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My Favorite Flavor

By Brett

I was just about to graduate High school, about a week ahead of me. My 18th birthday was in the past and so was school. I was sitting in Math one day and mean ol' Miss Hall gave us one last project before school ended. We were to do it with a partner and mine happened to be Patsy, she was a black girl, about 5'5, long black braided hair, big brown eyes, enormous bust, and a big ass. I always thought she was beautiful but no one noticed her since Lisa M., Prom Queen, was in the same class. I got to talking with Patsy later that day and asked if I could give her a ride to my house that day to start working on the project. "My Daddy doesn't let me over any boy's house he doesn't know" she said. So She gave me a ride to her house, it was a tiny little place but in a well kept-up neighborhood.
We got to her room and sat down at her desk. She went over to turn on the radio and I watched her, I couldn't help but stair as she leaned over and let her cleavage show. I have to admit the racial thing did cross my mind but I am in no way racist and didn't think she was either. She came back and sat down next to me and I didn't notice it for about 10 seconds (still thinking about her large breasts) "MMh MMMh" she said clearing her throat. "Do you want to focus on Geometry or boobs Brett?" she asked. "Sorry, I..I..ok you caught me." I replied. We retrieved some supplies and began working.
When she started writing she leaned over, resting her tits on the desk. They moved a little when she moved her wrist. I stared at them for about 3 minutes and my dick was getting very hard. "I'll be back I need to use the ladies room, don't go no where." she said. As soon as she left the room I immediately went to her dresser and opened the top droor of her robinwood dresser. Score! it was her underwear droor. Pulling out a pink lacy bra and grabbing the tad I read the letters and numbers 36D. "Damn!" I heard her singing in the hall on her way back to the room. I quickly shut the door and still having the bra in my hand i panicly shoved it in the front right pocket of my jeans.
She got back to the room and sat down and we went over different topics we should use for the project. I dropped a pencil on the floor and Patsy insisted on picking it up for me. She leaned over and I got a great peek at her ass, this made my hard-on throb. "What is in your pocket?" she asked. "Ummm I have no clue." I said in a nervous voice. She reached over and pulled the bra from my pocket. She leaned up and looked at me, stretching the bra in each hand. She looked me in the eyes and said "Is this one of mine?" "Ummm" I began to say. "And don't even try to lie" she said. "Ok I'm sorry I just wanted to know your size."
"Oh so you like these?" she said while leaning back and crossing her arms behind her back. "I just stared at them and said "Oh god yeah." "Grab the already!" I put my hands on them and slowly massaged them. She closed her eyes and breathed very deeply. She got up and locked her door. "Its about time I get my filla vanilla" she said in a sexy tone. "You know chocolates my favorite flavor" I replied feeling proud of a good reply. She smiled and took of her tank top quickly. She then stradled her legs over each side of my chair. I began to his the top of her tits and gab her ass while she moaned. She removed my shirt and began to lick my chest after I was done with hers.
I picked her up and dropped her on her bed. I stripped off my pants and boxers quickly. The I removed her bra and she took off her bottoms. She got on her knees and elbows and stuck her ass in the air. I got up and was ready to stick my 61/2 inch cock in her pussy from behind. "Uh Uh!" She said strictly. "I want it in my ass babe" I had never done anal before but was willing to try. I stuck it in and she let out a loud "MMMMMMMMMM" I pumped her ass for about 3 minutes before she pulled away. She turned around and kissed my cock's head. The slowly absorbing it in her mouth. Her big black lips were a beautiful site around my hard white cock. I was ready to cum when she stopped. I tried pulling her lips back on it but she got up.
"why don't you give me a pearl necklace baby?" she asked. I tit fucked her while she held her huge tits around my dick. Then I said " I can't take this much longer" I moved my hard cock down to her pussy. I slowly put the whole thing in at once. She closed her eyes and bit her lip to the feeling. I noticed that her pussy felt different. Later I learned black pussy did. Black pussy is juicier and easier to fuck. I got to fucking her and she moved me on my back and sat up while we fucked. Her tits were bouncing everywhere while she grinded on it. I grabbed them and rubbed her huge black nipples while she rode me. I could feel her hard clit with my dick. I leaned forward and sucked her tits while we fucked hard. After a while we looked into each others eyes and Both new we had to cum. I had no condom on and I was beginning to pull out when she whispered in my ear "I'm on the pill." I didn't think about trusting her because my manhood took over and I thrusted in her 3 more times before we both cummed at once. We layed in bed for another half hour sucking tits and kissing until we got back to the project.
We ended up having sex that whole week and still got a C on the project. And I'll tell you one thing, I had fucked white pussy all through high school. And don't get me wrong I love white pussy, but black pussy while always be my favorite flavor.

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