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Personal Training

Sarah looked at herself critically in the mirror and turned sideways to see if it looked any better. The scales showed she was some 15lbs overweight and the leotard she was wearing this morning accentuated every lump, bump and curve. She particularly hated her dimpled bottom. Aged 35 and a trader in the City she realised that too many late night sessions in the bar and too many corporate lunches had gradually started to take effect even on her 5' 8" frame.

"You're not fat darling", her best friend Georgie had said over a white wine spritzer the previous week. "You're just not toned. Do what I've done and get yourself a personal trainer. Tony's fully booked but he's got a mate starting out. Enzo I think his name is. Italian. Doing the full thing. Diet, exercise. Apparently he's wonderful. Gay too so you've no fears of him coming on to you. Want me to give him a call for you?"

And so it was that at 6 a.m. this morning that Sarah found herself kitted out in an extremely expensive piece of turquoise lycra studying herself in the mirror. Her hands ran up to her generous breasts where the morning coolness was making her nipples stand out through the tight fabric. She realised with a sigh that she hadn't had a man in her bed for the best part of three months and that early mornings had always been her favourite time for sex. Absent mindedly she caressed her nipples, loving the sensation of warmth that permeated from her breasts to her belly when she did so. Any other morning she would have reached into her bedside drawer for her vibrator but that was when the intercom buzzer sounded.

Enzo stood in the hallway. Sarah groaned inwardly as she took in the 6' tall Italian. Thick dark hair, the tanned complexion, the well muscled chest clearly outlined against his sleeveless T-shirt. Why, wondered Sarah, were the best looking guys always gay? Enzo smiled.

"Georgie tells me that you need a full lifestyle check" he said. The accent was London with a trace of Naples. The voice was soft and low and surprisingly masculine for a gay guy. Sarah cursed the gods for the unfairness as she showed him into the flat.

"We'll start in the kitchen and take a look at your eating habits". Enzo began to look in Sarah's cupboards and began pulling out packets of biscuits, and other fattening foods. He wagged his finger at her.

"These will not help you to lose weight Sarah." The devastating smile remained even though his tone was chiding. Sarah blushed.

Delving into the fruit bowl he found some bananas which he laid on the table. Nodding in approval he then turned his attention to the fridge giving a running commentary as he dissected Sarah's larder.

"Carrots. Good. Olives. Hmm. Whipped cream. Tut tut. Chocolate spread. Oh dear. Australian Chardonnay. I can see we've got our work cut out."

The heap of food on the kitchen table was now fairly large.

"And now we turn to you Sarah". She had been dreading this. "Let me take a good look at you. Stand here in front of me."

She stood in front of him, inhaling the rich scent of clean, scrubbed male mixed with the scent of shower gel. God she desperately needed a fuck.

"Closer please". His tone was so seductive she could have cried. She closed her eyes. And took a step closer. To her astonishment she felt his hands on her waist and hips.

"You'd like to tone these areas, yes?"

She agreed and her voice came out as a breathy sigh. The hands ran up from her waist to her breasts. A jolt of pleasure ran through her body and she could feel a warm glow starting between her legs.

"Your breasts are so beautiful," said Enzo. "And your nipples are so sensitive. I don't think you need to work on these so much. They just need some love and attention"

With that he began stroking her nipples through the fabric. The warm glow between Sarah's legs turned into a throb. Was this how he assessed all his clients, she wondered? Involuntary sighs escaped Sarah's lips and her back began to arch.

Enzo peeled the lycra top from one of Sarah's shoulders and exposed one milky white breast to the air.

"Your body is perfect. You don't need a trainer. You need a lover. Let me suck on your breast." His hot breath made her released nipple stand out pink and hard.

"Oh please! Please!" Sarah could feel the moistness of her cunt as she savoured the feeling of Enzo's tongue and teeth teasing her nipple out still further. She thought she would come there and then.

He peeled away the rest of the top and took her other breast in his hands. His thumbs carried on brushing her nipples. Sarah was in heaven.

"You have the most magnificent pair of tits I have ever seen. Not like these stick thin women I deal with all the time. They have no tits. Nothing to caress. Nothing to rub my cock between."

The word 'cock' sent a fresh shot of juice down into Sarah's pussy.

"I thought you were gay," she breathed, feeling the Italian's teeth nipping harder at her nipples..

"I tell the ladies that so that they don't get offended when I don't fuck them"

"You want to fuck me?"

"Of course I want to fuck you. You are a Venus, a goddess. Now lie down on the sofa, I need to address your diet"

Puzzled, Sarah did as he said and watched as Enzo disappeared into the kitchen, emerging a few minutes later with the armful of food off the table.

"Now I want to explain about healthy eating" he said sitting next to her on the sofa. Kissing Sarah's open mouth he slid a hand up her thigh and gently pushed the leotard aside where it went under her legs. Sarah had never felt so wet as he rubbed his fingers over her swollen cunt, back and forth, just as she liked it, from her asshole up to her clitoris. It was so long since she'd been fingered by a man. And Enzo was an expert.

"Some foods are good for you and some aren't", said Enzo softly removing her leotard. "This carrot, for example, is very good." He took a large, thick carrot about 11" long from the selection on the table and rubbed it against her pussy lips. The cold chill against Sarah's hot clit sent a mini-orgasm through her body. Enzo pressed the carrot into her, gradually inserting the full 10" deep inside her cunt. He worked it back and forth, the uneven surface of the carrot rubbing hard against her and stretching her cunt lips wide. She moaned in ecstasy.

He removed the carrot and began to lick her cunt juices from it with relish.

"Your pussy is so juicy," whispered Enzo. " I want to suck it now. I want to suck you as you come. I want to taste you."

"Suck me! Oh please suck me!" commanded Sarah. She thought she had reached a climax feeling the carrot inside her but as she watched Enzo's head trace a path down to her waiting vagina she knew that that had been only the beginning. She felt his hot breath on her tits and his tongue flicked a wet trail down between them and through her neatly trimmed, damp bush. His tongue explored the folds of her cunt, finding her pink, hard clitoris almost immediately. Enzo took her clit into his mouth and sucked harder and harder. Sarah had never been eaten out like this before, not with such intensity and not with such skill. He pressed his whole tongue deep into her slit. She could feel the slickness between her legs turn into a torrent and she knew that Enzo's face would be wet with her juices. She came uncontrollably. A shuddering, mind-blowing climax.

"So you think you've got the message about healthy eating?" said Enzo kissing her and filling her own mouth with the sweet taste of her pussy.

"Are you ready for your work-out?"

She nodded dumbly and realised that, so far, she had been the one getting all the pleasure.

"I feel so selfish" she said guiltily. "Can't I do something for you?"

"Why?" asked the young man, slowly removing his clothes. "When sucking your tits and eating your incredible cunt does this to me?"

Sarah's eyes opened wide as she took in the fabulous cock standing erect before her. It must have been 12" long. She reached out a hand and found that her fingers could hardly circle it in full. It was smooth and velvety and as hard as iron. She felt her pussy start dripping again.

"Let me suck it," she begged working her hand up and down the incredible length. But Enzo shook his head.

"Time for a workout. Turn over. You need a good hard fuck and I want to see that lovely ass of yours whilst I watch my cock sliding in and out of your hot cunt"

She flipped over on the sofa and he raised her ass and dripping pussy up towards him. She gasped as his cock found the entrance to her vagina, already slippery with juice. He thrust his penis deep inside her waiting cunt and began to stroke rhythmically, increasing the depth of the thrusts with each penetration. She felt her orgasm mounting deep inside her and groaned as he reached around and simultaneously fingered her clit.

"Push back on my cock", he instructed increasing the speed of his thrusts. "Feel me buried deep inside you. Feel my balls slapping against your beautiful ass. Feel my cock head banging up against the top of your cunt. Feel me giving you the fucking of your life."

Sarah was lifted off the sofa with the force of his powerful cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she shouted in extasy. "Come inside me! I want to feel your hot sticky come inside me." And she was lost in the second incredible climax of the morning, her cunt walls contracting sharply and squeezing Enzo's cock for all they were worth. Hot spunk filled her aching pussy to overflowing as he rammed his prick into her harder and harder.

"We should test your heart rate now" he said, smiling, as she recovered from the monumental orgasm. "A good workout should leave you slightly out of breath but able to carry on a conversation. And I think it's time we looked at your diet plan for next week"

Sarah wondered if he was joking and watched as this glorious piece of manhood returned to the food pile. She was amazed to note that his cock was as hard as ever as he reached down and selected the chocolate spread jar. Taking a handful of chocolate spread he smeared it liberally over his dick.

"This is definitely off the menu", he said quietly, sliding a hand up and down his shaft. "So you ought to make the most of it, one last time"

Sarah had always loved watching men wank themselves off. They were so expert.

"Let me watch you", she breathed feeling like a complete slut. "Let me watch you jerk your cock like that and then let me suck you"

Enzo smiled again and returned to his task. He fisted his own cock with one hand whilst stroking his balls with the other. A drop of pre-cum appeared amongst the chocolate and Sarah could hold back no longer. She loved the taste of spunk as much as she loved chocolate. She knelt in front of him and licked the chocolate spread from his balls, taking each into her mouth before sucking them gently clean. To her satisfaction she heard a moan of pleasure from Enzo.

Then she licked under his balls to his asshole, sliding a finger into his rectum as she did so.

"Oh Christ" said Enzo, his cool, soft voice sounding slightly strained.

Sarah knew she gave the best blow job in North London and began sucking and licking the shaft of his cock all the way to the top before slipping the chocolatey, cum-rich head into her eager mouth. She deftly worked her tongue between the folds of his foreskin, increasing the pressure with her lips in the way she knew men loved. Enzo was clearly in heaven, his groans were getting louder and his hands started to press the back of her head so that his cock was forced deeper down her throat.

He thrust faster and deeper, now lost in his own pleasure, feeling his balls tightening and ready to come again. Sarah knew he was losing control.

"Let me fuck your tits" he pleaded desperately. "Let me spray my spunk on your tits and face!" Sarah slipped the monumental cock from her mouth and pressed her delicious tits around it.

Enzo's bucking thrusts were now on complete autopilot and, with a scream of animal lust, a jet of hot, salty spunk flew upwards into Sarah's mouth and face and down between her breasts where she massaged the thick, delicious liquid into her skin. She sucked and licked the juices like a woman possessed.

"You want me to come round tomorrow?" said Enzo.

"Of course," said Sarah, kissing him with spunk-soaked lips. "You're just what I need to get into shape."

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