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Hilde learns about her sexuality, Part 1

The Story....
It was 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon. Jack was away for the weekend with some friends while Hilde had decided to stay home since she wanted to just relax and catch up on some reading. As she walked to her dresser wrapped in her towel, she took out her white triangle bikini and put it on. It was a good bikini to tan in since it covered very little of her body. The triangles were tiny and did a good job of covering only her large nipples. The white botJack was a g-string and dug deep into her sexy ass. After applying some lotion over her body she wrapped a small sarong over her botJack and went to the kitchen to fix herself a fresh juice. She made her way into the balcony and lay down after spreading a towel. The sun was warm and soon she was busy reading and tanning. Looking about a bit she decided that it was safe to sun bath topless for a while and let her breasts get the proper attention from the sun. She slowly undid her bikini top and slipping it off let her sexy naked breasts open. "Aaah" she exclaimed as she felt the sensation of the slight wind brush her nipples erect. She was sipping the juice and enjoying the sun. The book seemed interesting but she decided to put it away for a bit. Something urged her to sun bath nude because she felt safe and comfortable. So she bent and took of her g-string to expose her hairy pussy to the sunlight. "oh... I wish Jack would have shaved her before he left" she said to herself looking at her hairy bush, wanting to get a complete tan. Soon she was rolling her put front and back to make sure the sun got everywhere. She got up and walked naked to the kitchen to fill another glass of juice. As she walked back naked she lay down again and soon was busy day dreaming. It felt nice to take a soft nap after a long time of working. But before long she was up again and this time hungry. But she didn't feel like preparing an entire meal. She walked into the living room and began to go through the papers looking for where to order food from. Soon she decided on this place that delivered salads and deserts. She called and asked for some salads, fruits and icecream. Pleased with her order she went back into the balcony and lay down naked. She decided to put on the bikini again since the delivery would soon arrive. So she stood up naked in the balcony and cupped her breasts back into the tiny white triangle top. She slid up her white g-string and then wrapped the short sarong around her g-string. The door bell soon rang and taking her purse she walked quickly to open the door. There was a young man standing there holding her food in one hand and the bill in the other. The man stared straight at Hilde's breasts in the bikini and then moved his eyes all along her oiled body. While handing him the money she noticed the big bulge that had developed in his pants and felt a sudden mix of fear and pride. A sudden sensation ran from her head all the way to her vaginal lips. But just as she was paying the door to the apartment shut behind her! "oh my god! shit the how do i get in now!" she exclaimed with a shock. "Try the neighbours" the man said still starring at her ass through the thin sarong material. Helpless Hilde held the food in one hand and started thinkning about what to do. Their neighbor David was a good friend of Jack's as they worked together, but Hilde could only remember the hundreds of times he flerted with her. But what could she do standing there in that itsy-bitsy bikini, half naked! So she walked to the neighbors door and wrang the bell. The door was answered quickly and David stood there looking at Hilde dressed so sexy and was completely speechless. "oh! Hello Hilde... how are you doing," he trying to hide his excitment. "I am sorry to bother you David, but unfortunately i got locked outside my apartment while i was paying for my food. Maybe i can use your phone to get someone to open the door for me." Hilde said. "Sure..please come in" David replied feeling quite fortunate. As she walked into the apartment David shut the door and stared at her g-string bikini as she walked to the telephone. Hilde tried to call the building staff but since it was a public holiday there was nobody on duty that could assist her. "oh god! what do i do now!" she said looking at David. "oh please feel free to stay here as long as you want." David said knowing Jack was away for the weekend. "Actually why don't you just relax here for a while ... I am tanning in the balcony too" he said. Having no other choice Hilde decided to stay for a while until she could think of another way. But suddenely Hilde realized as she walked to the balcony and saw David's towel and sun tan lotion... How did he know she was tanning in the balcony too... and if he was too.. he must have definitely seen her tan naked! She was feeling even more naked than she did before knowing that he had definitely seen her nude bathing. Something about the entire thing began making her juices run and she felt wild. As David handed her a towel to lie down on she asked him to rub some sun lotion on her back. "oh no problem" David replied excitedly. As she lay on her breasts, David spread his legs over her ass and began oiling her back. Without asking her he undid her bikini strap to make her back naked. He moved his hands slowly and tightly over her back and on the sides brushing against her breasts. Hilde was surprised that he did not ask but was enjoying the back rub a great deal. He moved towards her legs and began oiling her thighs. He even worked in the inner parts of the thighs brushing against her pussy bulge. Her ass was almost completely naked as only the g-string dug deep into the crack of her ass. Again without asking he moved his hands onto her ass cheeks and pressed them hard as he massaged them. Hilde was going crazy by now... he pussy getting wetter and wetter. She wanted to stop him but she knew her pussy wanted more. She was shocked to see him come on to her so quickly and directly. "why don't you turn around Hilde so that i can oil your front as well" he said to her. "oh...aa.. no thats fine.. i'm ok now" Hilde said surpirsed. "oh relax, I've seen you naked on the other balcony you don't need to be shy..I'm only helping you put some sun block on." he said laughing and then he held her hand and turned her around by himself. "ooops!" Hilde exclaimed as her top slipped off since he had undone the back. "don't worry " he said as she lay there topless in front of him. "wow! you have the best tits in the world" he said as his hands moved over them. "Jack is one lucky guy!" he said as he moved his hands lower down to her belly and then to her legs. As he moved his hands over her breasts he squeezed them softly and then rubbed her nipples between his fingers. The sensation and the site was driving Hilde nuts! Soon he was done and he standing up he undid his rob to expose his huge bulge in his small swimsuit botJack. He didn't even try to hide his bulge as he lay down on the chair next to Hilde. "oh its ok if you want to bath nude... i think i will as well" He said as he slipped off his botJack. Hilde stared with a shock of surprise... his long dick was erect and now naked in the sun. "sorry about the erection, seeing you almost naked is very turning on." he said to Hilde not really feeling ashamed. "oh its...its..ok" Hilde replied wondering what would happen to the erection if she took off her botJack. But she decided to keep it on since she was already feeling very naked. "Would you like me to get you some of your food out here" he asked Hilde. "oh ..yeah that would be nice.. but only the fruit please" she replied. David stood up and walked close past Hilde. She tried not to look but her eyes couldn't miss the hairy erect dick of David. Also David walked so close past Hilde's face that his erect penis actually brushed through a bit of her hair! She could almost smell the cum sitting inside! As she turned around to tell him not to worry about plates and stuff she stared at his naked ass walking towards the sofas. He returned with the fruit they both enjoyed eating in the sun. Every now and then his eyes would go all over her body and then his naked penis would rise even more. "Its so nice to feel the sun on the parts of the body that is almost always covered!" David said hoping the she would take off her botJack to expose her pussy. "Well, why don't you take off your panty, I mean like i said I did already see you naked..hahaah" he said laughingly. "oh,.. but it won't really help in the tanning because..hmm..hahha..because she's not shaved!" Hilde replied laughing and a bit shy. She noticed David's bulge rise even more as she mentioned her hairy pussy. "oh ok." David replied. "Do you mind if i use your phone to call Jack" she said looking at her watch. David was scared that the whole site would end soon, but still he replied "sure." Hilde made her way half naked to the phone. "Hi Jack, how are you" she said. She slowly explained her situation to him. He was concerned at first but then got excited himself thinking about his wife half naked in his friend's apartment! He told Hilde that the best thing to do would be to spend the night there since he had the other key and would return soon in the morning. She knew that he was getting excited about the situation, and remembered all the fantasies they used to discuss. She had no real choice anyways so she agreed and hung up. As she walked over to the balcony she felt a flush of craziness as she asked David whether she could stay over the night. "Of course.. that would be perfect. It would be nice to have company after so long" he said excitedly! "Hey actually do you want to go down to the pool for a dip?" he asked her. " I would love to!" Hilde replied.
" How about I show you to a room and you can shower and freshen up before we go down? I will too, after I put some meat out for dinner." Hilde felt she had no choice except to follow him down the hall. He showed her into a nice bedroom, and pointed out the bathroom with its shower. He said he would see her back in the living room in a little while.
Hilde nodded her head, still rather bemused at it all.
"Great! How about you put your suit on and we'll have a swim before dinner?" And then he closed the door behind himself, leaving her alone with her thoughts of confusion and arousal. She through her bikini top on the bed and she walked into the bathroom to turn on the shower. She turned the water to cool, to try and cool her heated body.
She paused, and then soaped her pussy and lips also. She washed the large amount of hair on her pussy rubbing her fingers in between. Her fingers stroked herself lightly, and then she raised her one leg and let her fingers move closer, and find her clit. She sighed deeply, the feelings of intense arousal, moving over her once again. She felt her body responding eagerly to her own touch. She began moving her fingers fast and soon she heard herself cry out and abruptly came to her senses.
Hilde hurried out of the shower, and toweled herself dry briskly. She then walked back to the bedroom and pulled her suit from the bed. Soon they made their way down to the building pool. She stepped out onto the smooth wooden deck and walked over to the pool. She felt suddenly very tiny bikini. David entered the pool first. He then invited her to "come on in, the water is fine."
Hilde entered the pool until the water came to just below her breasts as she moved slowly in the water. The cool water had her nipples budding up hard and tight against the thin fabric of her suit and he was having a hard time not staring at her magnificent breasts, as it was.
Hilde moved slowly in the water. "It is very nice of you to fix me dinner, offer me the use of your shower… and all."
"oh no problem" David replied as he moved closer to her. "why don't you move closer ... I will give you a great massage" he said excitedly. Knowing not how to refuse she moved in front of him. His hands first started on her neck area lifting her hair and then moved down to her ass. He squeezed it tightly as he raised her a bit to put her ass cheeks on his knee. Hilde shifted on his lap, feeling his hard, hot cock beneath her. She wasn't a hundred percent sure what she wanted at the moment, but she shifted herself, moving easily in the water. She raised herself, and straddled his lap. When she lowered herself, both groaned at the feeling his hardness pushing eagerly against her thinly covered pussy. His hands moved to the straps of her top and dragged them down until her full breasts popped free. They were exposed for but a moment before his large hands cupped them eagerly. Her head lolled back on her neck as he caressed her full, round breasts. And when he massaged them more firmly, she groaned her passion out loud.
Hilde made the next move. She slowly raised her hand, and touched his chest, finding his hard, taut nipple, and played with it, touching him, caressing his chest she plucked at it, he groaned, closing his eyes in near arousal. David's voice was hoarse as he spoke softly to her, rough, sexy talk. "Tell me if you like what I'm doing, Hilde." "Oh, I want to suck your titties." And saying the words, he proceeded to do just that. He took her right nipple deep inside his mouth, and sucked her eagerly, while still cupping and caressing her firm, round globes. He could feel her rotating her hips against his cock now, slow, sensuous moves. Her hips moved back, forward, then side to side, and this wiggle that caused him to lightly bite her nipple.
He nearly came right then, right there in the pool. Soon Hilde moved off his lap a little shy and out of the water while tying her triangle bikini again. "lets just go eat dinner shall we.. its getting a bit late." She exclaimed. David came out of the pool with a large bulge. "sure lets go." As they entered his apartment again David said "why don't we go out to this club I know after dinner. "but i don't have any clothes remember" Hilde replied drying herself.
"oh, my x-wife had left some of her dresses here when she moved out. I'm sure you can fit into them." he said as he made his way to the room. He came out and handed her a short blue dress. "oh this would be fine" Hilde said admiring the dress. "why don't you take a shower while I do that too and then we can have dinner. Hilde made her way to the shower and soon she was ready and dressed. The blue dress was very revealing as she had thought. I had a very low cut exposing a large part of her breasts. It also pressed tight against the body. As she looked in the mirror she put cream on her neck and all the way down her long sexy clevage. She lifted her skirt a bit and was unhappy to see her pubic hair sticking out of her bikini botJack. She made her way to the living room where David had layed the table. They ate quickly and decided to watch some television before leaving. As Hilde moved towards the TV to switch it on she bent to expose her pussy for David who was seated on the sofa.
Hilde turned around and found him staring. She was embarressed and knew he had seen her pubic hair sticking out. "I know i should have shaved" she said laughing and feeling a bit horny after she had eaten. "oh, i can give you a shaver if you want" David replied excitedly! "oh that would be great" she replied. "Just come get it from my room" he said as he got up. Hilde followed him into the room. As he walked over to his cupboard he pulled a tie of his out and walked up to her. He moved her onto the bed and before she could move, he grabbed her wrists, binding them with his tie. He quickly tied her hands to the headboard of the bed. Hilde was really aroused and wet but confused! "I want to do it myself" David said laughing.
He then left the room, to return a few moments later, with a bowl of hot water, a can of shaving cream, a small scissors and a razor. Hilde was moving about the bed restlessly as the juices flowed to her vagina. He raised her dress and he grabbed hold of her panties, and pulled them down her thighs, and then off her legs entirely.
She moved about thrusting her hips on the bed.
"please spread your legs" he said to her.
She was so surprised, but dying to cum she did as he said. He moved to sit between her wide spread thighs. He picked up the scissors, and proceeded to snip at the little bushes of her pussy hair until it was all trimmed short. He then wet a cloth, and pressed it up against her pussy for a few minutes. She jerked a bit, when he applied the cold shaving crème. And then came the sound of the razor scraping away her pussy hair. It didn't take long for him to shear away that last little bit of fur. He rinsed off the cream when he was done, using his wet fingers to explore her now totally bare, completely shaved pussy.

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