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Ms. Butterball's Bukkake

Paula went through her adolescence ignored by the opposite sex-at 230 lbs and a bulging 48DDD-38-44, she often wore clothes that concealed her body and tried to stay as inconspicuous as possible.
Now at 38 years old she had developed an appetite that got her into trouble- an appetite for degradation.
One of the very few boyfriends she had over the years was drunk one night and called her the "Pillsbury Dough Girl" and made her strip and lay face down on his living room rug with her big ass in the air, then had fucked her roughly while he watched a porno video.
Then when the phone rang, he picked it up and his buddy asked what he was doing, he told him he was getting ready to "blow his wad all over Miss Piggy's face.." and proceeded to describe how he pulled out, made her lay on her back and jacked off until he covered most of her face and open mouth with thick sperm.
She was humiliated and near tears, but found herself strangely excited and masterbated herself to sleep that night reliving the degrading memory.
The experience became an obsession; both excrutiating and surpremely exciting for her. Her hands had trembled the night she typed the words "Dirty Piglet for Rent- Hot Mouth and Big Tits" and composed her first on-line ad. Some of the men that called were nervous, some too young, some just curious or masterbating, but she responded to a man who said he wanted a fat slut with huge tits that he and his partners could use for an hour.
She listen to what him describe what he wanted. She was flushed with excitement and shame while she got dressed for her evening of whoring.
Within 2 hours she was knocking on the door of room 217B at the Surf Side Motel. Her corset was laced so tight she could barely breath but her tits and ass looked absolutely HUGE! On her 6" heels she was still only 5'2" with so much makeup she didn't recognice herself when she saw her reflection in the window.
A man peeked through the partially open door then let her into the room that smelled of cigarettes, dimly lit by the blue glow of the TV in the corner. She walked in still wearing her sunglasses.
During the next $200 hour, she had her panties ripped off, was whipped with a leather belt, fucked hard by two men, forced to kneel and suck the cock of a beer-bellied salesman from Ohio who called her a "cum-guzzling pig" while he pulled her hair and managed to force the whole length of his cock into her mouth and proceeded to fuck her orally and shoot his huge load in two minutes while the other men watched the obscene spectacle.
The evening culminated with a humiliating display. Paula was pulled into the bathroom of the motel room and made to sit on the cold tile floor between the toilet and the sink. She was given a large stainless steel bowl to hold. Her ass was sore from her spanking, her enormous jiggling tits were pulled out of her torn corset but her pussy was aching to be filled and she wondered what she was going to be forced to do next.
Men crowded into the bathroom in a circle around the hooker with the huge tits and hips. One squat hairy man with his cock pulled out of his pants stepped up to her and began jacking himself off while he squeezed her juggs and pushed his finger in and out of her mouth. "Okay bitch- I'm almost ready. Open your mouth!" He told her. She was shocked but secretly turned on by how she was being used like a sex object.. she obediently opened her mouth and became the receptacle for his semen. "Don't swallow it..spit it into the bowl" she was told. The hairy man was replaced by a broad-shouldered man that made her lick his balls before he too jerked off into her mouth.
One by one, men stood before the top-heavy slut and spewed hot spurts of sperm between her wide-open lips and when they had completely emptied their cocks, she let the milky fluid pour from her mouth into the bowl she held under her chin. It took about half an hour for all eleven men to shoot their loads into her hired mouth.
She was relieved that the hour was almost up and she started to get to her feet, but was told to sit back down. The crowd of men began to talk loudly and some laughed. "Now pick up the bowl.." the squat man demanded. The bowl was almost full to the brim with thick, bubbling white slop and was warm to the touch. Jizz from eleven cocks.
She picked up the bowl and held it in both hands, glancing down at her ripped black stockings and the erect nipples that stood up on her honeydew melon sized tits. She didn't have to be told. She brought the bowl to her lips. "Guzzle it!!" she heard. She looked up through eyes dark with eyeliner and dipped her tongue into the bowl of cum.
She licked her lips slowly, then tipped her head back and slowly poured the stuff into her mouth, pausing to let the men hear her loudly gulp down mouthful after mouthful. She paused again, put down the half empty bowl and treated the men to the sight of her masterbating herself to a sweaty orgasm, then poured the rest of the cum-bowl into her mouth, filling it to the limit and letting the sperm flow down the sides of her mouth and down her neck and tits.

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