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Rendezvous de jour

It all starts by you picking me up at the airport terminal. You are wearing your schoolgirl skirt with some black stockings and a black lace garter belt and a black lace thong. The shirt you are wearing is a forest green silk button-up shirt to cover your matching lace push-up bra. We meet at the gate and give each other a nice warm embrace and long kiss. We go and pick up my luggage and then head to your car where it is positioned just right to get a little foreplay action in. We reach the car and embrace again. As I kiss you softly on the lips your nipples start to become harder and harder. I run my hand over your ass and grab a handful of it. I turn you around and lean you up against the car so that you can feel my dick getting harder in my jeans. I move closer and closer to your pussy with my hard dick and rub you just right. We then move in to the back seat of the car where we can lay down a bit to kiss and suck some. I start by kissing your neck and giving you goose bumps. I slowly move my hand down between your legs and start rubbing your soft wet mound. As I continue to kiss and rub I take my other hand and slowly unbutton your blouse. I see that your nipples are really standing up on your big tits. I unbutton your top just enough to pull one tit out of your bra so that I can suck and lick and tease your nipple while I am still fingering your wet pussy. I bring you almost to the brink of orgasm by sucking on your nipple and moving my fingers in and out of your nice wet pussy. As I do that you start to moan louder and louder. You can't hold back any longer. You want to cum. You cum with an energetic scream. As you cum I can feel your pussy throb and tighten with ecstasy around my fingers. I pull your panties back from the side of your lip to cover your semi-pleased pussy. You then want to please me but I don't let you yet. I want you to enjoy what you just had. As we leave the parking garage the smell of your orgasm lingers in the car. We open the windows to feel the fresh air as we drive. Instead of going home you decided that you want to get a room close by so that you can have me all night long without your parents knowing what is going on and we don't have to be quiet. We go to the same hotel where we stopped my last trip. We get a room and you can hardly wait to have my dick in your mouth and pussy but I want the intensity to meander longer. I suggest that we go eat because I didn't eat on the plane and you are hungry also. I change into my green shorts because my jeans are too tight getting hard being w/ you. We leave the parking lot and you can't stand not to touch me at all.. you start to rub my leg up and down just slightly touching my balls. It makes my dick firm just to feel you touching me like that. You start to stroke my dick but we are almost to the drive in. we get our food and start to head back to the room. We get to the room and you just can't wait any longer. Even though you are hungry you are hungry for something else. As I put the food down on the dresser and turn around I see you sitting on the bed with one leg up and you playing with your pussy. I sit there and watch you for a min while my dick starts to get harder and harder watching you. I start to rub my dick watching you as you stand up and come toward me. You come closer and kiss me. As you kiss me you take my pants down to the ground and gently grab my dick and play with it. As my dick reaches it hardest you get down on your knees and start to lick around it and lick my balls. As you are licking my balls you are stroking my dick. You start to lick the tip of my dick as you are still stroking it. Then you take it inside of your mouth. Sucking softly and moving your tongue around it. It feels so good to have you suck me like that. I start to loose my balance so you tell me to go lay on the edge of the bed. As I lay there you start to do a little strip show for me taking off your shirt but leaving your bra on. Then you move to your shirt turning around so that I can see your wonderful ass and tight little pussy as you bend over. You then take off your bra and start to play with your tits as I lay on the bed stroking my dick. You then take off your panties and start to play with your pussy a little. As I am laying there on the bed stroking my dick you kneel in front of me to start sucking me again. As you suck me you are fingering yourself making yourself wetter and wetter. You then look right at me in the eyes with my dick in your mouth and smile. You pull my dick out of your mouth and grab the lotion from your purse that you brought and put some of it on your tits and then some on my dick. When you are done rubbing it all over your tits you then wrap them around my dick and start to titty fuck me. You move faster and faster as I get ready to blow my load all over your tits. It is so nice to watch you fuck my dick with your tits. You are almost ready for me to cum all over your. You start moving moving faster and faster till I can't stand it anymore. I am ready to cum I scream. You still fucking me with your tits you grab my dick and start to jerk me off while still titty fucking me.. I start to cum and it spews up to your mouth. You try and catch what you can in your mouth as the rest falls on your big tits. As I lay there you suck the rest of what cum you can out of my dick. With a big smile you are rubbing the rest of my cum all over your tits. As I lay on the bed with my dick still hard you get up and say that you are going to clean up some. As you do you tell me to reheat dinner. I reheat dinner as you clean up some and then you come back from the b-room you are still wearing just your black stockings and garter belt. We sit down to eat and watch some tv so that we can rest.

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