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Story of a Guy

By Liz
The halter-top and thong underwear Brad was wearing was completely turning him on. The cotton was putting an incredible feeling through his body. Every time he was in woman's clothes he felt so free.
It started for Brad, 26, when he was in high school and one Halloween his girlfriend convinced him to dress as a woman. She had always said he would look great as a woman, and he did!!! When he put on the panties, that were part of the outfit, he got an immediate erection.
That night they went to a diner to eat and one of the waiters was checking him out. Brad went to the bathroom, and the waiter followed. Soon, Brad dressed in a wig and with panties wrapped around his ankle was bending over, and the waiter was fucking him up the ass. Not only did Brad like having a cock in his ass, he loved sucking cock.
By the end of high school, Brad had swallowed more sperm than any cheerleader in the school. Not only did his male lovers love his mouth and ass, they loved him in woman's underwear.
Two days ago, Brad's apartment was robbed. Most of his stuff and male clothing was taken. As a writer, he stayed home a lot so now he was given a chance to walk around in his feminist clothing.
The best lover Brad ever had was his cousin, Monica. She loved dressing Brad in clothes she bought specially for him. His cock was huge, but it could satisfy her. No sex would happen between them unless Brad was wearing a bra, that was the rule made by Monica.
One day they went out shopping, Brad completely dress liked a woman. Before they knew two men were thing on them. "I'm a guy," Brad revealed to the man hitting on him, but the guy did not care.
They went back to Monica's apartment, and the men masturbated as Brad, fucked Monica on the couch, He was aggressive on her wet pussy and she loved it. Things got hotter when Monica's guy took her to the bedroom, and Brad pushed to his knees by his man. When Brad unzipped his guy's pants he was happy to see pink panties.
"This is the greatest!!!" Brad's lover screamed. Brad always tried to take in as much cock as possible.
Once he finished blowing, Brad took off his panties and went all fours, using the couch for support. He masturbated as he was being fucked in the ass. It was an excellent day.

After stroking his penis Brad, remembered he had to take out the trash.
He put on his white bathrobe and went downstairs to the dumpster.
Walking back, Brad ran into his neighbor, James.
"Where you going?" Brad asked.
"Getting something out of my van," James replied. "How's the apartment?"
"I'll be back on my feet so enough."
"How would you like to be back on your knees?"
Brad showed what was under his robe.
"Come on," James said.
They went back to James' apartment and straight into the bedroom.
"What's your favorite position?" Brad asked.
James took off h is clothes and went straight into bed.
Brad did a slow strip for James and then jumped in. They got into a
sixty-nine and both were hungry. They each got aggressive and came and the same time.
James pulled Brad's cock and let the jez spill all over his face.
"You can move in," James said.
Brad replied to James by sticking his ass in the air for James to fuck.

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