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My Blowjob Life Style

After enjoying many of the stories on the net, I've decided to try and share my story about being a blowjob girl. What I mean when I say I'm a blowjob girl is that I regularly perform oral sex on groups of guys. To try and keep it short I will tell you briefly the highlights of my sex life from age 14 to now. I haven't used any real names and changed enough details to insure my anonymity, and with all the changes I’ve made you should just consider this story to be fiction.
When I was fourteen I met Tom, my future and now ex-husband. Tom was seventeen and had a car. So after the normal kissing and feeling things that teens do, I gave my first blowjob. I didn't like it and felt dirty, but I did like how turned on Tom had become and the how well he treated me afterwards. Giving blowjobs to Tom became a daily thing, even after we started having intercourse. After I graduated High School, Tom's job at a auto parts store offer him an assistant manager position in a new store if he would relocate to a small township about 150 miles from our small town. We got married and move there and we both became very bored away from all our friends and family.
Tom was the kind of guy who always had to impress people. Back home he hung out with guys that were a little younger then him, so he could be the big shot. This was a problem in this small township because everyone here seemed to be a lot older or younger then us. Tom did make friends with three fifteen-year-old boys who lived near by. It was Tom's need to impress everyone that made the relationship with these boys develop into what it did. Tom was always telling me how sexy the boys thought I was and would encourage me to wear tight, low cut and revealing outfits around them. It would be wrong to put all the blame on Tom, I was very bored and enjoyed the boys paying attention to me and gladly dressed very sexy.
I can't keep this short and give a lot of details, but this relationship with these boys really got out of hand. It went from them hanging out at the store with Tom, then with Tom and I here at our house. Then on Saturday nights Tom started having little beer parties to impress the boys. The boys would tell their parents that they were staying at each other house get drunk and stay here. This went on for sometime with no problems till one night I pass out from drinking two much beer and Tom, who was also very drunk, removed my top and took pictures with our instant camera of the boys playing with my breasts. I was furious at first but the more I looked at those pictures the more turned on I would get. In the pictures the boys were wide eyed and grinning from ear to ear, it was like they were in heaven. A few weeks later I acted like I was drunk, and stripped to my panties to give the boys a show. Tom seeing how impressed the boys were loved it, and took more pictures.
The progression of things over the next year and a half went from stripping and letting the boys feel and rub my body, to letting them watch Tom and I have intercourse. Next was giving hand jobs to the boys while the sucked and played with my breasts. Before long it was gangbangs with the boys and letting them watch me giving blowjobs to Tom. The boys loved watching me sucking Tom's dick, and of course Tom loved putting on a show. He would yell he was going to cum and mown loudly as he came in my mouth. Then he'd tell the boys how great it felt and tease them by asking who was next. All the boys would shout me, then he laugh saying his was the only dick I was allowed to suck. I could see how disappointed the boys were and didn't like it when Tom teased them.
Then at one of our beer parties we all got real drunk and Tom stated telling us how down he felt about all the work our house needed. With all the hours he worked at the store he just couldn't get to things around the house that had to be done. He hated the way the house looked with its uncut grass, and the paint peeling from the wood trim. One of the boys said that for a blowjob from me he'd do all that tomorrow, and the other boys yelled they would too. Tom perked up when he hear the offer and drunkenly look at me and asked me if I'd give the boys a blowjob for him. The boys all yelled yes and jumped up, they know I'd do anything Tom asked. Tom got the camera and took pictures of me giving the boys their blowjob. This was the first time I had ever given a blowjob to anyone other then Tom, let alone having three different guys cum in my month one right after the another.
Once you've started something like this you know it's not going to stop, so after the boys spent almost the whole day cutting the grass and painting the trim, they asked for and I gave them all another blowjob. Tom started having them do small jobs around the house and getting me to reward them with blowjobs. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, their young dicks were still almost completely hairless, and their cum was thinner with very little taste compared to Tom's thick man cum. They’d shoot small squirts of cum that would hit the back of my throat, and go right down.
The boys loved getting blown more then anything. Tom enjoyed the feeling of being in control, and I enjoyed the nonstop attention of them all. It's this constant pampering and showering of affection from the guys that makes being a blowjob girl such a wonderful and enjoyable time for the girl. They just couldn't do enough for me. Tom always took lots of pictures of me blowing him and the boys. Sometimes they would look at the pictures get excited and beg me for blowjobs. I usually had them do some small chores for me before I’d give in and blow them.
It was during this time I really started to enjoy giving blowjobs. The boys loved getting blown so much they treated me like I was a queen. I started getting really turned on by the sight, taste, and smell of their dicks. After sucking a few dicks I could easily be fucked or eaten to earth moving orgasms. These orgasms were so strong it was like going into a faint, they were just unbelievable. I started giving Tom at least three blowjobs a day and blowing the boys during the day while Tom was at work. Giving this many blowjobs I had become very efficient at it. I’d keep a tight seal around the shaft with my lips and got the guys to create most of the suction by pumping their dicks back and forth in my mouth. I’d give the head a good lick on the backstrokes. I could suck dicks all day like this without getting tier. I loved it when Tom and the boys would rave about how great it felt.
I really don't think Tom knew how many blowjobs I was giving the boys. He knew the boys hung out at our house with me during the day while he was at work and that I was having sex with them. I don't think he knew what my routine with the boys had turned into. The boys would help me with the housework. This usually took less than an hour. Then they'd beg me to take off my top, they just loved to suck and play with my breasts. Then I'd blow everyone followed by a gang bang, or just have one of them eat my pussy till I had an orgasm while the other two sucked on my breasts, after a brief rest I would start giving blow jobs again till I felt like having another orgasm. They loved getting blown and I enjoyed blowing them. I couldn't even guess how many hours I sat naked in the living room with these boys. We'd pass the day chatting and having sex. I'd like to point out that this had turned into a real loving relationship. They would do anything I asked them to, from cleaning the bathroom to eating my pussy, and I would do anything for them. This truly was one of the happiest times of my life.
What happen next changed all our lives in a big way. One of the local policemen saw the boys buying condoms in a near by convenience store. I never had intercourse with the boys without using a condom. Officer Cook thought the boys were gang banging one of their classmates and spoke to the Police Chief about discreetly finding out who it was so they could handle it quietly. Chief Jones agreed not wanting to embarrass the girl or her family in this small township where everyone know everyone else. He told Officer Cook to watch the boys and get back to him when he found out what was going on.
Officer Cook watched the boys coming and going from our house and on a Saturday night peeked in a window. He got a good look at me topless, blowing one of the boys with Tom taking pictures and the other boys drinking beer and watching. He called the Chief at home and the Chief came over to see what was going on for himself.
After peeking though the window and seeing me finish blowing one boy and start blowing another, the Chief and Officer Cook walk though the unlocked front door. At first I was just embarrassed but then Chief Jones started yelling we were going to go to jail for what we were doing. He said that both of us were under arrest for giving minors alcohol so you could take pornographic pictures of them. Tom and I were stunned and scared to death.
Chief Jones had Officer Cook stay with us while he took all the boys into the kitchen and questioned them for about twenty minutes, fortunately for us the Chief believe the boys when they said all the sex was consensual and that no one else was involved. He confiscated all the pictures we had taken and questioned us for over an hour. While he was talking to us he kept looking thought the pictures, and I could see he had become aroused.
I begged him to give us a break, and offered to do anything. Then the Chief asked" if I give you this break would you be willing to do what your doing in these pictures with me and the other policemen in our township". Immediately I answer yes, and the Chief told Tom that he had to agree to the deal also. Tom of course told the Chief he'd agree to anything. He then called for Officer Cook to bring in the boys and told them that they couldn't tell anyone about what had been going on here, and if they did Tom and I would be sent to jail. He also told them they couldn't hang out here or have sex with me anymore. The boys pleaded with Chief Jones not to lock up Tom and I, and swore never to tell a soul. After they promised to stay away from our house he then had Officer Cook drop the boys off at their homes. While Officer Cook was gone the Chief had me give him a blowjob, and I blew Officer Cook when he got back.
It was agreed that I'd go to Officer Cooks house when asked and have sex with any cops that were there. The Chief gave Tom his word that I would be treated well and not asked to do anything I wasn't doing in the sex pictures he had taken. The other officers wouldn’t be told about the boys at all, instead the Chief said he’d tell them that I had a thing for cops and liked giving them blowjobs. He would also tell them that Tom knew nothing about what I was doing.
It was hard not seeing the boys any more and real hard on Tom. He had lost all control, and he felt that the police officers, who were all acquaintances of our, were laughing behind his back about his slut wife. I was embarrassed and ashamed the first time I went to Officers Cook's house to have sex with these older men. Officer Cook was the only one that wasn't married and was closest to my age, but he was still 6 years older then I was. I was also worried that they would call me a pig or a whore and make me feel like I was some kind of dirty slut. But the guys treated me great, and after a few beers, and lots of complements about my body, I felt very comfortable being with my new friends.
There were four of our township policemen there and I took a seat on the couch. Cookie brought me a beer, we all chatted a little and they asked if it was true that I liked giving blowjobs to cops. I giggled and said yes. Then the guys started saying what a nice body I had and began feeling my breasts and legs while we talked. After Cookie brought me my third beer I removed my top and ask who was going to be first. Everyone laughed and Cookie got in front of me so I open his pants and pulled out his dick. I licked and sucked on his dick and soon he came in my mouth. I wash it down with a sip of beer as the next man in line undid his pants. After I had giving everyone a blowjob I was so horny I had to have Cookie fuck me. Then I blew the others again. I tried to hide that I was enjoying myself from Tom, but I'm sure he could tell that I looked forwards to my trips to Officer Cook's house. Cookie gave me a key so even if he was on duty his co-workers could call and have me meet them at his house. Everyday that Tom was at work one of my new friends would call, and I'd go over to fuck and blow whoever was there.
These older married man may have lacked a little in stamina compared to the teenage boys, but they more then made up for it in experience. During the first couple of blowjob secessions they gave me nonstop instructions to lick the head, kiss my balls, lick the shaft, a little deeper. I must admit they really fine-tuned my dick sucking skills, and soon they didn't have to say a word. They all agreed I was now giving the best blowjobs they had ever gotten. I felt very proud of this.
A few months later a clerk job at the police station became available. The women who held the position had retired. The Chief used his influence and had the job given to me. My relationship with the Chief is really something I treasure. I will never forget the break he gave Tom and I that night, and always try to please him in every way. He had only showed up at Cookie's house a few times, and only when there was just one or two of his man were there. When he was there the other officers could not quite relax, and he was aware of this. But when I got the clerk job we could be alone in his office whenever he wanted. He'd just tell me that he needed me for a few minutes and we’d lock his office door. Almost everyday he calls me to his office, and if he doesn't I tell him my feeling are hurt at the end of the day. He laughs and promises to make it of to me tomorrow.
When he calls me in I always do my best to please him. In a typical trip to the chief's office I remove my top and bra, and let him rub and suck my breasts while I rubbed his dick thought his pants. When he's good and hard he drops his pants to his ankles and sits in his chair. I take the cushion from another chair and kneel in front of him. I gently stroke his dick and tell him what a nice dick he has. It's thick with a huge mushroom shaped head. Then I give him a nice slow blowjob, with lots of kissing and licking on that big head. When he cums I hold his load in my mouth and open wide to show him my mouth filled with his cum before I swallow it. Then I suck his dick a little more to make sure I’ve gotten every drop. Then I ask him how it felt, and he tells me I give the best head he’s ever had. I also give blowjobs in the locker room to the other officers during my 9 to 5 workday. Anyone working day work (7 to 3) can come into the station on their lunch break to get blown, or stay after their shift is over. The guys working 3 to 11 that want a blowjob before work have to come in early.
Things had really turned out great for me. I had all the sex I could possibly want, and a good job with a nice paycheck. It couldn't have turned out worst for Tom. Ten months after I got my clerk job his bosses made him the manager of a new store they opened about eighty miles from here, he really wasn’t given any choice. When I told him I didn’t want to go he was heart broken but understood. We divorced but remained friends, two or three times a year he'll call and ask me to visit him in his new town. To impress his new friends he tells them that I'm an old girlfriend of his and sometimes he can talk me into having sex with his buddies. We always end up at his place drinking beer with two or three of his new friends and of course I fuck and blow everyone, just like old times.
Cookie has become more or less my steady boyfriend. He takes me out to dinner or a movie on Friday nights, and then we spend the night together at his house. Saturday morning around ten, our co-workers start showing up for blowjobs. We know that they'll be coming so we get up, shower, and have breakfast around eight. I suck a lot of dicks on Saturdays, sometimes it seems like every cop in the township.
Cookie and I also go out as a couple to swing clubs, and we have had some wild swapping experiences. It would take to long to try and tell you about them here, but maybe someday if I think anyone is interested I write them down and post them.
The boys are all over eighteen years old now and are back in my life. They are all doing well, and want to become police officers. The Chief is working on it, but it will take sometime to get them all on the force. They call and I tell them when they can come over for sex. There are no more beer parties. Mostly I just sit on the couch and give them blowjobs. We talk about the good old days and how much we all miss Tom. I've tried to get Tom to come and meet with the boys, but he always comes up with an excuse, I think he’s embarrassed to face the boys for some reason.
I've had my police clerk job for over three years now and its worked out great. There's never much work to do and there is always someone around willing to do it for me, of course I reward him with a blowjob. My reward for all the blowjobs I give is the love and affection from the men that are closest to me.
The relationship with my police friends here has progress a little. All police officers have friends and relatives that are cops somewhere else. Every so often I get asked by one of the guys to go with him to his friend or relative's town and have sex with a few of the cops there. The Chief has to approve it and one of the other guys has to come. I also make the asking officer do all my work for a few days before I agree to go. All the trips have turned out to be a lot of fun with lots of great sex. On these trips I’ve met and made friends with other girls that take care of their police officer's sexual desires. I think most people would be surprised at how many blowjob girls are out there, Cookie tells me that most of the bigger police departments always have a few girls stricken with what they call the blue flu. These girls are like cop groupies.
Having girl friends was the one thing that had been missing from my life, so I was really happy when I met some of these girls. I've become very close to few of them, and we call and visit each other regularly. We’ve had some wild times together, but there's not enough time to get into those stories here.
The most outrageous thing I've started doing since taking this job is cop only bachelor parties. I've done two so far. Some cop friends of Cook’s from another township were giving the parties and needed a blowjob girl, so after a week of Cook’s constant begging I gave in and agreed to do it. Usually when I'm having group sex, there'd be four or five guys sitting around watching me, drinking their beer, quietly waiting their turn to get blown. The main differences at these parties was, more guys, everyone is drunk, and things got really messy.
At my first bachelor party there were fourteen cops. It was held in a small hall that had a platform at one end where a band could set up. After a lot of drinks I stood on the platform and had the groom and best man strip me to my panties, then I sat on the edge of the platform and started giving a blowjob to the groom. All the other guys actually ran like little kids to get in line. I couldn't help but laugh at them it was hysterical. Some of the guys had their dicks out and were stroking themselves while they waited.
The groom shot his load, I swallowed it, and everybody cheered. Then I started blowing the best man, and the next thing I know some guy is standing beside me with his dick out. All the other guys are yelling at him, and he's saying he can't wait and started shooting cum all over the sided of my face. Without thinking I pull the best man’s dick out of my mouth and start sucking on this guys dick. One last squirt of cum and he was finished, most of his load was on the side of my face and head. Then the best man started squirting his load on the other side of my face, so I sucked his dick back into my mouth and finished him.
Seeing this all the other guys just went crazy cheering and clapping. My man Cook brought me some towels so I could wipe my face off. Now there were two lines, so I sat on the edge of the platform going back and forth between two dicks. All the guys were stroking themselves now, and when they started to cum I'd slide their dick into my mouth to swallow their loads. About half the time while I was catching one load in my mouth another guy would unload on the side of my face. After I had given everyone a blowjob I walked around in just my panties drinking beer letting the guys feel my body while I rubbed thier dicks. When we were all rested I started giving blowjobs again.
By the end of the night everyone including the groom had drunkenly asked me to marry them, and I received flowers all week from those guys. At the second party I had one of my new girlfriends come along to help out. Cookie had told me that after the good time I had given every one at the first party there would be a lot more men coming to this one. He was right, there must have been about twenty-five men that showed up. There’s no time here for all the details, but my friend and I wore them out. When we were done everyone had a smile and a tiered limp dick. The guys tell me I can expect two or three cop bachelor parties a year.
In closing I like to say I love this life style, and never feel ashamed of it. I love the relationships I have with the men closest to me. They always treat me with love and respect. The fact is, guys really enjoy getting blown, and I love blowing them. I'm rewarded with the nonstop affection from the men that are closest to me. They wait on me hand and foot and really make me feel special. I don't feel guilty about most of the men being married, after all they come to me, and the last thing I want is to steal somebody's husband. I hope everyone's life and sex life is as happy and satisfying as mine is, and I'm looking forward to many happy years in this boring little town.

Love; your blowjob girl

P.S.; I enjoyed writing this, but I’m not sure if anyone other then me fines my story interesting. If you liked my story e-mail me at If enough people enjoyed reading my story I’ll try to find time to post others stories about the sex adventures I’ve had with my boyfriend Cookie, and my follow blowjob girlfriends.

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