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Tim walked into the college, as most of the students were on their way home, he looked at the gorgeous girls as they walked down the stairs, their legs flashing in the sunlight, skirts were getting shorter this term and he loved to look at them, occasionally he caught a glimpse of their knickers hugging their firm buttocks.
Tim had got a job at the college as a caretaker to subsidise his study, his job was to clear the locker room and showers, and after the gym was finished he cleaned and waxed it ready for the next day.
Entering his office he locked the door, going to his locker he opened the door and took off his sweatshirt and jeans, hanging them up he turned to the full length mirror and studied his physique, he was 22 and his body was well developed, his muscular arms though strong could also hold a child delicately, His thick neck showed the training with weights had paid off, his black hair was an untidy mop, curls dropped over his green eyes, as he brushed them aside he followed the length of his body to his waist, not an ounce of fat in sight, his long legs were bristling with muscles, no wonder he was part of the football squad.
Dropping his boxers he saw his 7" prick sway as he flexed his body, he had not had sex for three weeks since he broke up after his girl found the tapes. Pulling on his track suit over his naked body he had one job left before he started work.
Pulling a bunch of keys from his pocket he opened a drawer, the only thing in this drawer was a key.
Taking the key he walked to the back of his office and opened a door marked "ELECTRICITY SUPPLY DANGER" In the corner of the room was a t.v screen, standing next to was a v.c.r, a quiet whirling noise told him it was still working . Pulling a chair up, he turned on the t.v, a picture of the girls changing rooms formed, this was his only problem, he loved to look at girls un-noticed, the room was empty, clicking the channel button he changed to another camera, the showers, it was to early, the next channel was the gym, the senior girls volley ball team were training, looking around he saw her , her blond hair swaying as she turned to pass the ball, he zoomed in , he blue eyes sparkled under the glare of the lights her long legs seemed to go on for ever, her breasts held by a sports bra stood firm as she jumped to catch the ball. Tim had found all the camera's and equipment in a disused part of the school, he worked late at night to install it in strategic spots so that it would be undetectable.
He had heard her name being called one night , it was Kerie, he had watched her for a week now and he knew her timetable.
The whistle went and the girls made their way to the changing rooms, all except Kerie, she always stayed and shot a few more balls. As the girls started to leave Kerie entered the changing room, only two girls left, opening her locker she fiddled with her belongings, as the two left she gradually got undressed.
Tim zoomed in as Kerie removed her t shirt, her breasts held tightly by the sports bra, undoing the catch on her skirt she slowly lowered it to the ground, her panties clung to her body like a second skin. Tim held his breath as Kerie undid her bra, her breast tumbled out from the tight restraint, she rubbed the nipples to restore the blood flow, they increased with size as her fingers teased them awake. Tim had only seen Kerie topless once before, this was the first time she was completely alone, he waited with baited breath as her hands went to her hips, slowly she pulled the panties off, he back to the camera, Tim saw the firm cheeks of her ass, white compared to the rest of her body. Reaching for the towel, Kerie made her way to the showers, Tim changed channels with trembling hands, he felt his prick rise with anticipation, he saw her arm move forward and turn on the water, he body slowly entered the shower. "OH MY GOD", he said to himself, she shaves her pussy, it was true, the puffy mound was completely bald, her pouty lips exposed to all who looked. That's why she showers alone Tim thought to himself. Keri let the water pound her sweaty body, as the needle jets hit her nipples she knew she was going to cum tonight, adjusting the shower downwards she collapsed to the floor of the shower, opening her legs she let the water pound hard against her pussy, taking the soap she worked a rich lather in her hands and caressed her own breasts, tweaking the nipples, she felt the sharp jab of pain shoot through her body.
Tim watched as Kerie massaged her breasts, he had his prick in his hand and was pumping it back and forth, his precum made it glide like silk in his hand. Kerie felt the build up as she ran her fingers through her own sex, she had not had a man for a month, she need this bad.
The hot water and her fingers brought her quickly to her climax, her legs
splayed as far as she could spread, her fingers going deep as she fought to
herself of her sexual frustration, she lay there panting as her fingers
as her orgasm subsided,
WOW that was good she thought to herself as she crossed her legs, the hot water had made her clit so sensitive .
Slowly Tim wiped up his spunk from the mirror, that had been the best show he had seen, he watched as Kerie stood up and went to get changed, he knew she would go to the student lounge for an hour and get a bite of something to eat.
He ran around doing his work as quick as he could, he wanted to be outside when she went back to her flat.
Tim had spoken to Kerie a couple of times, she was always smiling at him, he saw her make her way to the staircase, he timed it perfect, as she reached the bottom he stood by her.
"Hi Kerrie, how's things"?
"Oh hi Tim, yeah there great, just finished"?
"Yes, time for a coffee"?
"Why not"
Kerie linked her hand into the crook of his arm, she felt the muscles as
walked along the pavement, he sure is fit, she said to herself as they
the café.
They talked for about two hours and found they had so much in common, it was only when Kerie looked at her watch that she discovered the time. Tim walked her to her flat, Kerie slipped her hand in his as they walked, she felt so comfortable with him.
"I have really enjoyed my self tonight , the first in a long time". Pulling him close she kissed his lips, his mouth opened and he felt her tongue slip in as the kiss deepened, holding her close he responded, the kiss seemed to go on forever.
"Its Saturday tomorrow, why don't you come for dinner", Kerie asked as she broke the kiss, "I would love to ".
Tim watched as she went inside, he was so hot, that kiss blew his mind, this girl knew what she wanted.
Kerie looked down the street , he was ten minuets late, she relaxed as she saw him turn the corner clutching something behind his back. She opened the door to be met by a huge bunch of flowers, she blushed as she took them from Tim, he pulled her close and they kissed slowly. After the meal they sat on the sofa, she was totally relaxed, her head lay on his chest and he caressed her long flowing blond hair, no-one had said a word, none was needed.
Tim was in heaven, the girl in his arms was so beautiful , he looked at her as she lay on his chest, her long legs stretched along the sofa, his hand lay on her belly and he felt the warmth of her skin through her flimsy blouse. Her breasts rose and fell in a steady rhythm, he could see the cleavage clearly, she looked at him and saw where his eyes were, taking his hand from her belly she placed it under her breast, turning towards him she kissed him, squeezing his hand to her breast at the same time.
Tim felt the outline of her bra, it was one of the soft ones, no support just shape, her nipple hardened under his hand, he nibbled at her earlobe, it was the one place that really turned her on, he gently sucked her lobe into his mouth, his tongue snaked into her ear, she jumped as she felt her pussy contract, he traced the outline with a wet tongue.
Kerie felt herself responding to his caresses, her skin felt so alive, her own hands moved over his muscular torso, slowly she undid his shirt, exposing his chest, dropping her head she licked his nipple with the tip of her tongue, she felt it harden, sucking it deep she slowly bit the harden tip, he gasped as he kissed her again, pulling her close to his rapidly hardening prick, her hand found the rigid prick and traced the outline with her fingers. Kerie sat up quickly, taking Tim's hand she led him into the bathroom, pulling off the shirt she flung it on the floor, undoing the belt the trousers followed , his prick formed a tent as she started to pull his shorts down, he stopped her, undoing her blouse he peeled it from her soft shoulders, the lacy bra followed, bending his head he licked the nipples as he went down on his knees.
Kerie felt Tim's fingers undo her skirt, as it hit the floor she realised he would see her shaven pussy, no man had seen that before, she had only just discovered the erotic pleasure of being bald.
Slowly they came down, her pussy exposed to his searching eyes, he took in every fold of skin, the puffiness of her lips swollen with sexual anticipation , her clit peeking from the satin lips.
Tim was in heaven, her lips parted as he bent her leg to remove the panties, moisture glistened in the cleft.
He wanted to dive deep into her thighs taste the luxurious vagina opening before him. But he wanted it to be right.
Kerie turned on the shower, pulling his shorts down she marvelled at the sculptured rod , a large vein ran the full length, the tip was a dark shade of red, gripping it tightly she pulled him into the shower. The warm water refreshed their bodies, standing behind her Tim kissed her neck as he caressed her swollen nipples, getting up a good lather, he massaged her thighs, occasionally dipping into her shaved pussy, he could feel the lips open even further as his caresses found her weak spots. Kerie felt his hardness press against her ass, his hips moved in a sensuous way as his hands worked on her body.
She had not been so turned on for a long time, her hand moved behind her and gripped his prick, slowly she massaged the full length, cupping his heavy balls she realised they were full of spunk and she needed to feel it deep inside her.
Tim turned off the water, getting a big fluffy towel he covered her with it, gathering her in his arms he moved into the bedroom, gently laying her on the bed.
Slowly he uncovered the sexy body , her skin glistened with water droplets in the subdued lighting, getting another towel he dabbed at her soft skin, her eyes closed as she took in the delight of his gentle touch. He slowly parted her thighs , she felt the softness of the towel caress her swollen pussy, tingles of excitement flowed through her body. As Tim dried one part of her body he covered it with small kisses, he stayed away from her pussy, but her belly , breasts, neck and face were treated to a barrage of soft kisses, slowly he turned her, starting at her feet he dried and kissed his way to her ass, the firm cheeks tensed as she waited for the soft kisses ,instead she felt his tongue carve it's way through the valley that separated her buttocks, her body responded by pushing her ass into the air, her legs parted slightly, his tongue descended again , she felt the tip of his tongue graze her rosebud, she gasped aloud as she felt it push against the syphicter muscle, her hands went behind, pulling the cheeks apart she begged him to tongue her deep.
Tim's answer was emphatic, his tongue plunged passed the tight muscles and
into her ass, Kerie felt the orgasm approach as his fingers worked deep into
pussy, her body had given in to its basic urges, she pushed hard against his
face as she came, her breathing coming in gasps as she begged him to go
he moved away and pushed his finger into the grasping hole, it went in deep,
felt the spasms grip his finger as she moved side to side wanting more and
Kerie collapsed onto the bed , her legs drawn up to hold the dwindling orgasm from leaving her body , her breathing slowly returning to a regular rhythm . Tim kissed her deeply, her arms pulled him close and they lay there reliving the last few moments.
Kerie's hand gripped Tim's prick, it seemed so hard in her tiny hand, running her nails on the underneath she felt him shiver, bending down she took the tip into her mouth, she tasted the pre-cum as it dribbled from the enlarged hole, swirling her tongue across the head, Tim held her head in his hands, slowly guiding her mouth deeper onto his throbbing penis, he had dreamed of this moment, from the time he saw her in the shower. Deeper and deeper, Kerie felt the head hit the back of her throat, she loved to feel her mouth full of prick, she gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper into her mouth, Tim knew he was going to shoot, his toes curled as he felt the massive surge as the first shot entered her mouth, Kerie felt the hot tangy sperm hit the back of her throat, she swallowed deeply ,needing more, she sucked harder as the second and third pulses came together, she didn't spill a drop, her tongue lapped the last few drops from the sensitive head as it pulled out of her mouth.
Kerie lay sated for the moment, she allowed her body to relax and sleep took over.
Tim dozed for a while and woke to find Kerie legs spread wide and her fingers playing with her pussy, she was still asleep.
Tim moved closer, he could see the lips still swollen ,gaping wide as her fingers ticked her clit, it was standing up, the hood pulled back loving the attention from her fingers.
Pulling her hand aside he lowered his mouth, his tongue snaked out and flicked the clit, she jerked as the stimulus shook her body, he sucked deeply on the proud button, her juices flowed freely, he lapped them up as fast as she produced them, he felt her hand on his head, he looked up. Her breast heaved as she took on board the sight of his face covered in her cum, "Fuck me darling, I need you deep inside me" ,she panted. Kerie turned onto all fours, "I want you deep in my ass darling , hurry please", she begged, Tim bent his head, slowly he spread her cheeks, the tight little rosebud, looked to small, his tongue bathed the hole with his spit, until it dripped, Taking his prick he gently prodded at the tight hole, she groaned as she felt the head push against her, she felt it give slightly, he tried again , success, the head slipped slowly in her, she moved her hips to allow more penetration, slowly he pushed in and out each time going in deeper until he felt his balls hit her soaked pussy, he built up speed as Kerie pushed hard against his thrusts, she was cumming quickly, her ass muscles gripping him so tight as he thrust deeper and deeper, faster and faster, His own sperm travelling on it way to the depths of her bowels , Kerie screamed as she felt the hot liquid spurt deep into her, she shook as another orgasm rocked her body, Tim collapsed over her arched body as the last spurt left his balls.
They slept like that only to wake and continue until sleep caught up with them again.
Tim woke to the smell of bacon permeating the flat, Kerie walked in with a tray heaped with food.
Kissing him she sat naked on his lap feeling the hardon pressing against her pussy, "that was some session last night lover, pity we didn't have a camera."
Tim Told Kerie about him filming her, instead of being angry it turned her on , she pushed his prick deep into her pussy and made him promise to install camera's around the flat. He agreed just as he shot deep into her . His dream had come true.


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