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Sex Story

Its a warm summer night around 7 pm. You are wearing a pair of shorts and a had no idea i was coming but you still look sexy. You tell me how beautiful i look in my new sun dress. we drive a few miles to the lake. You ask me where we are going and i tell you you will find out soon. we talk about alot of things on the way you and me and US. We finally get there and you see i made us a picnic....Filled with tasty foods...chicken,potato salad,cookie,a fresh loaf of home baked bread,and a nice bottle of wine... all on a blanket full of rose petals. The only sounds we hear are the splashing of the small water fall and the birds singing. we sit down to eat....we talk some more...this time about life in general. You are a very intresting man you know. All during dinner we are sitting close and i steal a few kisses here and there. After we eat I ask you if you want to go for a swim....You fill me in that you didnt bring anything to swim in....silly me i forgot mine too. So i undress you and i love everything i see... You undress me and ask me why i didnt wear any panties...not that you mind though. I never answer though....we make our way into the water... we swim a little. then is starts to rain...we hurry out and cuddle in our blanket....We watch the sky turn dark...and listen to the thunder. You play with my hair while we cuddle. I shiver and you wrap your arms more tightly around me. I lie back agenst your warm body. I look up at you and noticed you have been looking at me the whole time. You lean down and kiss me the sweetest kiss..i wiggle a little bit until i am facing you. I cup my hands over your face and kiss you with so much moan softly. I kiss you some more..I take your right hand and place it on my right breast. You rub it a little bit and squeeze it a little bit....I lean my head back and you kiss my neck your mouth travels all the way to my breast. You mouth surrounds my already eract nipple. sucking ever so move to my left breast, you travel some more leaving a trail of kisses on my stomach. You stop when you get to my wet pussy.....You rub my clit a little bit and then slide your fingers in..feeling my insides....I squirm while you do this you look up at me and see my rubbing my nipples my hair is all around my face..the rain has let up some at this point...but we can still hear the romatic..I feel your tounge lick my clit and slide inside my pussy...i moan softly...You ask me if i am enjoying myself and of course i am.. You stop eating me and climb on top of kiss me i can taste my juices... Lie back i tell you.. I get in front of you as you lie look so sexy. I start to move my head towards your rock hard cock...I give you a slight hand job..You seem to be enjoying this..I rub the head of your cock...i then place my mouth over it and i suck it slowly still jerking it, harder. you moan loudly. I look up at you i see you have a huge smile on you face. I love your smile. I suck it harder and faster..loving the way you taste. you place your hand on my head to help me out a little bit...I suddenly stop and sit up. I can't hold it back anymore. I climb on your lap still facing you. Itake your cock in my hand and gently slide it in my wet tight pussy.I moan in enjoyment..You are now on your back with you hands on my hips..I move my hips backwards then forewards....very slowly..then faster and are moaning with move your hands to breasts and pinch my nipples. Your hand goes around to my back and you pull my close to you...I feel the sweat on your body...It turns me on even are holding me close as i pump harder and faster....You whisper my name...many times.. you lie me down and climb on top of me. i open my legs a little more. you slide your hard cock inside I groan make me feel so good. You pump fast and hard...You are soo good. My hands are all over can feel my nails pressing into your back...You go deeper and deeper. You look into my eyes and without me saying a word you new what was about to happen........My cum poured out of my tight hole...running down the sides of your cock. I started moaning and groaning and keep fucking nod your head at me and smile a smile that makes me melt..the next thing i know i have your cum shooting out side me.....You sigh and moan and yell my name...followed by......I love you so much.. I whisper back that i love you as well...You stay on top and inside me for a while even though we are no longer making love....after a few mins you roll over next to me and tell that you want to spend the rest of your life with me. I agree and we talk some more about our future....together. You put your arm around me and i snuggle up close to you. we lie in each others arms all night long...we don't fall sleep until about 3 am. We watched the stars and listen to each other talk all night. I told you this is were i wanted to be forever...and you assured me that thats where i was staying.

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