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Katy's Visit

Katy had always been kind of an exhibitionist and when she came to live with me she hadn't really changed much.When we lived at home she almost always sunbathed topless when our parents wern't around and a couple of times she was completly nude out on the pool deck.I had quite a view from my upstairs bedroom and spent many an hour jerking off while I watched her.The best present my parents ever got me was a pair of binoculars one Christmas.
After she moved in,I think it was maybe the third night she was there that she came out of the bathroom after her shower and walked to her room without getting dressed.She made no attempt to cover herself as she walked down the hallway and I had quite a view from the living room couch.Later she came out of her room wearing a robe but as she moved around I could tell she had nothing on under it.I had to change my position on the couch so she wouldn't see how big of a hard-on she was giving me.She asked if she was embarrassing me by how she was dressed and I answered that we were brother and sister and everything was ok.
A few days later she showed up at breakfast carrying her blouse,saying she didn't want to get any food on it before she went to work.Her bra was semi-transparent and I could easilly see her nipples as we ate and she didn't seem to mind at all.I made sure she got up to leave first,I was in no condition to stand.After she left for work I dropped my pants and beat off right there at the kichen table.My 20 year old sister was really starting to get to me.
That night when I got home from work Katy's car was already in the garage and she was in the living room doing some work she had brought home.All she was wearing were a pair of black bikini panties.As I stood there starring at her she just said she hoped I didn't mind but she felt more comfortable that way.Again I just answered that would ever she felt like was ok with me.She spent the rest of the night like that and I tried not to let it get to me but watching her full tits and erect nipples kept me hard most of the evening.It didn't take to long after I went to bed to cum for the second time that day.
The following morning Katy was already up and making breakfast when I came into the kitchen and this time she was completely nude.When I started to protest that she shouldn't be naked she just said that she always went nude when she was at her own place and hoped I wouldn't mind if she lived the same way here.She said she knew that I had spied on her when we lived at home and she wasn't showing me anything I hadn't already seen.Then she winked and said that I should try living without clothes for awhile and maybe I wouldn't be so prudish.I could see I wasn't going to change her mind so I went along with her wishes.
The next week or so she stayed nude when ever she was home and kept kidding me about being so stuck-up and prudish.By now I must have been getting used to her nadedness because I wasn't hard all the time like I had been.One morning after my shower I started to get dressed and then for some reason decided to stay the way I was and just walked out into the hallway.I started for my room but then went to the kitchen for some coffee.Katy was in the living room and when she saw me she amiled and started clapping.She said it was about time that she got to see what her little brother looked like.From then on most of our time was spent nude together.
A couple of weeks later I was laying on the couch watching tv and she came home from work with a new hairdo.She had gotten her hair chopped short and had also had it died blond.She went into the bathroom and I heard the shower running.When she came out she had another suprize for me,she had shaved her pussy completely.She said blond hair didn't go with a black bush and there had only been one thing to do,shave.She asked how I liked her new look,but I knew she got the answer when my cock started to inch its way up my belly.She stood there watching and when I was fully erect she smiled and said it must be ok.Then she asked if I'd like to feel how smooth she was.
Before I could answer she moved over to the couch and strattled my chest with her legs.Her pussy was now only a few inches away from my face and she used her fingers to open it up and show me her glisening clit.She slid forward a few more inches until her cunt was just touching my lips, its sweet fragrance right at the base of my nose.At the same time my tounge moved to her open lips I felt her hand circle my cock and slowly start to move back and forth.She used the fingers of her left hand to hold her pussy open for my tounge and as I licked and sucked her clit her hand moved faster and faster until I couldn't hold out any longer.I felt her contract around my tounge and we both came at the same time.Katy moved around and still holding my now spent dick in her hand licked the cum off my stomach and chest, her cunt still contracting from her orgasm.
We laid like that for awhile and finally Katy got up and without saying anything went into the kitchen and started supper.We ate in silence knowing we had done something that we shouldn't have but also knowing that it would happen again.

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