasn't serious, but she just wanted to hear herself say it.
Kimi was radiating sexual energy like a firecracker when Jim Davidson walked in.
Jim strode through the front door and gave Kimi a big smile. "Morning Kimi, you're looking fine today, mmm, mm, mm, how are you?"
Kimi had a huge crush on the big, handsome black man, and she blushed with a titter when she replied, "Great, Jim, thanks. I'm a little bored, but I'll live through it. Whatcha going to do on your workout?" She preened, and posed like a schoolgirl behind the counter.
"I'm thinking about running five miles, and lifting some weights." Jim casually explained.
Kimi had a sudden vision of Jim's muscular body covered in sweat, if her mouth were open she would have drooled on the counter. She ran his card through the scanner, gave him a big smile and said cheerfully, "'Kay, have fun, see ya later."
Kimi spoke perfect English, but she moved here only ten years ago, and there was still a little accent. She had the quiet and shy voice you would expect from a Japanese woman, but she also had the bubbly energy of an American teen, and the dirty mouth to prove it. She liked to swear when she got excited. She was always catching herself cursing when she masturbated, 'Fuck yeah, ohh, shit,' etc.
As Jim walked away, she watched his ass move under his shorts. What she wouldn't do to lick the sweat off of his muscular ass, her pussy drooled at the wicked thought. Would she? Could she? Now that Jim was there it was becoming unbearable, and she started pacing around in frustration. She nearly bounced off the walls.
Thirty minutes later Karen, the morning manager, walked in to take over the desk while Kimi could go in back to watch the weight room. Kimi thrilled at the idea of being close to Jim, would she really have the nerve, if she had the chance?. With a swing in her step and panties steaming, she almost danced to the weight room.
Kimi was twenty feet from the weight room doors when, quite a distance behind her, Jim entered the hallway, heading to the weight room also.

Jim was an ass man, and he stared as Kimi's plump, round, jiggling buns swayed back and forth. Her tight red shorts crept high into her crack, and his cock hardened as he imagined fucking her in the ass. She wouldn't do that though, he thought. He readied himself for a very distracted workout.
He was more than attracted to this little Japanese firecracker, that was why he was here at 5:00 in the morning. She was so cute, and fun, they had talked often and shared many things in common. He had been thinking lately about asking her out on a date.
Jim Davidson has had more than his share of women. But he was finding that the one night stands and psychotic girlfriends were not worth the trouble. He was nearly thirty and successful in his career as systems analyst for a small corporation, and he wanted to settle down. But he'd keep looking.
He thought he startled Kimi as he entered because she turned around and gasped. Within moments he realized that Kimi could see the outline of his hard cock. Jim also noticed a large wet spot in the crotch of Kimi's red shorts.
Kimi didn't try to hide the stain, because she knew from experience that her pussy got extremely wet. So did her mouth. She was quite good at giving blowjobs, or so her boyfriend told her. Kimi was a drooler, and couldn't help it.
After a breathless moment, Kimi gulped and said with a wicked, seductive grin, "So, were you going to give that muscle a work-out too?"
He gave her a wide smile, looked her over real good, and said, "Yeah, I suppose it could handle about, oh, 110-115 lbs."
Kimi smiled and walked shyly over to Jim. She reached out to touch his cock. It was so big, and rock hard! Her pussy quivered as it hatched her plans. "I have the perfect 'machine' for that muscle in the office," Kimi whispered.
With that, she led Jim to the office, where it was nice and quiet. The office had a mirrored window, so she could see out, but no one could look in. Kimi's only thoughts were of Jim and what she could tell was a huge cock. She didn't care if Karen was up front, she was lost in the moment.

As soon as the door was closed, Jim grabbed Kimi up and gave her a tongue filled kiss. She moaned as their passion raged. She hung from his neck with laced fingers, and raised her legs to wrap around his waist. Jim backed up against the desk to hold their weight. Her moist cunt found his rock hard bulge, and started grinding up and down its length.
Jim let out a sigh. She has to know how I intend to fuck her, its only fair, he thought. He held her ass up with his big hands and squeezed. He broke their kiss, and whispered in her ear, "Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Kimi?"
With his hands squeezing her ass, and her pussy being massaged by his hard bulge, this was exactly what she wanted to hear. It sent a pleasurable ripple through her body. "No, but it sounds like fun," she said with a seductive giggle. "Are you're experienced with fucking girls in the ass?" she asked as she kissed him.
"Very experienced." He was hot and it was getting difficult to speak with Kimi riding him like that.
"And you know how to make it good for them?" she kissed him.
"Mmm, mm," he mumbled through Kimi's mouth.
She grabbed onto his head, pushed it back and stared hotly into his eyes, "I need my ass fucked so bad, Jim." She crackled like a smouldering doll house.
Jim smiled and kissed her gently on the lips and said, "Are you saying you want to be by fuck toy, bitch?" He didn't think Kimi was a bitch, of course, but he found that with some women this word touched a special nerve. Sometimes he got lucky, sometimes he got a slap. He could tell Kimi was at a special place, so he took a chance.
Why did he call me that, and...why did it get me ten degrees hotter, Kimi thought, as she closed her eyes and said, "Yes, say that again, please."
"Bitch, I'm gonna ride your ass so good, you won't know what hit you." He meant it, but it sounded funny coming out. Her shiver told him she took it very seriously.
Kimi put her mouth to his and slipped in her tongue. She bit his bottom lip and said, "I don't know why, but I love it when you call me that."
"It's because you want to be my fuck toy, don't you. Now, get on your knees bitch, and lets see how much of my cock you can swallow." He wasn't angry, 'bitch' sounded more like an affectionate term than a hateful one.

Kimi nodded and slid her body down, landing on her knees. She met Jim's eyes and kissed his bulge, then began to lick along the length. She couldn't wait any longer to see the cock that would soon be breaking-in her young virgin ass, so she pulled his sweats down.
His cock bounced as she freed it, almost hitting her nose. Kimi sat staring at the hugest, blackest cock she had ever seen. She gulped and giggled nervously. Did she promise too much?
Could her tiny ass take on this monster?
"Yes Kimi, you can handle it." He looked down kindly.
"How did you know what I was thinking?"
"This isn't the first time I've seen that expression on a woman's face, even if she is experienced. Believe me, after the initial pain, you'll be begging me for every last inch."
Kimi hoped he was right and trusted that he was. She looked up at him with his cock inches from her face and said, "I'm not sure I do this right. Let me know how you like it, so I'll do it right."
Jim smiled and said, "How 'bout you start off by licking it up and down." She reached out to handle his cock when he interrupted, "First, don't use your hands until I say."
"O.K." said Kimi.
She began licking the tip, staring down the length of his pole.
"Keep eye contact. It helps me read your face, ooh." It was feeling good.
Kimi understood and their eyes locked.
"Now, suck the tip. Mmm, good girl. And that leads us to rule three, lots of spit. Get it nice and wet, let me see you slobber all over my cock."
No problem there, Kimi thought. She stretched her mouth wide to accommodate the plum sized cock head, her lips closed around the back of it. Bubbles of spit seeped out of the corners of her mouth.
Jim gazed with wonder as she did her best to please him. Her tiny, flat nose stretched out a little as she sucked. Two dark brown, almond shaped eyes sparkled at him. She didn't need make-up, but her ruby red lips looked perfect around his cock.
"Kimi, you look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth," he sighed, he had a sweet spot for Asian girls.

Kimi would have smiled back but her mouth was full. Her slobber started collecting on her chin.
Jim decided it was time for lesson four. "Now, with as much suction as you can muster, suck. Use your tongue to trace the outline of the head and into the hole." Kimi did just that, making Jim moan. On her own she started to allow more cock into her mouth.
"Yes, there's a girl with some initiative. Now, use both hands to stroke the length. That's right, mmm. Deeper, yeah."
With their eyes locked and a steady rhythm being played by her hands on his cock, Kimi sucked until her cheeks hollowed. She tipped her head to the right, making his cock bulge out her cheeks. She made a sucking, popping noise as her mouth was forced open. Kimi smoked on the end of his pipe with gurgly, smacking noises, then exhaled.
Then, when Jim's mouth hung open, she started rolling her head from side to side, creating a cock-sucking vortex in her mouth. Thick ropes of slobber swayed back and forth, as flecks of it flew off, and landed on the legs and chest of the lovers. Jim threw his head back as the pleasure swept over him.
"Damn bitch, suck that cock!" With that, Jim reached out and put both hands on the side of her head, forcing a little more cock into her throat.
"I know you don't think you can swallow this whole thing, but you can, and I'm going to help. You'll be suprised what a little practice and patience can get you."
Fear raced though Kimi as she thought, Oh my god! Is he going to choke me with his cock?
Again, Jim seemed to know what she was thinking as he said, "I won't choke you, Kimi. I'll teach you how to do it. You'll love it, think of it as a challenge. You don't back away from challenges, do you?" Jim had to face challenges everyday, and he found them to be very rewarding.
Kimi shook her head with at least a third of his massive member in her mouth, her eyes sparkled at him. No, she thought, I don't.
An over-achiever in school, much of her free time was taken up by extra-curicular activities, like gymnastics, and French club. She prided herself on being at the top of her game in all fields. Now that school was over, all that energy reigned unbridled.

Jim smiled and acknowledged her agreement, then said, "Relax, let me give it to you." Kimi relaxed her throat muscles and let more cock slip in. She soon realized why her spit was so important. With his hands on her head, her ponytails hanging wildly between thumb and forefinger, Jim brought her head back for a breath. Thick strands of bubbly drool dripped wetly down between his cock and her open mouth. He brought her mouth back down on his cock, deeper. Until she gagged.
Jim warned, "Relax Kimi, and you won't gag."
She didn't gag the next time as another inch of his cock entered her throat. Foaming slobber dripped down Jim's cock as he pushed yet another inch into her neck.
"Gggch," Kimi gagged and tried to breathe, but his cock was cutting off her air.
Jim pulled her head back. "Breathe now Kimi."
She took a deep breath, loudly filling her lungs, as Jim once again brought her wide open mouth down onto his now spit slippery cock. With this last maneuver, Kimi realized she only had a few more inches to go.
With renewed energy, Kimi forced her face down onto his cock, pushing the soft skin in front of her lips. Her hands now free, she grasped his ass and used it as leverage. She was going to swallow this cock if it was the last thing she did. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, and twisted it down. As she gagged one last time, she hoped it wouldn't be the last thing she did. Seeing she was almost there and trying her damnedest, Jim helped by pushing on the back of her head and slowly fucking his cock in deeper until... he felt her nose tickle his tight, curly, pubic hair.
"Yes, Kimi, I knew you could do it! Now for the full strokes." Once they established their throat fucking rhythm, Kimi started humming and making slurping noises in a victory cheer. Drool in abundance slipped past her lips and started collecting on his balls. Strands of spit dripped off her chin onto her now soaked tits, revealing two very hard nipples.
Jim held her head completely over his cock as she wiggled her head in his crotch. Jim felt himself getting close to orgasm so he quickly pulled Kimi off his cock.
"Bitch, you almost made me bust my nut!" He looked down at Kimi. Her chin was dripping with spit, and she looked like she wanted more cock.

Kimi went back to his cock. She turned her head with her mouth open, and sucked noisily along the bottom, showing Jim how much she loved his cock. It was then that she noticed what she had done to his cock. His once black ball sack was now white with her spit. Strings of it dripped off his large, hairy balls. Kimi thought they looked delicious, so she dug right in.
She cupped his sack, and gently sucked in a nut. Her tongue swirled, and licked as her wet mouth encircled it. She pulled back with a wet 'pop', and went back for seconds. With his cock lying across her face, she gave Jim a thorough nut-job.
"Are you ready go get fucked in the ass?" he struggled to ask.
Kimi wasn't, so she said, "No, I'm not through with you yet. Turn around."
Jim turned around and displayed his glistening, sweaty ass.
Kimi had been thinking about tonguing his ass since he left, now it was there in front of her and she was excited. She's never done this before, but she was certain you couldn't fuck it up.
Kimi opened her mouth wide, and licked a cheek with her broadened tongue, a spit path replacing the sweat. After she licked his ass all over, she bit down, leaving teeth marks.
She spread his ass with her hands and took a long swipe over his hole. His musky funk filled her nostrils and she went wild. With a mouthful of spit, she jammed her tongue as far as it would go in his ass. Kimi began voraciously eating, tonguing, and biting his ass-hole.
"Damn bitch, what you after! If you're trying to get my cum out, your working at the wrong end. How about I eat you now?"
Kimi agreed. She removed her damp shorts, and was soon face down on the mat, ass in the air. Her wide, pale ass spread out in front of Jim like a full moon.
"Damn girl, you got a ton of ass!" He sounded impressed.
She looked back it him and smiled, "The perfect thing for a ton a cock!"
The fragrant aroma from her aroused pussy hit Jim like a ton of bricks. He eyed the delicious looking ass-crack. Before he ate her however, he couldn't help giving her a spank. With his right hand he slapped down hard on her left ass cheek.
"Ouch! What was that for?" She cried.
"Just getting your ass ready, bitch." Jim said with a grin.
Two more smacks on each cheek brought a new perspective for Kimi. Her ass stung, but it got her much hotter. As her ass started to redden, she moaned her consent as her pussy drooled down her leg.

The spanking stopped, and Jim rolled Kimi onto her back. He pushed her legs back, and laid down on his stomach, putting his hands under her ass.
Jim loved to eat pussy, and Kimi's looked so wet and delicious, he was delirious. He took a long, slow lick up, and flicked her clit with a pointed tongue, then swirled. He dove his tongue into her tight, wet pussy, slurping and breathing deeply through her sparse pubic hair.
Kimi felt wonderful, this was the first time anyone has gone down on her. She wrapped her legs around his head, and jerked her hips up against his invading tongue. She felt something entering, wiggling.
Jim slowly inerted a long finger deep inside, and started tickling the top wall of her pussy with a crooked finger. Kimi went wild.
She clawed his head as she started bucking her hips against his hand, and making tight circles against the finger that was hitting the most wonderful spot.
Jim knew if he kept going, Kimi was going to explode and ruin her ass fuck. So he stopped eating her pussy, and said with a very wet mouth, "Turn over, Kimi, now you're ass is mine."
Kimi giggled as she turned over. She felt Jim's strong hands spread her cheeks wide, and a very wet tongue slide over her asshole. Kimi got a rim-job rivaling the one she gave him. Oh my god, Kimi thought. If getting my ass-fucked is anything like getting a my ass-sucked, I'm gonna love it.
Jim looked down to see her virgin asshole slightly opened by his tongue. "Spread your cheeks, Kimi." Jim looked around to find some lubrication, he looked out the window too. Surprised that no one was working out, he continued searching until... he found a bottle of baby oil. Perfect, Jim thought. He opened it up and poured the cold oil onto her wrinkled rosebud. Kimi bucked at the cold liquid, but Jim quickly began using his fingers to penetrate her ass. One knuckle slid in easily.
Kimi moaned, "Yes."
Knuckle two, Kimi bit her lip and exhaled. Jim started fucking his finger all the way in. He pulled the finger out then inserted two. Kimi squealed and pushed back, Jim screwed his fingers in and out of her tightly gripping ass.
Kimi smiled and said, "I think I'm ready. Fuck my ass good, baby. Make me love it."

Jim covered his cock with baby oil and aimed it at her anal entrance. "Oh, you'll love it alright."
She felt the head enter after a brief pressure, her pucker pried apart by his big black crowbar. Yes it hurt, a lot, but she soon realized that the pain was part of the pleasure, and soon there was no pain, only pleasure. She gave in to the pleasure.
"Give it all to me, fucker." She purred.
Whoa, Jim thought, she got to loving it pretty fast. I still have 11" yet to put in. But, he heeded her need and started stuffing his cock in inches at a time.
Kimi's tight ring held on for dear life, following after Jim's cock on the out strokes. The pain increased, as well as the pleasure. Kimi was floored.
"Play with your clit, Kimi," Jim suggested.
Kimi reached back with her right hand and started twiddling her clit. Her body heaved as she gave out a guttural moan, and held onto the edge of the mat until it curled towards her.
Within a minute, Jim had his entire cock planted firmly up her ass. He found that getting the hard part over with quickly was the best incentive for his lover.
Kimi bit the edge of the mat. He looked down at her little body empaled on his huge black cock. She reminded him of a cute, little Japanese popcicle.
He could tell she loved it, so he spanked her sweet little ass and said, "Tell me how much you love it, bitch."
The spank heated her tongue up as she almost screamed, "Give me every inch of that fucking cock, balls deep! Fucking rail me, Jim." Kimi felt like she was being fucked for the first time, but better. Tons better. Her ass was her new toy, and she thanked him by pushing back on his cock as he fucked her. She wiggled her hips and thrashed her head, pony-tails flailing.
Determined to give Kimi everything she wanted, Jim started deep stroking her ass. Kimi braced under the renewed pressure with a whimper.
"Yeah, fuck my ass! Harder! Yeah, harder!" Kimi cried. Her eyes rolled back as she howled like an animal in heat.

Jim stroked his cock from head to balls in Kimi's ass at a furious pace. Each inward thrust banged his bloated, hairy nuts hard onto her engorged vulva, bringing Kimi to the ultimate plateau. Then Jim pulled his rock hard cock out of her ass, leaving a gaping hole.
"Oh Jesus Fuck! Put it back in please," she begged.
"Sit on my cock, Kimi," Jim ordered. Jim laid on his back, as Kimi straddled his cock facing away from him. She aimed his cock at her brand new ass-hole with one hand, and steadied herself on his chest with the other. Once she had worked half of it into her ass, she leaned back.
Jim held her tiny ass up with his large hands, and lowered her onto his cock. With her back on his chest, she was able to get the proper leverage with her feet on the ground. Kimi sat on Jim's hands and slid slowly down his shaft. Jim did little work, as she slowly built up her rhythm.
Kimi started riding her once cherry asshole up and down his massive pole. Jim had a tight hold on her hips as he began fucking upward into her backdoor. His powerful thrusts soon had her screaming, as his balls once again began slapping up onto her swollen pussy lips.
Just then Karen, the manager, quietly opened the door. Hearing noises in the weight room, she decided to investigate. What she witnessed shocked and titillated her. She stared as the tiny Asian was getting fucked in the ass so hard by that huge black cock, her own ass tingled. Amazingly, neither of lovers noticed their audience. That poor girl, she thought. I'll get her for this.
"Oh Christ, I'm coming!" Kimi screamed. Her body heaved and convulsed as she fucked wildly. Her eyes rolled back as her eyelids twitched, and her ruby lips ovaled.
Karen closed the door quietly, then walked away, her pussy and anger steaming. She was going to call her husband to plan for tonight's 'activities'.
Meanwhile, Jim was standing, legs spread, knees bent. His hands were on Kimi's waist, guiding her over his cock. Kimi, hands around Jim's neck, her legs around his waist, bounced vigorously off his lap. She was having multiple orgasms. Hair from her pony-tails stuck to her sweaty face. Her pussy drooled a thick cum foam onto Jim's pounding cock. Jim's cum covered cock slid in easily, as he started pouring on the steam.
Being a Buddhist by birth, she knew what Nirvana was. It was being wildly fucked in the ass by a handsome black man with a huge cock. She loved it, and let Jim know.
"I love it!" she screamed. "I love it!" she howled uncontrollably for close to two minutes, as Jim built toward orgasm.

Jim started breathing in deep gulps of air, exhaling in a deep, booming grunt, like some voodoo priest bringing his orgasm from the dead. Jim felt his balls rumble. His cock started to expand.
Kimi felt his cock thicken, instinctively she knew it was time for Jim to cum. She saw in some videos, guys shoot their cum on the girls face. She thought it seemed appropriate.
She fell to her knees as Jim pulled his cock out. She quickly wondered how his cum will taste and if she'll like it. Kimi waited patiently for Jim's load with eyes closed, mouth open, and tongue outstretched. It snaked out to the tip of Jim's cock. She started licking the hole, as if to coax out his cum. She wanted it.
"Cover me in your love, Jim," she pleaded. She brought her tongue back to his hole and started undulating it downward, like an escalator. She waited in blissful anticipation, as she stared down the barrel of Jim's shotgun. His cock-head bloated to an angry red as the hole opened wide.
Jim stroked his cock before her. Looking at her waiting, almost to be fed, made him go over the edge.
He howled as his balls erupted! Three successive blasts hit Kimi's face. One landed on her forehead and hair, another hit her right cheek. The third shot straight to the back of her throat! Kimi closed her mouth to spit up the mouthful of cum, then opened it again to catch more.
The shooting was over, but not the cum. It poured out now in copious amounts. He stroked his cock above her face, the cum oozed onto her flat nose and dripped into her mouth. Cum spilled out of his cock, as Jim covered her entire face with an unbelievable amount of semen. It started dripping off her chin.
Jim shuddered as his orgasm faded. Meanwhile, Kimi was cleaning up.
Eyes focused on Jim, Kimi began blowing bubbles with his jizz. Closing her cum covered mouth, then opening it, she blew up large domes of pearly liquid. As they popped, she made another. With a finger she scooped the stray cum into her mouth. She scraped as much as she could into her mouth, but still didn't get it all. Which was fine, because her mouth was completely full.
Then she began to gargle, "Gggll, gchgll, llgchl..."

Jim couldn't believe this. He watched as she tipped her head back. Bubbles overflowed her mouth and dripped off her chin onto her drool covered chest. Again Kimi began scooping cum into her hungry mouth, this time swallowing every drop. Satisfied slurps and sucks emanated from Kimi's throat as she licked his love from her fingers and hands. She looked down.
"Ooh, it looks like I missed a little," she cooed. She bent down to lick up the small puddles of cum off the mat.
"Did I get it all?" Kimi looked up lovingly.
"Yeah Kimi, I think you got it all," Jim laughed.

Up front we find Karen on the phone talking to her husband.
"We have plans tonight. Can you be home by seven?"
"Yeah, I can make it," he said. He looked down at his gorgeous blonde secretary devouring his cock. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes, then swallowed his cock to the root. He took a quick breath.
"Oh, and make sure you can perform tonight. I don't want a repeat of last Thursday,"
Karen said with a wry grin. She knew about Tammy, but as long as Greg knew where home was, and who really loved him, she let him have his fun.
"I promise sweetie, I'll have plenty saved for later. "Love you, see ya." Greg closed his eyes as Tammy gave him his Sunday morning blow-job. They both came in on Sunday to 'get some work done'. Greg hired Tammy especially for her cock sucking abilities.

She wasn't doing too well in her interview. She realized this, so she told him about the award she won in college.
Greg perked up. "What kind of award was that, Tammy?"
"'Cock-Sucker of the Year, 1999." Tammy smiled proudly.
Greg swallowed hard. "And what did you have to do to get that award?"
"My sorority sisters were having a 'Cum Drive', and I brought in the most 'donations'.
In one evening I sucked over one hundred cocks. At the end of the night, I found out I wasn't the only cock sucker there. There were many of us, campus wide, and I was voted the best because
I can deep-throat anything.

"The prize was a plaque, and the 'Anointing of the Queen', which is really just a fancy term for cum-bath. Quarts were poured into every hole, and I drank enough of it through a 'cum-bong', that my belly bulged. It was embarrassing at the time, but I gained a lot of respect from my sisters. Through those connections, that night ultimately led me here.
Greg's mouth gaped. Was she telling him she would blow him? Now, to get the job? Or all the time? He asked her these things.
Tammy stood up, walked to his side of the desk and sat in his lap. "If I get this job, getting blown will never be a problem." This said, she slithered under his desk to her new home, and unzipped his zipper for the first time in hundreds to come. More of Tammy later.

Five minutes after their coupling, Jim and Kimi were dressed and presentable. Except for Kimi's wet shirt. I'll just run to the locker room and get my sweatshirt, she thought.
The lovers kissed passionately, and made plans for later in the evening. They exchanged phone numbers. Jim left leaving Kimi floating on cloud-9. She couldn't believe her luck, no one came in to workout.
She decided to get her sweatshirt before anyone noticed. On her way out she bumped into Karen.
"You little bitch! Did you think you could get away with that? Look at your shirt! Is that cum? It's still in your hair!" She looked at her earlobe. "How on Earth did you get it behind your ears!" She bellowed. "You are so fired," her nostrils flared as she fumed.
Kimi hung her head, red faced with shame. "No, please don't fire me. I need this job to go to college. I'm sorry Karen. I couldn't control myself, Jim is just too sexy." She sobbed.
The trap sprung, Karen relented. "There is one way to keep your job, you know." She stepped up to Kimi with a smile, putting her arm around her shoulder.
"What is it? I'll do anything." Kimi asked, elated.
"My husband and I are planning a little 'party' tonight, and lets just say, you'll be the party favors." Karen said with a wicked grin.
Kimi's face whitened as she realized what Karen meant. "But, I have plans with Jim tonight. Can we do it tomorrow?" she asked, slightly frightened.
Karens face got angry. She pulled Kimi closer by pulling on a pony-tail. "No, dinner with us tonight! Jim tomorrow. Got it?"

Kimi will just have to tell Jim the change in plans. He'll surely agree, she thought. "O.K., what time?" sounding defeated.
"Seven. Pick up a few things, will you?"
"What will I need to get?"
She reached into her breast pocket and handed her a list. "You just make sure you're on time, got me?"
"Yes Karen, I get you." Kimi smiled coyly.
"Good. Now, get out of my sight."
Kimi turned tail and nearly ran to the locker room. She grabbed all her belongings and left on the verge of tears. She drove home, shaking, and called Jim on his cell phone. She told him everything. He wanted to know what was on the list.
She read it to him, "Two large cucumbers, a can of Crisco, rubber gloves, a bag of clothes pins, hemp rope, candles, and a can of dog food.
"Kimi you are not to go there tonight, do you understand?" He sounded concerned.
"Yes Jim. Anything you say." Kimi sighed with relief.
Jim hesitated a moment before saying, "Can I come over? We can discuss in detail what we can do about this situation."
"I'd love that. My parents are out tonight, we'll have the place to ourselves." She sounded frisky.
"That sounds great. I'll be there in thirty." Jim hung up, after he got directions. He had to stop off somewhere else first.
Half an hour later, Kimi let Jim into her home. They kissed worriedly. Jim removed his shoes, and followed Kimi to the low lying couch. As Kimi sat down, he knelt in front of her. Jim reached in to his pocket and pulled out a box. He opened it, exposing a beautiful diamond ring and said, "Kimi, I promise to love you to the day I die. Will you marry me?"
Kimi stared at the rock, shocked, then started crying. She hugged his head to her breast.
"Yes!" She cried happily. As she lost herself in the tender moment, a memory surfaced. "I'm leaving for college at the end of summer," she looked sad, ready to cry.

Jim shook his head and assured her, "Kimi, I'll follow you to the end of the world. I need you."
Kimi's heart soared, as she hugged him tightly. She remembered something else. She reached over to the phone, and dialed a number.
"Hi Karen, it's me Kimi," her tiny voice magnified by the joy she was feeling. "I can't make it tonight, but I'll bring by the list tomorrow morning, to shove up your ass! I quit!" She slammed down the phone. She looked into Jim's deep dark eyes, and traced a tiny red fingernail along his jawline.
"C'mon, let me show you my bedroom."

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