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Not many people would call me a sexy guy - short, middle aged, and a bit overweight. So I was completely (but pleasantly!) surprised by the following experience.
About a month ago I was home alone. My wife was out with the kids doing some shopping. I was at loose ends and feeling a bit horny. And as we all know, there are ways to handle that.
I should tell you that my sex life is mostly with myself. My wife has lost interest in sex, and while she will accommodate me if I ask I usually find it easier and more satisfying to do myself. I have gotten pretty good at masturbation, and have several ways to jerk off depending on the time and privacy I have.
On this day I had plenty of time and nobody home, so I decided to use the full-length mirror in our bedroom. I like to watch myself cum. I got a bottle of hand lotion and then got naked. Standing on a towel in front of the mirror, I spread a good quantity of lotion on my palm and then began to gently rub my penis. When I start, I concentrate on the shaft and avoid the head; that is for later. My cock responded as always and soon stood hard and tall. I watched in the mirror while my lubricated hand slipped up and down its length, listening to the faint friction of my hand. I began using my finger and thumb to gently squeeze the head on each upward stroke, and my strokes got faster and faster. At last, my warm cum spurted from my cock, first arcing and then oozing over my fingers and dripping on to the towel. I closed my eyes and gently squeezed to milk every last drop, my knees shaking a bit from the force of my orgasm.
The next morning as I was leaving the house I met our neighbor. The house next door is a rental, and Jenny had moved in a few months earlier. She had some job which required her to move every year or so. Jenny was attractive without being gorgeous; about my height, straight shoulder length black hair, a nice figure. Her breasts were not large, but were nicely proportioned to her size. We were not good friends, but friendly; we greeted each other when we met and Jenny had come over for lunch one day just after she moved in.
This day Jenny was opening her car as I reached mine, parked just in front of hers. I said "Good morning" as I unlocked the door, expecting a casual "Good morning" in return. Instead, I heard something I didn't quite. I said, "Excuse me?" and Jenny said, "I saw your show yesterday afternoon."
My jaw dropped, and I could almost hear the blood rushing to my face. Our bedroom window was across from hers, and the mirror would be visible to anyone looking from her place to ours. I'd never even considered that Jenny might be looking out. Oh, boy, I thought, I'll be lucky if she doesn't call the police and report me for indecent exposure. I was groping for something to say, some apology or explanation, when she turned to face me and I saw that she was smiling. She took a step toward me and said, "I really enjoyed it. I don't get to see a guy doing that very often. Maybe next time you'll let me join you." And with that, she returned to her car, got in, and drove off, giving a little wave as she passed me. For a moment I just stood there, unable to believe that I had heard correctly. Then I managed to get my car open and drove to work.
All day my mind kept returning to that few moments in the morning. I couldn't get her last line out of my mind. Could she have meant it? No way, I decided. She was having some kind of fun with me.
I hadn't forgotten it that evening, and in fact had convinced myself that Jenny was disgusted with me. What a jerk, she must be thinking - won't even screw his wife, just whacks off where anybody can see. She'd probably move away so that she wouldn't have to risk seeing any more such sights. So imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang shortly after dinner and it turned out to be Jenny!
My wife answered. I was standing nearby and heard Jenny say "Hi. I have a small problem. Could you loan me your husband for an hour or so? I need help moving some heavy boxes in the basement."
My wife said "Sure. Just return him in good working order." Then she turned to me and said, "Honey, your manly muscles are needed. Be a dear and help the poor girl out. Be careful of your back." Standing behind her, Jenny caught my eye and sent me a wink. I stayed outwardly calm as I stepped to the door, but inside was I in a daze. Could this really be happening? As we left, Jenny spoke once more to my wife. "Thanks. I'll try not to keep him all night." I nearly choked.
We walked over to Jenny's house. When we were inside she walked to a door that I knew lead to the basement, and my galloping heart fell. It's really just to move some damn boxes, I thought. Jenny opened the door and reached in to turn on the basement light. Then she closed the door, turned to me, and said "Just in case anyone looks over and wonders why we're working in the dark." She smiled again, this time with a new sexy twinkle in her eyes, took my hand, and led me down the hall to her bedroom.
It was a pleasant room with a double bed and two comfortable reclining chairs. Curtains were drawn over the two windows, and the room was warmly lit by floor lamps next to each chair. Jenny led me into the room and to one of the chairs. She turned toward the other and I started to follow her. She placed her hand on my chest, indicating that she wanted me to stay where I was. Her fingers lingered a bit on my chest, then trailed lightly down my body as she moved again toward the other chair. She turned to me, and said "This morning I told you that I liked your show. I meant that. I enjoy masturbating and I like to watch other people who enjoy it. I could see that you do because you don't just jerk off. You take your time, you watch yourself. I want to watch you now, and I want you to watch me." And with that, and keeping her eyes fixed on mine, she slowly began to unbutton her blouse.
Her words had stunned me. It sounds odd, but the thought of watching her masturbate was more exciting than that of regular sex. And she wanted to watch me! This was more intimate than fucking. Our eyes remained locked and I began to unbutton my shirt.
Jenny unhurriedly worked each button free until her blouse hung open. She slipped it off and let it fall to the floor. Next she slowly undid the button at the top of her slacks, and gently slid the zipper down. The sight of her panties peeping through was incredibly arousing - not that I needed much arousal. She worked her slacks down her legs at a leisurely pace, finally stepping out of them and kicking them gently away. She stood before me in cream colored bra and panties.
I had slipped my shirt off and unsnapped my jeans. I slowly slipped them off my legs and pushed them aside. I stood before Jenny in my boxers. The bulge in the front showed the effect her measured strip tease. Jenny looked down and her smile widened. Then she reached back for her bra clasp.
She undid the hooks and let the straps of her bra slide down her arms. The cups fell away from her breasts and the bra dropped to the floor. Then she let her hands slip down her sides to the top of her panties. She slid a thumb in on each side and began working them slowly down her legs. She stooped to slide them past her knees, slipped them off, and stood again, giving me a full view of her naked body.
I had watched this in lusty fascination, unconsciously stroking my penis through the cloth of my boxers. Now I slid them off, letting my erection out of its confinement. I stood and let Jenny gaze her fill as I hungrily stared at her.
Her breasts were smallish, perfectly suited to her. Her nipples were luscious little buds, just starting to get hard. Her bush was a dark triangle between her legs, shapely and not too much hair. I watched as she cupped a breast with each hand, gently tweaking her nipples between thumb and forefinger. After a few moments of this she let her hands glide down her sides to her thighs and rubbed in a slow circles which just missed meeting in that lovely dark mound. Then she sat in her chair, leaned back, and slowly opened her legs.
I followed her example and reclined in my chair. Jenny was gazing raptly at my fully erect penis, and I wrapped my right hand around it. I slowly began to slip my hand up and down my shaft, taking maybe 5 seconds for each stroke. I was harder that I could remember ever being before, and the head of my penis darkened as I stroked. Jenny watched my hand stroking my penis, and her breathing speeded up a little.
As her legs spread I caught my first glimpse of the pink slit within her bush. Her hand slid down over this tantalizing site and she opened her legs even more. Then she began massaging with her palm, working it against her clit.
"Most guys think that a woman always puts something inside her when she masturbates" she said. Her voice was low and had a husky tone I hadn't heard before we started. "Sometimes we do" she added, and with a little sigh slid a finger inside herself, keeping her palm pressed firmly against her clit at the same time. "But mostly we like to rub and play with our clits. You have to go easy. If you're too rough it hurts." She withdrew her finger and used it to gently stroke her clit. Her other hand returned to her breast and again tweaked the nipple, harder this time, almost a pinch. A little shaky sigh slipped between her slightly parted lips.
By now I was on fire, and my penis was a throbbing staff. I stroked more quickly, letting my palm slip over the head on each up stroke. Tiny glistening drops of precum emerged from the tip, providing delicious lubrication. I felt like I could jack off all night and at the same time as though I was about to cum like I never had before. I gave myself to the pure pleasure of feeling my orgasm build as I watched Jenny continue to rub and finger herself.
She was arched in the chair, thrusting her mound up against her kneading hand. Her legs were spread wide, knees slightly bent. I could see the gleam as her inner oils spread to moistened her. She was panting now, working her hand harder, thrusting one and then two fingers deep inside herself while the base of her thumb kept up a rapid, grinding massage on her clit. Her eyes were half closed, but she kept them fixed on my swollen penis and swiftly working hand as I reached my orgasm.
I felt like a hot river was gushing from me and I closed my eyes as I gave myself over completely to the indescribable pleasure of cumming. A jet of semen arced from my penis, spattering over my chest and stomach. Once, twice, three times my cum spurted onto my body before it slowed to a trickle. I lay limp in my chair, gently massaging the head of my penis, each touch bringing exquisite, almost painful jolts of sensation.
With my eyes closed I didn't realize that Jenny had risen from her chair. I learned it when I felt her hand trailing over my body, slipping through my still-warm semen and gathering it onto her fingers. I opened my eyes to see her return to her chair, where she once again lay back and opened her legs. Then, with her sparkling eyes fixed on mine, she slowly slipped two cum covered fingers inside herself. She smiled, and said in a voice still shaky from her own orgasm, "Next time, I want you to put it in me."

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