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Thinking Back

Thinking back, the night was like no other. My girlfriend and I had arranged to go out to the cinema, and I had gone to pick her up like always. Her mother let me in the door, and told me Erica was upstairs. I took my boots off in the hallway and went upstairs to find her. When I walked in her bedroom I found her sitting at her dressing table applying lipstick, she smiled when I came in. 'Hi honey, we've been waiting for you' she said. I looked over at the bed and saw her younger sister Bev sitting on a couple of pillows. She had an odd expression on her face.

I didn't say anything at that point, just closed the door. While still wondering what exactly she had meant by this last statement, she furthered 'We've been having a little chat about you!'

'Really?' I asked, 'been telling stories about me have you?' I laughed. It was then I noticed her sister looking at me, her gaze was fixated…on my crotch. She noticed me shoot a glance at her over this, and quickly began to blush, but her eyes soon dropped again. I looked at Erica, who had turned slowly on her chair to face her sister and I, she was smiling seductively, crouching forward slightly, her legs spread, dangling either side of her plush white stool.

'I've been telling Bev what a nice, hard cock you have, and how you slip it me so well…if I'm lucky' she smiled. This sent me wild, I turned, shocked, to her younger sister, thinking she shouldn't possibly be hearing talk like that at her age. Her sister looked entranced, still staring at my crotch, which by now was visibly starting to rise in my jeans. I felt a definite hardness begin spreading along my length. An image of myself slipping my cock between Bev's young pink lips flashed through my mind, and I dispelled it quickly, shocked at my thoughts. I turned, embarrassed, and looked at Erica quizzically. She just smiled and picked herself up, walking over, her long, bare legs treading softly across the carpet towards me. She slid one hand over my shoulder, pulled herself closer, looked at her sister, and planted another hand heavily right across my bulging cock. I trembled at the thought of what was happening, here and now, in front of Bev, my girlfriend's little sister of all.

The next thing I knew, I was staring at Bev's shocked, reddening face as Erica slowly undid my jeans and pulled out my hard stiff length. The air in the room felt cool against my length, and as Erica's hand began to gently tug the end of my penis, I saw Bev swallow. Another image of her sweet young face swallowing down my gushing spunk flashed through my mind. Again, I shook my head with shock and turned away, now unable to back away from the situation. All I could feel was the sweet breath of my girlfriend on my neck and the gentle, rhythmic tugging of her hand up to my cock tip, pressing my foreskin against my helmet a little harder each time.

'Come over here Bev, I want you to see just how nice this is' said Erica. As Bev got slowly up, nervously looking into my eyes, I stepped back hesitantly. Erica placed a hand on my back and took hold of my cock again. 'Come on honey, you know you're going to like this. My little sister just wants to suck your cock, let her, relax' she said, smiling. Bev kneeled before me, and took hold of my cock. Oh God! Her sweet little fingers wrapped gently around my base, and then…fuck! I felt her tongue flicking and licking around my cock's eye. I nearly came there and then, jutting forward, pushing myself into her little mouth. It was so warm, so wet, and as her lips began to slide down over my length and back again, I let out a low moan.

Erica was undressing me, and ordering her sister to do the same. 'I want to see you fuck' she said, slowly, softly, letting out a soft moan as she lifted off my top. Pulling down my jeans and boxer shorts, she ordered her sister to take her clothes off, 'all of them Bev' she said. I stood back, now completely naked, and watched her little sister get up off her knees and slowly slide off her jeans. Her young legs were so white and smooth her little cotton white panties clinging tightly to her little waist. She turned to take her top off, revealing a small crop top, in turn almost revealing two small pert breasts. And then she did, her little nipples were standing out on end, red and flushed like her little face. I absently began to tug at myself, watching her. It was then I noticed Erica perched on the side of the bed with her knees up; heels on the mattress edge, butted against her lower hips. She had a hand down her knickers, and was clearly frigging herself off over what she was seeing go on here in her room. She groaned in a low voice, and closed her eyes briefly, before opening them up wide and ordering Bev to hurry up.

Bev slid her panties down over her smooth round ass, it was so young, so perfectly smooth. I wanted to spank it there and then, or cum on it, or lick it, kiss it, whatever! God, I had to have it! I stepped forward and turned her round, letting out a low moan. She just looked up at me, her little eyes rolling side to side, not knowing what to expect, but clearly wanting it. I pulled her close to me, letting her feel my penis press against her soft bush. I ran three fingers down her front, between her small breasts, and down further. I pressed them through her pussy hair and pressed one hard against her little clit, she trembled. She was nice and moist, wet, and ready for me.

I imagined sliding inside her tight little pussy, I wanted her, and I decided to have her there and then. I led her over to the bed and laid her on the bed. Pulling her little feet up over my shoulders I went down on her, kissing and licking my way up the inside of her thighs. Out the corner of my eye I could see Erica's fingers pumping and thrusting their way down inside her knickers. She was in ecstasy, watching her boyfriend take her little sister right in front of her. I plunged a tongue right up the whole length of Bev's little pussy. She whimpered with shock, clearly never having felt anything like it before. I lapped greedily at her vagina, pulling her lips apart and licking at her bush and clit. She was soon nearly crying with the sensation, and so was my cock!

I rolled Bev over so she was lying on the bed, face down next to her big sister, legs and feet dangling over the edge. I looked longingly at her gorgeous behind, and picked her feet up. I pulled them up to my shoulders, and leant forward, rubbing my cock against her slit. She felt it, and liked it, as she let out a low whimper and began to pant heavily at the expectation of what was about to happen. As I began to push my engorged cock head between her moist, tight lips, Erica looked up, hardly able to speak as she pounded and rubbed herself through her panties, 'No! Don't fuck her there, fuck her…ass…oh, god…' she said, looking up at the ceiling and rubbing herself harder and faster. 'Fuck her ass, real hard!'

Bev began to struggle, and tried to pull herself away from me across the bed. Seeing her little pussy, dripping wet, and her tight little brown hole move away from me was too much. I pounced after her, hoping Erica had not seen her trying to move away. I was now level with Erica, clutching her little sister's hips to stop her moving away. Quickly, I clamped one hand over her little mouth and began to moan loudly in pleasure, to disguise her little whimpering. I lined my cock head up against her ass and began to push hard inside her, sheesh, it was so tight. Her cries from beneath my hand became louder as I eased myself inside her tight little ass. I reached with the other hand under her waist and ran my fingers through her bush to her little virginal pussy. There, I found her clit, and began to circle it heavily, pushing and probing at it to ease some of the pain she was feeling.

As I found some release in her ass, I drew myself out and thrust myself deep inside her. It was so tight and so hot inside, I wanted to unload my cum right there and then, but instead began to pump heavily in and out of her ass. So tight was the fit that I was yanking her little body back and forth with each thrust. As I continued to thrust inside her faster and harder, she began to almost scream from under my hand. This roused Erica's attention, who now turned from her vigorous frigging session to see what was going on. She saw me with one hand over her little sister's mouth, holding her down, frigging her little pussy and thrust fucking her up the ass.

I looked for a reaction, and got only a good one. Erica looked like she was about to come at the sight of it, and quickly she threw herself over the bed, spread her legs, and thrust her crotch towards her little sister's face. 'Let go of her mouth' she said hurriedly. I did, and before her little whimperings could be heard, Erica grabbed the back of her head, and thrust it down onto her gaping, wet, dribbling pussy. 'Lick me, lick my clit bev, do it hard' she panted, almost angrily. A look of release spread over her face as Bev's tongue got to work, her panting and moaning still quite loud, even through the thick bush that was now surrounding her little face.

As Erica pulled at her little sister's head, holding it in place and grinding it against her pussy, I thumped harder up Bev's ass. I felt my cum growing up my length, and a deep broiling sensation up my butt. I thrusted harder and faster as I looked down at her licking away at her sister's cunt. Her little body rocked forward and back as I fucked her, and as I erupted with cum, she gave a little scream, her head simultaneously pulled down real hard onto her older sister's clit, an orgasm now wracking multiple times through her older body.

Cum began to dribble from her little ass, and down the back of her legs. I could still feel it gushing from the tip of my cock deep inside her, way up inside her, deep inside her. Erica collapsed back on the bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy soaking and dribbling with juice. She looked exhausted, completely satisfied. As I felt the last few drips of spunk seep from my cock, and my balls stop pulsating, I pulled slowly from Bev's tight ass. A slew of cum, and a little blood, came out at the same time, and dribbled down her legs and onto the bed. As my cock slipped out, Bev's body collapsed,as if my long rod had been holding her body up entirely by itself, lifting her with every thrust.

Bev said nothing, she just collapsed in a heap. Her face however said everything, despite the initial pain, she had clearly had an amazing experience, and was still panting some half an hour later as Erica and I were getting ready to go out, Bev just curled up on the bed with some covers, and fell slowly asleep. Before we left, we gave her a little kiss and tucked her into the bed…ready for later, after the film.

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