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I love older men, so i would alwayz go into a chat room with the title of Daddy (or older men). One night i wuz in one of the older men younger women chat rooms, and a man whispered me. We began to chat, and i found out his name was Dan, and he lived near by. I began getting fed up with the other people in the chat room, so I told Dan that i wuz leaving. He asked if i had IM, and i did, so we began to chat on IM. We began talkin' about intimate stuff, and he got me REALLY horny. I began to masturbate while talkin' to him. Then we brought up the fact of going on a date. I agreed to it, so we decided to meet on the following Thursday. He knew i didn't like dresses and skirts, and when he asked me what i would be wearing, i replied i would be wearing a black skirt and a white tank top. Now let me mention, i hardly ever wear a bra, and my breasts are a 36c, and i hardly ever wear panties either. And i told Dan about it, and he said he loved it.
Now it was Thursday, I took a long bath, and took my time getting ready. I wore my black skirt, which was VERY short, about an inch past my butt cheeks. and my white tank top, which is very tight, and shows a lot of cleavage. We agreed to meet outside. As soon as i got out of the car, a man came right up to me. It was Dan, and he was...O WOW...fantastic. We gave a eachother a hug..and we walked into the restaurant, with his hand on my butt. He asked if i really wuzn't wearing panties...and i replied in a seductive voice "no i'm not sexy"..he said that we were going to sit real close. As soon as we were seated, he had his hand on my thigh. He began to inch his way up, and my pussy began to flood with juices. He began whispering in my ear "u r so sexy, and i want u so bad".Then he almost made me cum right then and there. It wuz unexpected. He just JAMMED 3 FINGERS into my pussy. I almost screamed out, but muffled it, cuz we were in a restaurant. he asked me ifi liked that...and i told him that i loved being fingered. Then i began to c a tent in his pants. I asked him how "big" he wuz, and he replied 9 to 10 inches when hard. I wuz in shock..i have never known anyone w/such a big cock. When our meal arrived...we ate very quickly. He asked me if i wanted to go to his place to "talk". i agreed w/ i followed him in my car.
We walked into his house, and he told me to sit down. He left the room, and when he came back he wuz in his boxers. When we talked online, i told him that i loved sucking cock."hey would you like to suck me off" omg...hearing him say that just flooded my pussy again...i walked over to him..and kissed him..and while kisisng...i eased his boxers down....i made my way down...and began to suck him...HE WAS SOOOO pussy began to
throb...he was sooo thick too...i looked up at him...and he had his eyes closed..and he was moaning in pleasure...i began to tease his he started to shove it down my throat..making me choke...but i loved it...then he yelled out "o baby...u r soo great..i'm gonna cum now" thing i know...spurt after spurt of cum ran down my throat...and it wuz the sweetest cum ever....!!!!!! i luved it soo seemed as if he'd never stop cumming...i began getting full...and it began oozing out of my mouth..and staining my tank top...while keeping his cock in my mouth..i slipped my hands out of my shirt ...and quickly takin his cock out..i slipped the shirt over my head...and let his cum fall all over my felt soo good...he wuz still cumming strong.i put his cock back in my mouth..and started suckin'
him off again..he wuz begging me to stop..but i kept suckin and suckin...he pulled me up..and told me he wanted to fuck me...he said he wud be gentle..cuz he knew that i had never had such a big cock...he carried me up the stairs...and his right hand began to finger me...before we reached the bedroom..he took off my skirt..and threw it in the hallway...he then threw me
on the bed...he licked up his cum on my pussy wanted his cock so bad..i reached down..and grabbed his cock..and tried to put it in my love hole...he began to laugh..and pulled my hand away...he began to tease my clit w/the head of cock...i wuz squirming..but he wuz so strong..that i wuzn't able to do much but take the teasing....then he began to put his cock in..he
hardly put the head in..and i screamed out in pain...he said he wud go slower...but i told him to take the head out...and just jam his cock in....he didn't want to do it..cuz i wuz screaming in pain when he hardly had anything in...i begged him though...and so he id..."AHHHHHHHH...!!!!!!" he stuck his cock in ..and began ramming me with his hurt soooooo bad...i almost started crying..but i loved having that BIG COCK...i wuz in heaven...i wuz cumming one time after another...i had 5 orgasms in 3 MINUTES!!!...he asked
me i wanted him to stop...but i told him i wanted his cum in me..he continued moving in and out of me...and i wuz still in pain....then he whispered that he wuz cumming...when he did..i came again also...i wuz in heaven....ever since then ..i only go for guyz with HUGE COCKS...whenever i can't find a guy....i alwayz call Dan up..and he's there for me

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