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Ian pulled his car under the boughs of a large tree that edged the road to the beach, turning to his fiancée He saw the look of amazement as she looked across the sand to the rolling waves. "Oh Ian, it's so beautiful", she remarked as she held his hand, she had come from the city and had never seen the beachup close. Seagulls swooped for tidbits as the surf crashed onto the shoreline; their voices seemed to scream above the pounding waves. "Come on let find a place to sit", said Ian as he started to unpack the boot. Handing the bag with the drinks in To Mia, he took a large basket and the blanket and placed it on the kerb, as he locked the car he looked at Mia, she was stood facing the beach her arms and legs spread out and her head tilted back, The sea breeze blew through her hair making it flow behind, the summer dress she wore flapped against her legs, she was breathing the sea air, it smelt so clean with a hint of ozone. "Are you ready", she turned to him and planted a kiss on his lips, "now I know why I love you, you always have a nice surprise around the corner". Mia scurried off like a schoolchild to find a place to settle, taking off her shoes she felt the warm sand engulf her feet. It felt so nice, the beach was covered in a fine bleached white soft sand, to her right, sand dunes rolled for miles covered by spiky bunches of grass, to her left, the rolling waves, tipped by white foam, Several couples and family groups were dotted around, the children splashing in the foaming surf. Ian caught up with Mia as she watched the children play, "Found anywhere yet"? he asked as he put the heavy basket down. "Lets go further along it looks much quieter". Ian picked up the basket and watched as Mia skipped along the beach, they had been together for two years and he had proposed last night. This was a celebration day out he had sprung on her this morning, he rang in to her boss and got the ok for her to have the day off, he caught her going out of the door to go to work, bundled her into the car and here they were. Mia had found a place, and ran back to Ian, Taking the blanket from him she held his hand as they walked, Mia pointed to a clump of grass covered dunes just ahead, "Its even got a wind break built in" she laughed. Spreading the blanket on the soft sand she fell onto it, pulling Ian down on his back, she lent over him and looked deep into his eyes, lowering her head and covering his lips with hers, her tongue flicked across his lips and she tasted the salt from the air on them, Ian responded, his tongue entwined with hers, his hands caressed her body she moaned as his hands gripped her ass, he knew she loved having her ass held. Pulling away from his arms, she smiled at him, "that's enough Casanova, save it for the bedroom" Ian knew she was shy, They had made love for the first time last week, it had been a passionate evening with plenty of wine, it had just happened, she had been a virgin, He loved her sexy body as he saw it for the first time as they lay recovering, she had never shown her body to any male before that. Gradually she became more sure and confident about her body, they had had sex three times since and it had got better every time. Mia started to get things into place, as Ian stood up, dropping his trousers he exposed his swimming trunks, he finished by taking off his shirt, and soon he was ready for a swim. Mia reached into the bag and brought a bikini out, getting up, she looked around, the coast was clear. Undoing her dress she let it drop to the sand, Ian watched as she removed the bra, her breasts were firm and full, the cool breeze caressed her nipples making them stiffen. Ian's finger traced a line around her nipple, Mia gasped and shuddered, her breasts were so sensitive, she slapped his hand away, the smile on her face told him she had enjoyed the contact. As Mia stood up the dress fell away exposing her silky thighs, she wore black lacy panties; turning her back she lowered them and quickly pulled on her bikini panties. She ran into the water with Ian, they held hands as the entered the cool water, Ian dived in and swam a few strokes, Mia knelt down in the shallows, feeling the pull of the tide as it rushed into the shore and then out again. She looked around, they were alone on this vast beach, people in the distance mere specks, and Ian swam into where she knelt. "Oh darling it is so nice, thank you", Ian pulled her on her back, the shallow water just covered her thighs, laying on top of her he kissed her deeply, her arms went around his neck and she responded to his sensuous lips. A large wave separated them as it hit the shore, they choked as the water got up their nose's, laughing they strode out to deeper water and swam about, Mia dived under and Ian felt her hand touch his leg as she swam by, rising behind him she pushed on his shoulders making him go under. Ian swam underwater towards Mia, grasping her ankles he pulled her legs away, he moved to her, and kissed her underwater. They were still kissing as they stood up, the water cascading off their bodies; they caressed each other's bodies as they kissed. Ian reached behind Mia and undid the bra catch, Mia gasped as she felt the material slacken, "no one can see us darling", said Ian, Mia relaxed and released the flimsy garment, Ian bent his head and licked the turgid nipple, she grasped the back of his head and pulled it closer, she loved her breasts played with, His mouth engulfed her breast and he slowly sucked at the flesh. He broke off and swam behind her, pulling her back to his chest, His hands went to both of her breasts and he cupped them, the lapping of the water and the caresses was turning Mia on, she pushed her ass against his crotch, she felt the bulge in his trunks, grinding her ass hard against it, she loved the way that it grew so big, she remembered the first time as it entered her, how could something so hard be so gentle as he made love to her. Her hand went behind and she felt the course material, his penis had worked the head above the waistband, pulling it down as she turned to face him. He hands worked the trunks down his legs, her hand cupped his balls and she kissed him again, his hands worked on her, pulling the leg band aside he felt the hairs on his fingers, he made his way to her love nest, His finger slipped deep into her; she gasped as she felt it enter. Ian pulled away, he went under water and pulled the panties off and left them to find their way back to the shore in the current, pulling his own trunks off he disposed of them the same way. They stood close as their hands caressed their naked bodies, Ian grasped MIA's thighs and pulled them around his waist, her arms locked around his neck, Ian lowered her onto his rampant prick, slowly the lips parted and he felt the inner heat as he went deeper, soon he was all in, Mia loved the full feeling as she rode up and down slowly, her body weight halved by the support of the water, they kissed again oblivious of their surroundings. Ian slowly walked forwards, still locked together, he reached shallow water, slowly he lowered her to the sand his prick still deep inside her, his movements were slow but purposeful, he could feel her responding to his thrusts, her legs gripped his waist forcing him deeper into her. Mia knew she was cumming, her belly churned as the now familiar itch invaded her pussy, his thrusting went faster, he felt his balls pull up is the first spurt went deep into her, Mia called out as she felt the hot sperm hit her cervix, her own orgasm taking over, her body lurched as nature responded to the stimulus it received. The waves pounded their bodies, the sounds of the water crashing onto the shore heightened their love making, the thrill of the water rushing between their bodies, Caressing their genitalia as the flow came in and leaving a feeling of emptiness as it flowed back. Their bodies lay still as their respective climax's ebbed like the tide, As they separated Ian saw tears on MIA's face; he pulled her closer, as she whispered "I love you". Ian knew they were meant for each other, they rose from the water naked, their costumes forgotten, they walked to their sheltered dune, they lay naked and let the sun caress their bodies, they knew this trip to the beach would not be the last. The end

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