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Clothing never meant much around our house and it wasn't unusual for me or my husband to stay nude most of the time when we wern't working.When our son Joel came along we really didn't change much and our son joined us.Joel was five when my husband died and although I was now dressed alot more he would run around the house naked most of the time.One day he asked me if I wasn't uncomfortable having to be dressed all the time and I had to admit I liked it a whole lot better when I didn't have clothes on.From that day on I took up our old nudist lifestyle again and most of my free time was spent naked.
I tried dating a few times but it never seemed to work out.I didn't like having to answer to another persons likes and dislikes and when one of my dates found out quite by accident that I stayed nude alot at home he went nuts and called me all kinds of vulgar names.After awhile I just decided to be on my own.
As Joel got older we got closer, and would sit and talk for hours on end.Our nudity was unusual for a mother and son but it never bothered either one of us and it was our secret and Joel understood that he was not to tell anyone about it.We kept clothes handy in case anyone droped over and a few times we did have to put them on but most of the time we just did everything nude.
I think he was about ten when I saw him with his first full erection.I was in the kichen cleaning out the refrigerator and he was doing some homework at the table.He got up to get a drink and his dick stood straight out in front of him, it was about 5 inches long and was way out of proportion to his little body.Niether one of us said anything about it and I knew that if he had any questions sooner or later he would ask them.
Over the next couple of years his erections were more common and I knew that I was causing some of them.After all these years of being naked together I sometimes would by accident give him quite a view of my body.I had made a few trips to a nudist resort in the area and after seeing how many of the other women had shaved their pubic areas I had begun shaving mine.At first just trimming it but finally shaving myself completely.The amount of hard-ons Joel was now getting told me he liked my new look also.He showed no embarrassment and treated his erections like the natural thing they were.But as he got older and bigger they started to effect me more and more.I had been masturbating for years thinking of different fantacies but now Joel was becomming part of them.I knew it would be wrong to do anything with him and had kept our relationship strickly as mother and son.
He started getting envolved in more stuff at school and started dating when he was about sixteen.The girl he was seeing,Kathy, spent alot of time at our house and I started to miss the time the two of us spent together.One night when I got home from some shopping I found the two of them watching tv in the nude.They didn't seem at all embarrassed and Joel explained that he had told Kathy that we were nudists and she had agreed to try it.She seemed completely at ease being naked in front of her boyfreinds mother and after awhile asked if I was going to join them.That night I declinced but said maybe some other time I might.A little later Kathy got dressed and left and Joel and I spent the rest of the night talking about his girl.
From then on whenever she came over her clothes came off within minutes of entering the house.I started to stay nude too and the three of us would watch tv or play games almost every night.A few weeks later Kathy asked me if I would help her shave.She said Joel loved the way I looked and asked her to give it a try.She went into the bathroom and got most of her hair off with a scissors and then laid down on the kichen table where I finished her with the razor.Joel stood by watching and as I worked on Kathy he got the biggest hard-on I'd ever seen him get.It was bobbing up and down without him even touching it and I could see drops of precum leaking from its head.When I spread her outer lips to get at the last few remaining hairs I knew Kathy was just about to cum and it was having an effect on Joel too.When the razor touched Kathy's clit she shuddered and Joel lost what ever restraint he had left.He started cumming,shooting his load over Kathy's stomach and my hands without even touching himself.
By this time my pussy was soaking wet and I couldn't hold myself back any longer.I moved my hands to my mouth and licked my sons cum off my fingers,then moved down and cleaned off Kathy's stomach and her newly shaved pussy.Joel hadn't lost his erection and the next thing I knew I had it in my mouth, using my tongue to keep it at its fullest.Joel's hands went to my head and he pushed his hips forward until I had his complete length in my mouth.Kathy pulled my hand down to her mound and pushed two of my fingers into her opening at the same time using her fingers on my wet pussy.With-in minutes all three of us were cumming.
Needless to say,life around our house hasn't been the same since.Joel has been getting quite an education in sexual matters and all three of us are willing to try just about anything.Kathy has one of the best educated tongues around and doesn't hesitate to use it and Joel has become a master with a razor and his other tool.

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