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Lonely Hot Wife

I was a very unhappy housewife who stayed home and took care of our measly two-bedroom house in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. One day my husband (if you want to call him that) came home and informed me that he was just laid off from his job. I suggested that I look at the local stores and see if I could get a temporary job until he found permanent work again. Well Ralph is a proud man, not too smart but proud so he told me definitely not. Since he has such a temper I did as I always did, I obeyed him and let him take care of the situation. Well day after day went by and he just couldn't find a job. Then one day he mentioned to me that maybe it might be OK if I got a part time job to at least pay some of the bills.

I went to some of the local stores and found the same situation he had been finding. There were just no good jobs to be had since I had no skills. Finally at the supermarket I do my shopping in gave me a job as a cashier. Ralph didn't like it one bit but it would pay some of the bills that were pilling up. I would be working with black men and Ralph's the most prejudice man I know. I have never had an experience with black people except while shopping. The manager and I discussed the job, the duties and the pay and I agreed to them in spite of Ralph's disagreement. This was the first job I had had since I got married to Ralph ten years ago and I liked working better than taking care of our house.

It was a very busy store and I soon learned the job very well. I was actually one of the better cashiers in the line and earned a promotion. I was transferred to the night shift when they needed me most and became the head cashier. Every night Charlie the asst. night manager would come over to me and talk to me. He was a very nice looking black man, 45 years old and married. I didn't think much of it since he too was married but every once and a while he would rub his body into mine. At first, I shrugged it off as a chance encounter but as he did it more and more often, I got a little worried. The thing that worried me was that I was enjoying the feelings he was giving me. One night the store was doing inventory so we closed up early. Charlie asked me if I would like to join him and a few of the other workers for a drink at the local watering hole. Since other workers were coming I saw nothing wrong and said sure. About five of us went to a local bar named "The Tool Shed". There were two girls and three men in our group. It was dark, noisy and smoke filled. I must admit it was the first bar I've been in since I got married. You see Ralph is a Mormon and doesn't drink so we never go to a bar.

Well after a few drinks we were all very loose and the topic of conversation went to sex. What else would a group like us be talking about. Mary said that she loved to give head to her boyfriends. The guys were shocked but said they loved oral sex also and they love to give their girlfriends or wives oral pleasure also. I avoided taking part in the discussion as my sex live was a joke. The truth is Ralph and I hadn't had any sexual contact since his car accident, three years after we got married. Charlie asked me if I enjoyed oral sex and I said sure but only with my hubby. I was getting very nervous talking this way but at the same time I was getting aroused. At midnight the band started to play again and people started to dance. Charlie asked me if I wanted to dance and at first I told him no thanks. When the next song started, he didn't ask me, he grabbed my arm and just took me to the dance floor. He didn't let me say no, he just took me there. We danced a few fast two step dances then when a slow song came on I tried to go back to the bar but Charlie just grabbed me again and tucked me into his big arms and we were slow dancing. It felt so good dancing slow with Charlie. I haven't danced with anyone but Ralph since I was married and here I was dancing with a black man no less. If Ralph ever found about what I was doing he would kill me.

Charlie held me close, very close and whispered in my ear that I was a good dancer. He asked me if I enjoyed dancing with him and I said yea. I was starting to feel feelings I never felt before. I was getting very hot and my snatch was getting very wet. After this song I made a beeline for the bar. Charlie followed me and bought me another drink. He asked me if I had ever been with a black man. I told him no, never. He asked me if I had ever danced with a black man before and I told him definitely not. The drinks were getting to me as I was talking much to freely with Charlie. Alcohol has always been my weakness and since Ralph was a non-drinker I had no problem keeping my secret. Now that I was in this bar and a little tipsy already I was in trouble. Charlie asked me to dance again so off to the dance floor I went, this time I was ready willing and able. I danced very erotically this time and everyone in the bar stopped and was watching us. I was moving my body in ways I hadn't done since high school. After this set of songs Charlie and I went back to the bar and had one last drink. It was getting late and we both had to go home.

Like a true gentleman, Charlie walked me to my car. Just before I got in he grabbed me, spun me around and planted a big kiss directly on my lips. I don't know if it was the Alcohol or what but I began kissing him frantically. The next thing I knew his hands were roaming all over my body and I was on fire. I was actually kissing a black man and loving it. Now I haven't cheated on Ralph since we have been married but I am a very horney woman and have been denied sex for quite a few years now. Charlie whispered in my ear that he wanted me to suck his cock. I haven't had the opportunity to give head in years but wanted to suck Charlie's cock in the worst way. Right there in the parking lot, I got down on my knees and as soon as he got his dick out of his pants I saw the most beautiful dick I have ever laid eyes on. Now I have been faithful to Ralph since we were married but wanted to suck this black dick so bad. I had a lot of boyfriends and a lot of sex with them but I had never seen a dick like this one. It wasn't bigger than any of the others, the thing that drove me crazy was it was black. I had never seen a black dick before. He offered it to me and I slowly took it into my eager mouth. I was totally on fire, awash in passion. Slowly at first I took his dick into my mouth and as time went by I went faster and faster. The hotter I got the faster I sucked it. He told me he was going to shoot his entire load down my throat. He kept saying "Come on white bitch suck this black cock". In all my life, I have never been called a Bitch never the less a White Bitch but it further excited me. I've heard a dick called a cock but never had a man order me to suck his cock. I was loving ever inch of his dick or shall I say cock. After about 20 minutes of frantic sucking, I felt him tense up and he told me to "Swallow ever drop Bitch". Then he came with intensity I have never felt before. He sent a huge load of cum down my throat. At first I gagged but after the first gush went down, I was able to swallow the rest with no problem. I felt slutty and loved it. I not only felt sexual excitement but I felt passion I haven't felt since I first married Ralph. Now I knew what I did was wrong but I love ever second of it.

When he was finally finished and satisfied, he ordered me to get up. I immediately got up, looked into his eye and he told me I was going to be his sex slave. I would satisfy him whenever and where ever he wanted me to. He said my husband would never understand his wife sucking and fucking a black man so I had better take good care of his cock. He was right I was in trouble. I surely didn't want Ralph to find out about my new, secret and dark desires and I also wanted Charlie to fuck me with his beautiful cock. I told Charlie as long as he kept us our secret, I would suck and fuck him whenever and whereever he wanted. I came to grips with the fact that I was going to be a virtual sex slave for my Charlie, my Black Master and I was going to love it.

By Moondog

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