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Rendezvous de jour: Part 2

We finish eating dinner and you want to take a shower. You stand in front of me and start to undress. As you do you slowly take off your shirt and bra rubbing and pinching your nipples to make them hard and then you move down to take off your skirt. You slowly turn around and bend over to show your still wet pussy as you take your skirt to the ground. The whole time you are doing this my dick is getting hard once again. As you are bent over you pull your hand up your thighs and gently slip a finder in your pussy and spread your lips so that I can get a nice look at you. You stand upright like my dick is once again and then walk to the shower. As I sit there w/ my dick in hand stroking it at the wonderful site of you teasing me I decided that I am going to follow you to the shower. You are already in the shower soaped up and rubbing your whole body with soap. I join you in the shower. Still hard I stand in front of you and pull you close to me. You can feel my hard dick rub up against your bush as I move in to give you a nice long kiss.. as we kiss you move your hand down to my dick and start to stroke it a bit. You make me even harder then I already am. As you stroke my dick I turn you around and push you up against the wall. You throw your head back and moan at the feel of my hands moving up to your body to your tits.. I grab a tit in one hand and squeeze it enough to make you moan at the feel of my hand on them. I then still kissing you take my other hand and move it down to your clit. I start to finger you making you very wet. While you are stroking my dick I make sure that you are wet enough to be able to put my body close to you and slip the tip of my dick inside of you. You moan even louder as tell me you want me to fuck you from behind. I then turn you around again and you bend over with out a moments thought and grab my hard dick from underneath you and pull me to your waiting wet pussy. I grab your thighs and move my dick between your wet pussy lips and in to your waiting pussy. I start to fuck you harder and harder. You can feel my balls bounce against your hard throbbing clit. You love the feel of my dick sliding in and out of your pussy. You tits are bouncing back and forth with the rhythm of my strokes. You feel so good at this point with me sliding in and out you want to cum again.. you want to feel me fuck you hard as you cum all over my dick.. you tell me to fuck you harder and you start to scream louder and louder as you cum.. you cum with the such force that I can feel you tense up and it makes me want to cum also.. you scream for me to cum all in your pussy.. you want to feel my hot juice spewed deep inside of your already throbbing pussy. You want to feel it so much that you scream for me to FUCK you harder till I cum deep inside of your pussy.. I can't hold back any more so I let out a moan as I grab your thighs and thrust my hard dick inside of you so that I can cum deep in you.. you start yelling yes as you feel my cum being shot way up inside of you. As I cum I keep fucking you harder and harder and you feel my dick sliding easier and easier in your cum filled pussy. Finally it feels so good in you that you cum again and this time it is even better then the last one. After that orgasm I pull out of you and pull you up straight up and grab your tits and the bar of soap. I start to rub the soap all over your body to clean you off. As I finish cleaning you, you grab the soap and start to clean me. Still with a nice big smile on your face we finish our shower and then go lay in bed to rest for a while to save up the energy for part 3.

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