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The Enemy

You'll have to excuse me. I am not the sex starved maniac that most people are portrayed as on TV or those you read about in certain stories. I come from a very strict Upper Middle class family whose values are based on morality and the goodwill between man and his neighbor. Damn, I really used to feed that bullshit line on people. I think that's the saddest part of my story. Recently, my father kicked my mother out of the house because she was cheating on him. To make matters worse, not only a week after my mother left, my dad's mistress moved in, they married each other the same week. She had a daughter who was my age. I mean, for the 28 years my parents were together I didn't have a clue that they were both cheating on each other. Why they were even together if they didn't love each other? That was a whole different story. When my dad's mistr..well wife I guess, moved in I decided to take my mom's old study (a bedroom that was just converted into a study) since it was larger then my room I jumped at the idea of moving next door. Since my old room had cable that was extended through a hole in the wall from the study, I pulled out the extension so that I could have television in my room. She may have been my Step-sister and although she didn't ask to come live me, I couldn't share a few of the luxuries I had, I mean, after all, she was the enemy. Like hell she was getting the only connection to the T.V upstairs! This is where I made my discovery. Although the wall was two feet wide I found that I could see in to my Step-sister's room. What made this real interesting was that the way the mirrors were setup, the way they reflected each other, I could practically see the entire room! This was not even the good news. The good news was that my step sister was a drop dead gorgeous piece of human flesh that ever graced the face of the... well I think u get the idea. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a mini skirt that hung down to her knees, a tank top that was low cut to reveal her very nice chest. When she arrived she immediately walked up the stairs to her new room, damn did I ever get a nice look! Her legs seems to stretch forever, I didn't have a measuring tape on me but I estimate she had to be 5' 10 maybe 5 ' 11. Not much was said from the moment she arrived I think I meant to say hi, but I think I might of said that her mom was a bitch instead. I can't be sure.
At dinner that night what can I say, we didn't speak a word to each other, my dad and step-mom tired to get a conversation going but in the end they realized there was no way we were going to get along with each other. Despite her voluptuous looks, I couldn't get over the fact that her mother, broke our family in half. I hated my dad for it, I even hated my mother for what she had done to my father. But I am sure if they tried, they could have worked it out and kept the family together. That night as I lay in my bed I heard my "Sis" enter her room, I had called her that since she arrived. Although she was practically my Step-sister by then anyway I was rubbing it in her face. No matter what happened she would never be my sister or step-sister for that matter and this was my way of letting her know, letting everyone know, that I was not happy with this arrangement. Immediately, without even thinking, I went directly to the hole. I didn't know what I was expecting, but I am sure that this would have surpassed my wildest imaginations, and fantasies for that fact. For here was a beautiful 20 year old woman, nice and firm 36C breasts (I think, maybe a bit more) with a bush that just hid enough to let the imagination go wild, oh in case you were wondering how I knew all this, it's because she was naked. What happened next, is something I can still barely believe. She placed one leg on the bed and started to clip her toe nails. This chore in itself would be incredible to witness even if she was fully closed, seeing as how she was not, made it even more exciting. This was certainly a sight that every man should see in his life. I don't care if it's with your wife, girlfriend, or a perfect stranger, it will blow your mind away.
After that night, I had a new appreciation for my sister. In the months to come my sister had no trouble adjusting to her new environment, she made tons of friends, almost all of the girls that came by were beautiful and she was sought after by all the popular guys at school. In other words she had very little difficulty adjusting. Even though she was so popular I could never understand why she never went out on dates. I think now in hindsight that if I had simply asked her she would have told me, but at the time we still were at a "Hi and Bye" type of relationship. Oh yeah, and about the hole in the wall, I had devoted myself to it, night after night, there are tons of reasons I could give but for now let's just say she was still part of the reason my family was torn apart and I had been watching her carefully to make sure she wasn't plotting against me and my father somehow, I couldn't be sure, I mean, after all, she was the enemy. That's the reason I sticking with for now anyway. :)
I had often heard about female masturbation, but I head more guys did it then girls, but often had a tough time believing it. I thought that girls would be equally or more receptive to it. I had no evidence in my theory but I was beginning to falter on it because never once in all these months had I witnessed her playing with her self. She slept in the nude which was nice, but other then that there was nothing happening. Then all of a sudden, "EUREKA!" She had one of her friends over and damn she was fine. She wasn't as curved as my "Sis" but her breasts were bigger, much bigger and I couldn't believe my eyes to what happened that night. We had dinner together and I was in an unusually receptive mood that night. We had a whole conversation and worse, we were actually laughing together. My father was shocked at this, and for the first time since the divorce he was in a good mood. I guess my being depressed all this time had really set him down too. My guard was letting down, and I remember that after dinner I went to my room and started to cry. I had never cried before, well since I was a baby anyway, however at that moment I had to let it out. Looking back, I think it was because I felt I had betrayed the family (the original one).
Until that night, I truly felt there was still a chance of my biological
mother and father getting back together again. But those tears were a
realization of the truth and damn did it ever hurt. After about an hour my
Sis and her friend came upstairs and went her room. I immediately went to
my hole. After about an hour or so of useless conversation my Sis's friend,
mentioned something about feeling hot and took of her blouse. She was
wearing a sports bra but from what I could see the bra had to be at least 2
sizes small for her mammoth breasts. I could see her nipples harden. With
every breath she took I swore that they were going to break out of their
jail and demand freedom. The topic then suddenly went to some guys and the
typical, "I think he's so cute and he's so hot," mumbo jumbo. Then her
friend said something that made my cock jump in my pants, she made a
reference to me. In fact, she asked my Sis, if I was seeing anyone. My Sis
said she didn't think so and then mentioned that she was going for a shower. While my Sis was gone her friend proceeded to remove her sports bra. My god, what a sight, They were like two watermelons, both firm, both juicy, and both ready to be sucked. If she had just sat there in bed like that, it would have been enough for me to get off, by now undoubtedly, as you may have guessed, my own prick was very hard and needed attention. Just as I pulled it out my Sis's friend removed her pants and her panties and very slowly began rubbing her vagina, then she inserted one finger, then two, then three, until her entire fist was in, by this time I had shot my first load on to the wall and was getting ready to shoot my second when I saw her shaking violently, I could tell she was getting ready to cum by the way she arched her back and started loosing control of her body. She lay down on the bed and saw a bottle of lotion that my "Sis" kept by her bed. With one hand she flipped the cap open and poured the lotion on her vagina where she spread it all over her inner parts. I think at the point of her climax my Sis walked in. What happened next was truly mind numbing. Instead of excusing herself or screaming or doing any of the typical girl things I expected, my "Sis" simply watched her friend in admiration. After her friend finished shaking my "Sis" removed her bath robe to reveal her nude and wet body. She put one hand her friend's breasts and with the second started rubbing herself. She only used one finger and once and awhile she put the finger in her mouth sucked it and promptly put in back in her self. By now I had already shot my third load and was having no problems getting started on the fourth when I could see my "Sis" was ready for her own violent eruption. After she was finished they both just lay there in her own arms and both confessed to each other that this was a unique experience. My "Sis" confessed to her friend that this was the first time she had ever masturbated out of the shower. I don't know why I didn't think of that, no wonder I had never seen her masturbate, but I did slap my self in the head quite hard (with my left hand), hard enough that both of them looked over in my direction. I doubt either had X-ray vision but even though I knew they couldn't see me or even know what the noise came from I jumped back from where I was kneeling not remembering that my pants were down over my knees and promptly fell over backwards. After laying there for what seemed like an eternity, I pulled up my pants and went back to my hole. By now my "Sis" and her friend were entangled in a very stimulating "69" my Sis's head was pointed towards me and her friend's head was at the other end just out of my view. From what I could tell it looked like they had introduced a lot more lotion on to their bodies and were very intimate in attempting to spread it around as much as they could by rubbing together. This was orgasm number two for each of them. Trust me, there were more to come. Out of nowhere my sister reached under her bed and pulled out a long but thin, Dildo. She told her friend she had bought it but was afraid to use it, so it had been sitting there for a long time but she felt that this was the right time to use it. My Sister inserted one end into her vagina and took it in as far as it would go. Her friend inserted the other end into her vagina and the began to fuck each other from this position. Her friend pushed my sister on the bed so that she was once again horizontal and mounted her like a horse and started riding her, occasionally slapping my Sister on her face and body. I think my Sis started to cum when all of a sudden her friend removed the dildo from her and started to pleasure her orally. Almost immediately my Sister came. Both now were in their original positions laying down next to each other. Obviously exhausted and unable to move, they simply cuddled each other waiting to gather enough energy before they could start again. My sister had this smile on her face and ... I just realized that I no longer was calling my step sister, "Sis" somewhere in this story I began calling her my Sister...interesting.
I finally did what any guy would do. I let my "head" take over. If you know what I mean. I removed my clothing leaving only my underwear on, walked over to my Sister's room opened the door abruptly, at the same time making some mention to the effect of, "Wanna watch some T.V?" I knew what to find, but what I didn't expect was the collective smile they met me with, lying naked on the bed with oil and cum all over them. I mean I was in my underwear and presented what must have been the biggest boner in my young sex life, but it was nothing compared to the position I had found them in. To my surprise my Sister and her friend motioned me to come over. I hesitated, not expecting this, but complied. My sister removed my underwear exposing my manhood to all of us. She then took my cock by one hand and slowly began kissing it from one end to another, bit by bit she began to put it in to her mouth and while she was doing this her friend stood up on the bed and began dancing very seductively to music that wasn't playing. Not that I was going to complain. It amazed me how talented my sister was at giving head, not that I had ever had a blow job before but hell, I can tell u this much. It felt good! I felt the beginnings of an orgasm and told my sister that I was ready to come, after all I didn't think she would want me to shoot in her mouth. She sucked me dry. Damn. It was my first blow job, I had many after that, with different women, but nothing came close to that first one. I don't know what it was, I guess it was my first and nothing beats the first from what I hear. At this point my sister's friend took my limp cock and started playing with it in her mouth. I though she wanted to blow me to but she was just getting it hard so I could put it in her down there. As soon as I was ready to go again she pulled it out to my objection, but as soon as I saw where she was going to let me put it I rescinded my former thought and went with the flow. Even though the dildo had just been in there, I could tell that she was having trouble taking my cock in. I placed my arms in the arc of her back like in a bear hug and began lifting her up and down with every push. My cock wasn't as long as the dildo but it was much thicker. As soon as I forced it through, she shrieked a bit and I have to admit, I got scared. As I was about to remove my cock from her, she told me that it was ok, and that she wasn't used to something so thick in her cunt and it would just take a little time to get used to. Well she got used to it pretty fast, you see, my ego inflated and all, just as she said this and I began to thrust with a renewed conviction, even though I made her shriek a few times I could tell she was enjoying herself, the pain mixed with the pleasure was sending her over the edge and she came just a little before I did. By now, I had cum 5 times. 3 Times by myself and twice with these two beauties. The most in my life up to that time was 3 times in one day and I didn't think I could go again. My sister's friend was content and she excused herself and proclaimed she was going to take a shower. My sister however, was getting ready for round two. She took my limp cock and asked me if I thought I could get it up again. To that I responded with a negative and she said that she would have to do some thing about it. Boy, did she ever. She took my limp cock and began rubbing it between her breasts, like she was fucking it. At the same time I reached back and started to finger her. After about 2 minutes I could feel myself getting hard again, real hard. Even harder then when I first started. I don't know why or how. I was happy, and so was my sister. I saw the oil that they had used earlier on and began to pour some on my sister, giving her a nice erotic massage. Putting my hands all over her seemed to be doing something for me because my cock was starting to pulsate. I began to insert it up her vagina and found that she was even tighter then her friend, much more vocal about it too. Every inch that penetrated her, the pain seemed to get worse and worse and I started to get more and more harder. I wasn't sure then, but after I found out that all three of us had lost our virginity together. Out of all the surprises that night, that was the biggest. It took about 5 minutes to covertly get my cock in all the way in without her screaming loud enough to wake my parents, and the neighbors for that matter. Every time I thrashed my cock in her, up and down, up and down, I could tell that she was in very, very satisfying pain, a few times she told me to stop because she felt like I was going to rip her open but we persevered. I think a few times I even felt her loosening up, the best feeling that a man can ever have is when he cums inside a woman, I felt my cum go up deep inside her and I think after she felt it, it send her over the edge as well. As I got up to leave, she told me that even though it was real good, she felt as though she had been severely punished. I remember thinking as I returned to my room that she deserved that type of pain, and there was more of it in the days to come, I mean, after all, she was the enemy.

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