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Incest Summer Vacation

My mom had always said her sister was the black sheep of the family,still acting like it was the sixties where anything went as long as it felt good.I was here for the summer helping out on the farm and getting to know my aunt and her two daughters.But I was really getting to know them.
My aunt Grace was in the kitchen making supper and the two girls Mary and Kim were in the living room watching a movie.Nothing extra-ordinary until you realise that they were all nude and the movie was a porno.Mary was sitting on the couch and Kim was on the floor with her head on Mary's thigh and her hand over her pussy.They acted like I wasn't even there although I was only a few feet away naked just like them.
The third day here the girls came down to the kitchen nude while I was eating breakfast anouncing that this house was different than what I was used to and I would have to get used to it.They acted without any embarrassment as they went about their morning business and a while later Grace came down naked too.Here I was in a small kitchen surrounded by three naked women ,what more could I ask for.
After that morning none of them bothered getting dressed staying naked all the time.With-in a few days I joined them and all of us went about in the nude.I was no longer staying erect all the time and that must have been the signal for the next part of their plans.
As Mary and Kim watched their porno movie I sat on the recliner and watched them.Mary had closed her eyes by now and Kim was moving one finger slowly in and out of her sister's cunt,stopping every now and then to suck her sister's moistness off her finger.Mary opened her legs and Kim moved around so she was able to get at her sisters pussy with her tounge.Kim's ass was now pointed right at me and I had an open view of her puckered asshole and exposed inner lips.I had my cock in my hand and was slowing pulling it to it's maximum length when Grace came into the room.
By now I knew she wouldn't say anything,but I was not expecting what she did next.My aunt laid down under Kim and pulled her cunt down onto her mouth and as she tounged her daughter she pushed three of her fingers into her own puusy.This lasted for a few minutes and then she got up and came over and sat on the arm of the recliner next to me.She matter of factly said that her daughters were good at eating each other but they needed more practice working on guys.She got up and went over by the girls and pulled them apart and brought them back over by me and sat one on each of the chair arms and then she knelt down in front of me.She told the girls to watch what she did and then she went to work on my cock.She took it in her right hand and slowly moved it up and down telling the girls to watch how the skin moved back and forth and the head got wet with pre-cum.I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer if she kept this up and told her I was ready to cum.She squeezed the base of my dick to stop me from cumming right then but then sped up her motions and I couldn't hold it any more and strayed cum all over her hands and myself.Without letting go of my cock she licked my cum from her hands and then asked if the girls would like to have a taste, and they proceded to like my stomach and chest until I was clean.
Now she had Mary take my cock and as she coached her I got hard again.Kim took her turn and then Grace moved her mouth down over my shaft and blew me while the girls watched.They each took a turn and when I thought I couldn't hold out any longer Grace had them stop and let me rest.Both girls wanted to continue but Grace said they should do something else for awhile and they moved down onto the floor and played with each other.They had their heads buried in each others crotches and with-in minutes Kim was cumming followed shortly by her sister.Meanwhile Grace was working on her tits,pulling and twisting her nipples and then going down to her own cunt.She moaned softly and then stood up in front of me looking down at my waiting cock.She turned around and slowly lowered herself,guiding my dick into her waitng pussy.Slowly she moved up and down and as she did her daughters watched quietly.They moved over in front of us and as I fucked their mother they took turns licking her exposed clit until niether one of us could hold out any longer.Just as I started to cum for the second time Grace lifted her ass off my hips and as my cock came free Kim slipped it into her mouth and caught everything I had left.
After we had all calmed down Grace said that the three of us were allowed to do anything we wanted excpt actually fuck each other.She said she didn't want either of her daughters pregnant and that if I really wanted to fuck some one it would have to be her.I didn't object in any way and by the end of the summer the three of us were experts in oral sex.Kim even beat me off one morning during breakfast and Grace never knew until I splashed cum all over her feet,Kim started laughing so much she couldn't finish her food and had to leave the table.
When the summer ended and I got back home Mom said I never looked so good and that country life must agree with me,if she only knew.

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