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Lesson Learned

I thought my fiance was going to be the man of my dreams. Fresh out of college I began dating Kyle and soon after we were engaged. My friends told me I was nuts because I have modeled and cheerleaded and have had lots of guys ask me out. But although I might look sexy to some, and talk a good game to my friends in reality sex scared me a bit and I didn't have alot of experience. So when Kyle and I started dating I was content. The sex was pretty good and very conservsative so I felt comfortable. Kyle works for a sports management firm and makes quite a bit of money. When we began dating and even after we got engaged Kyle loved to take me to his office gatherings where many athletes and entertainers would be present. Kyle would ask me to where slinky dresses and socialize and, although it made me a bit self concious, I would. I'll admit it made me feel nice to have these athletes, and his coworkers look at me and make compliments. But after we'd been engaged for a while Kyle started to change. He began going out a lot, coming home drunk and passing out. I thought he was sleeping around, but wasn't sure. He also became much more possessive, getting angry if I even looked at another guy. At one of his office functions he kept disappearing and leaving me talking to strangers. I went to the bar, got a drink and was scanning the crowd for Kyle when a tall thin black man came up and said hello. I said hi and he said his name was Anthony but people called him Ant. I told him my name was Julie and shook his hand. He was dressed rather neatly but had his hair rolled in like dredlocks that gave him a menacing appearance. He told my I looked beautiful and asked what I did. I thanked him and said I was currently employed trying to keep up with my fiance. He laughed and said "A woman as fine as you should never have to look for her man" I smiled and said thanks and asked him if he was an athlete. He said know his brother was a football player represented by the firm but he made his living as a rapper. I was on my second drink and feeling a bit loose so I smiled at him purposely being a tease. Across the crowded room I saw Kyle come out of a room, look at me talking to Ant and then start making a beeline through the crowd towards us. When Kyle got close to us I noticed a petite little blonde girl come out of the same room Kyle had been in. She looked around nervously and headed into the ladies room. Kyle put his arm around me and said "who's your friend hon'" I introduced Anthony to Kyle and he put his hand out but Kyle didn't take it he just said "thanks for keeping her company tony, see you later" Anthony smiled and looked at me and said It was very nice to meet you young lady" and then walked off. I told Kyle he was an asshole but he laughed and said " I'm sorry Julie I must be neglecting you if your talking to black guys" He then grabbed my cheeks and kissed me. I kissed him back but as his hands came away from my face I got a strong wiff of another womans sex from his hands. I looked at him and almost went off but then rmembered the blonde in the bathroom. I told Kyle I had to pee and took my drink and went into the ladies room. I looked but didn't see anyone, then I saw a girl in heels standing in an unlocked stall. I walked over and as is making a mistake opened the stall door and saw " oh excuse me" and then stood shocked as the girl said " Oh I'm sorry I should have latched it" The girl was quite beautiful but she was standing with her skirt hiked up, panties around her knees wiping her crotch with toilet paper. I backed out and felt like crying but decided to confirm what I knew. I said '" My goodness I wish I had that much fun at these parties" The blonde giggled and said " I know but it makes me a nervous wreck, if Kyle and I get caught I'll lose my job and he might too" My heart sank and I said "Kyle?" and she said "Yeah he's my boss, I guess the only good thing about getting caught would be his fiance might find out and He'd leave me alone" I said " You don't like being with him?" She replied " Well he gives me lots of money but he's not very good sexually, if you know what I mean and he always wants to stick his lttle pecker up my butt, and its very uncomfortable to have to socialize for another hour with his cum running out of my ass haha" I smiled like I got the joke and then rushed out of the bathroom trying not to be sick. Kyle was talking to 2 guys laughing, they got silent when I walked up and Kyle said "Are you alright" I said " I've got to go home I don't feel well" Kyle said " Ok dear let me get my coat and keys and I'll drive you" I told him no, I would take a cab he should stay and schmooz the boss. He laughed and said " Your a trooper Julie, give me a page when you get home" He kissed me again and I held his hand near my face and took a strong whiff of the blondes vagina on his hand. He didn't notice but smiled and told me to be careful. I walked out without my coat, took the elevator down and stood outside wating for a cab. It was cold, there streets were bare and I began to get very cold standing there in my thigh length skirt. Suddenly a black Mercedes with tinted windows pulled up and the pasenger side window rolled down. Anthony was driving the car and he said "get in here 'for you freeze little girl" I hesitated thought of the blondes smell and got in the car. Anthony began driving and asked if I was ok. I said not really and he offered me a lit joint. I nevered smoked before but considering the occasion I took a hit. I coughed alot but after a couple more hits I began to feel better and even a bit relaxed. I told Ant what had happened and he smiled and said " girl that man is an ass, he don't know what he got" I told him where we lived and he drove me there and we sat out front. I thanked him for the ride and began to get out. Ant grabbed my arm and said " Can I be straight with you girl" I knodded my head yes. He said "you won't be offended?" I said "Ant how could I be more offended than what Kyle did?" Ant laughed and said " Ok here it goes, Girl I been around long enough to know the only thing gonna make you feel better is to get up on another man and from my perspective ain't nothin' better than a revenge fuck" and "Julie your the finest girl I ever seen and I'm dying to get near you, I think we should just go on to my place and let me do my stuff, make you forget all about that shit tonight". I was stunned and even after what I'd seen I had not thought about cheating myself. I said "Ant I don't know..." but then he leaned over and kissed me hard with his thick lips and his strong tongue slid in my mouth. He slid his hand in my drees and grabbed my left breast hard. Despite my self I maoned and he began kissing my neck. I finally pushed him off and said " Ok Ant. but I want to do it here" He turned the car off and we walked in the building. The doorman eyed Ant suspiciously but I said "Its ok George, he's cleaning up for Kyle" We giggled when out of his sight and then got on the elevator. On the elevator we kissed again and this time Ant slid his hands up my skirt and slid a finger inside me. I had never even considered being with a black man before and the exoticness of it made me cum almost right away. Ant smiled and said " Girl you are to hot and I can't believe how tight your shit is!" I smiled at him and grabbed his crotch, my eyes must have told the store because he chuckled and said " Whats a matter girl, didn't belive the myth?" I could feel through his pants that his dick was monsterous, I couldn't even feel its girth and it went halfway down his thigh. I gasped and said " I don't know how this is gonna work" he laughed and said it would be great and we got off the elevator and I opened our apartment. as soon as we walked in he reached under my skirt again. I said " not here I want to do it on the bed" Ant grinned, picked me up, carried me into the bedroom and dropped me on the bed. He grabbed my panties, pulled them off in one movement and I wriggled out of my dress. He stood and stared at me " Julie you by far the hottest bitch I ever been with" He then stripped off his shirt and pants. His body was thin, muscular and very pretty, I gasped again as I saw that his huge black cock had blown fully out of his underwear. He pulled them off and his cock stood out in front of him like a sword. I could not believe it could be so big. He knelt in front of me, lifted my legs up and genly placed his lips on my clit, I bucked and moaned and felt his powerful tongue slide inside me. I grabbed his head and screamed, he backed off and placed the huge pink head of his cock on my slit. As he eased into my his eyes rolled back and he said " Oh sweet pussy baby, so tight, damn" His cock was over whelming me, it was stretching my so far I had to place my feet as far part as I could and grit my teeth. I thought this must be what birth is like as my pussy felt like it would tear in half. Ant said " Sorry baby gotta pop soon this shit is to good" He then began to jack hammer his hips in to me, his massive cock pounding and pounding at my little cunt. I thought I was going to die when suddenly I felt heat in my thighs and orgasm building. Despite the pain, I began to cum like I never had screaming at the top of my lungs " oh my god, baby oh my god" barely noticing the stream of obscentities Ant was letting out ' Oh you hot bitch, fuckin you so good bitch, take it take it" Just as my orgasm started to susbside Ant buck into me hard and began shooting long, thick wads of cum inside me. He was whimpering like a child as his cum shot out and I could feel it gushing out of my cunt onto the bed and my butt. He rolled off me and said " Never had any shit like that baby, you gotta be all mine" I felt my vagina and it was gooey and felt misshapen it was still open from his dick. I looked at his big cock lying on his stomach and tried to get up but my legs were numb. I leaned over him and took his large flacid cock in my mouth and began to suck him. He lay there for a few minutes and then began to moan a little and said " Good god girl you ready to go again?" I said " When your ready I'd like to see if you can get this up my ass" His eyes widened and he said " Shit you into anal girl?" I told the truth and said I'd never tried it but wanted to now. In no time his massive cock was hard again and I was on all fours and he was behind me lube his cock with hand cream. I don't remmeber alot about him fucking my ass except that I was in a lot of pain but he seemed to love it. My butt felt like a canal after, with his hot cum leaking out, but he said he was in love and was kissing and holding me and I was thinking " it hurt but it was worth it for you Kyle". I got up to go to the bathroom, but my legs gave out and I fell on the floor . Ant picked me up and carried me into the bathroom and set me on the toilet. He wiped me and carried me back to bed. Ant then went back in the bathroom and shut the door. I lay there totally exhausted, thinking I liked Ant but I certainly couldn't fuck like this everday or I'd be dead. I didn't think I could move but when I heard the key in the front door I sat straight up in bed and tried to get up but legs were still shot. I saw Kyle stumble in, drop his keys on the counter and begin to undress as he walked toward the bedroom. He stopped and looked quizzically at me as he saw me naked and sweating. He looked at my pussy, beet red through my blonde hair and started to mouth a question when the bathroom door opened and a naked Anthony stepped out. Kyle looked at Ant and then down at his huge cock hanginging nearly to his knees and then back at me. Kyle stammered "Oh Julie don't do it" and Ant said "too late for that my man she gave it all up" Kyle stared at me in disbelief and despite myself I said " Can you believe he got that big thing inside my little asshole? and smiled. Kyle fell backwards, jumped up grabbed his keys and ran out the door. I could here him retching in the hallway as I sat on the side of the bead and Ant walked over and I took his cock in my hand....

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