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Inlaws Visit

My wife and I were enjoying a hot afternoon out in our pool when we heard someone yell Karen's name from outside the fence.It was her sister Mary coming over to visit for awhile.We always swim nude when possile so Karen covered herself with a towel as she went to open the gate,I went over to the side of the pool and pulled on my suit just as Mary and Karen came back.Helen their mother soon followed and they stood around talking by the side of the pool while I stayed in the cool water. After a few minutes they went into the house and I figured Karen was getting dressed to go along with them on one of their shopping trips.
About 15 minutes later they came back out and Karen was still in her towel and her mom and sister were trying to wear some of her extra suits.The reason I say trying is Mary is about two sizes smaller than my wife and her mother is a couple sizes larger.The suit Mary had on was hanging loosely around her hips and the top was drooping down far enough that her nipples were almost exposed.Her mother had the opposite problem,the top was so tight that the top of her nipples were exposed and the bottom only covered about a third of her ass cheeks.They had come over just to visit but had decided to stay and use the pool and try and cool off.
Mary was the first to come in and as she did her top came up over her tits and kind of floated freely around her neck.When Helen came down the ladder it looked like her suit was painted on,the material pushing deeply between her pussy lips and exposing lots of hair.Helen did not have a bikini trim.
Karen had always been the wild one according to her family and she took this oppertunity to show it.She said taht as her family was wearing her suits shed have to go in as she was and dropped her towel and joined the rest of us.She told her mom that she always swam nude and it was no big deal.Mary said that as well as the suit she was wearing fit sooner or later she would probably wind up naked too. As the afternoon wore on and the drinks started to flow the two sisters decided to have a belly flop contest with me being the judge,and Helen casting the deciding vote if there was a tie.Karen went first and did a pretty good one, but as Mary pulled herself up the ladder the bottom of her suit sild off her hips and exposed her ass. She stood there trying to hold them up and pull her top down at the same time.When she finally did get around to her dive the bottoms came off completely and the top wound up around her waist.That was all it took and she threw both pieces outside the pool and said if Karen was going to be nude so was she.Helen said that her suit was to uncomfortable to wear any longer and took it off too, leaving me the only one wearing anything.Karen told me to play fair and that as long as the rest of them were naked I should be too,and I couldn't have agreed anymore.We soaked in the pool the rest of the afternoon working on the case of beer I had picked up earlier that day.
About six 0'clock Karen said she was getting hungry and that I should get the grill going and make something to eat.I started to put my suit back on but Helen said not to bother cause they'd seen everything anyways.Next thing I knew we were all standing around the patio naked while I worked on supper.They had pulled up chairs right in from of me and I was getting quite a show as I flipped the burgers.Mary had lost all her shyness in the last few hours and was sitting with her arms on her knees and her pussy wide open to my gaze.Helen was on her stomach with her legs slightly spread and I was getty quite a veiw of her ass and inner thighs.And Karen was sitting with her legs straight out in front of her tightly closed with just the top of her slit showing.Karen was also smiling at me and contracting her thigh muscles,one of her favorite ways of masturbating,so I knew she was getting worked up.Although I had been in a state of semi-hardness all afternoon I could feel myself now getting an erection.
Mary was the first to notice the state I was in and didn't hesitate to let the rest of her family know about it.All three women were now looking at the cook with the big boner and although I knew we were all pretty tippsey I wasn't prepared for what Helen said next.She looked at my wife and told her to do something before I burned my cock on the hot grill.Karen just sat there and then Helen told her to something or she would have to.Well Karen still kept her seat and the next thing I knew my mother in-law was holding my cock in her hand.Karen was really smiling now and said that she didn't think Helen would go thru with it.Helen looked back at her and said, are you daring me.When my wife just grinned Helen said she bet she could get me off before supper was ready.All the while they were talking she was sliding her hand up and down the shaft of my erect cock and holding my ass with her other hand.
Helen just told me to relax and in a few minutes she would have the bet won.She spit into her hand and started jacking me off right where we were with my wife and sister in-law watching closely.Karen was really into this now and I saw her move her hand down to her waiting cunt where shortly two of her fingers disappeared inside.Mary hadn't moved but I could see she was contracting her open pussy at the same speed her mother's hand was moving up and down my cock.Helen kept at it for a few minutes and then moved around in front of me and knelt down.She held my cock up against my belly with her left hand and as she started to lick my balls she moved her right hand down to her own pussy and massaged herself.Slowly she slid her lips around the head of my dick until I was completely inside her mouth and she started sucking softly.Naturally I had been watching Helen as she worked on me and when I looked up Mary was on her knees in front of her sister using her tounge to massage Karens clit.Karen had leaned forward and was working on Mary's ass with both her hands.She slid one down to her gaping pussy and pushed two fingers insideslowing covering them with Mary's juices.
Helen was working faster now and I could feel myself getting ready to cum and when I told her I was ready she just started sucking harder.She moved her mouth so just the head of my dick was in her lips and I started cumming into her mouth and as I did she slid back so I was shooting my load straight down her throat.When I was done she kept right on sucking trying to get me erect again and with-in a few minutes I was back up.She let my cock slip from her lips and looked back at her daughters who were to busy to see what had just happened.Mary still had her mouth on Karen's open cunt and her asshole was being worked over by Karen.Helen stayed on her knees and holding onto my dick moved us over to her daughters.She spit on Mary's asshole and moved Karen's fingers out of the way clearing the way to slowly push the tip of my cock into it.Mary hesitated but then I felt her relax and I slid in as far as I could get.She moaned and then tightened up again squeezing me inside her.It didn't take long and I callapsed acrossed Mary's back, shooting my second load.
By now our burgers were burnt to a crisp and we all just stood there wondering if what had happened was real or not.Without muck talking we got dressed and Mary and Helen left.Karen was kind of quiet for the rest of the night and none of us has ever mentioned that afternoon again.

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