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My Midnight Midori

Where to start , oh where to start , well how about the middle .............................I (age 44) had ridden the train to the airport as I had arranged with Midori (age 34) to meet her there as she was flying in from San Fransisco ,and since , she has never been to Philadelphia before , I arranged from my boss to get off early so I could meet her.
Well by now you are wondering how this got started and who the cast of charactor's are ...... well fair enough , they are good questions if I were in your shoes right now. I'd ask ?
It all started about 15 months earlier , as I went into an online chatroom and struck up a conversation with another guy and told him I had a fascination with oriental women and he agreed he had the same thoughts.I noticed that their was a couple of Japanese girls in the room and mentioned that I would like to meet 1 of these girls and he retorted quickly that I couldn't get 1 interested in me and that Japanese women are only interested in meeting men of wealth .
Heartache you say , well no to say the least , I quickly devised in my mind that I would say that I'm a man of wealth and own a company.
When we first practice to decieve......................
So I approached a woman I suspected of being Japanese (Her screen name contained Naomi_____)and struck up a conversation with her , it just happened to be Thanksgiving night and she was home alone after having an argument with her boyfriend(he wanted her to go to his family for the holiday and she declined )well our conversation continued and I must confess laying it on pretty heavy about being wealthy ( I'll admit the guys remark about Japanese girls only wanting to meet rich men, affected me, but hell it was working , so I went with it) I'm such a cad , I admit it , but heck one thing I learned through my Internet Travels you can say almost anything and get away with it , just let your imagination run wild
Any way the conversation progressed and to my surprise this women literally fell for me hook , line , and sinker.Believe me I'm just as shocked as you are right now but what the hell I thought I'm on a roll & I'm going to go with that (I'm such a Lech I admit it).
Well we exchanged phone numberes did the cyber sex thing and eventually even progressed to phone sex ( if you think I was the only person in the wrong in this relationship please back up to the part where she has a boyfriend,well I knew it from the start,so who am I to complain) .
The relationship went on for almost a year and I was still getting away with my story but I admit to having guilt feelings and for a long time wanted to fess up with the truth ,well the fatefull day finally came and I told her the truth and to say the least she was upset with me but by this time we established a bond and that was what lead up to our relationship..
During the course of our discussions I knew Midori was hetrosexual but she did recount a story of when she was 13 a girlfriend had come over and she being 14 was devoloped more than Naomi . And both being curious adolesents.
They ended up in bed and in their panty's only, Midori(Naomi and Midori are the same person ,Midori being her first name and Naomi being a screen name she uses while on line ,I tell you this because by now you may be confused when I use both names , well back to this encounter)was fascinated witth this other girls overdevoloped breasts and was playing with them and told me not much else happened ,I let my mind wander as you are right about now and believe me , we both know more happened ,not that Naomi will admit it.
The cat being out of the bag and Midori now knows that I'm just a poor working slob like the rest of us.Thinking this might end it , we talked and for a time Midori was upset with me even to the point of not talking to me for a period of time .After that period she came back to her old self and she continued our relationship ,Also during this time , she left her boyfriend but eventually moved back in with him.
More background on Naomi ,she works and goes to school in San Fransisco trying to get a degree to better herslf (Japan being a male dominated society , she was smart enough to know that staying in Japan was not future for her so ergo off to the USA the land of opportunity)
By now your saying to yourself this is a sex story sight so where is the sex well the really good stuff happens much later in this tale but for now ,I'll tell you of some of Midori's sexcapades.While back in making her travel arrangements to come to this country Midori went to the travel agency to get tickets and well being an attractive woman the man selling her tickets asked her to meet him for drinks after work .Midori found out he was married but that didn't bother her at all , and he got a hotel room and before long Midori was on all fours and he was fucking her from behind ( her favorite position as told to me many times ).He performed oral on her but she did not reciprocate ,at this time she found this offensive..She throughly enjoyed the experience and sent the guy off with a smile to his wife.
Other encounters after she made he move ,meeting a younger man who was to teach Naomi the joys of giving oral pleasures as well as recieving ,she was much taken by him but he dropped her after a while............young men with their motto: 'So many women , So little time......."
While in Frisco ,for about a year she and a gentlmen from Australia ( in her own words had the largest cock to fuck her from behind LOL ).Well as all good things come to an end (he knew women wanted him , for his size maybe ) but she wanted that big Dick fucking Midori only from behind .She ended the relationship because of his other girlfreinds
By this time in our relationship Midori wanted to visit me in Pennsylvania and truthfully I was wanting the same , but at first I told her that it was not good at that time to come.My main objection being , she had moved back in with her boyfriend and trying to convince me nothing was going on ,After me hounding her on this point she admitted that she was on all 4's and he was fucking her in her favorite position .Well I had to admit I was intriqued with the idea of meeting this woman (knowing I'd be getting sloppy seconds after the guy she was living with )but a peice of ass was a peice of ass.
I made arrangements to fly Midori to Philadelphia Airport where we would meet Getting to the Airport a couple of hours early and meeting her at the gate
Standing there watching the people get off I remember seeing her for the first time , checking to see if other oriental women getting off ( to be honest when I first saw her I couldn't belive my eyes because she is a very beautifull woman and not believing in my good fortune waiting I quess for a hag to get off ) we said hello to each other got her bags and talked all the way back on the train to my Apartment .She was dessed in Black slacks and a white silk shirt modest but nice. We stayed up talking for a while after getting back to my place .
After a time we ended up in bed and I kissed her for the first time and then started kissing her lower , she was embarrassed because she told me her breasts were so small .And they were , but the pointiest nipples I ever enoyed on a woman(you must understand I'm a confirmed Butt man , what she lacked up top was more than amply made up in the most shapley ass I ever laid eyes on). My suckling of her nipples was having an affect on her and I continued my tastefuly flesh sampling lower till my tongue was flicking her hard clit and moaning with my every tickle of her sweet prize . After a while she got on all fours and knowing this to be her favorite I took my very hard cock and ran it up and down her hot and waiting orfice , my recollection of this oriental beauty on all fours presenting her prize for my complete enjoyment and rapture of the moment , while a fucking fast and furious , Naomi reached for my hand and placed it on her waiting nipples to be stimulated as our coupling increased to a fervor ,between my nipple teasing and my hard cock thrusting her unbelievablly tight pussy telling me to fuck her harder and harder.pulling out , at the moment of excasty and shooting my sperm covering her hairy treat . (Japonese women have the Hairiest Pussy's of the Orient being ex USAF and stationed in the Far East I sampled more than my share of Koreans and Phillipina's , orientals look at body hair as being: well sexy , where occidentals shave their legs and pussies many orientals don't)

After a while of talking and more of oral stimulation I knew that her perfectlly shaped rear (truley the most perfect ass I ever laid eyes on )well to bring you up to speed Midori has never expeirenced anal sex but agreed to try it with me . I pulled Midori to the edge of the bed so her feet touched the ground reaching for lubricant I throughly prepared her for her first time my cock gliding up and down that perfect specimen and finally thrusted into her I pulled out then put it right back in giving her my full manhood in all of it's glory ,and after a few minutes was moaning with delight as my talented cock thrusted , encouraged by her orceshtrations of complete delight this time culminating in cumming very hard and fast in that tight perfect asshole.

Truly lies and all this had to be my best conquest

Well Midori was staying for 5 days and I tried to no avail to get as much time off but my boss wasn't co-operating , but we did manage to spend some time together ,Dinners out as well as me preparing a feast (am an accomplished cook).As well as taking her to the local Mall to do some shopping (Victoria's Secret's and other's)
Sunday night being Valentines day I took her to eat at a local Italian restaraunt .Afterwards she modeled some of the clothes I bought for her and we also we got some Sparkling Pear massage oil at Victria's Secret as well .
Lying in bed Midori took the oil and got my cock rock hard first using her soft talented hands then leaned over and took my penis and started to suck my cock , without me prompting her , the oil gave it a great taste and before long her head was bobbing up and down on it throughly exciting us both , stopping from time to time to apply more oil as she was enjoying this , and not wanting to neglect her desires , my hand started to massage her wet pussy she accomadated me further by getting up on all fours as she was sucking my tool, my finger's explored , massaged , and probed her waiting orfices (notice the plural is used ) because before long I was using my thumb as a cock and thrusting in and out of her asshole this stimulated her more and my thumb fucking intensified furiously and then she amazed me by putting her right hand on her clit and massaged it fast as I was thumb fucking her ,between my stimulation and her's , she finally climaxed and imediatly returned sucking on my cock till I shot my load into her waiting hungry mouth
This was the most intense sexual experience of my life . My Midnight Midori ,the oriental love slave and I shared a very great sexcapade
Still I wanted more , assuming her favorite position my hard cock fucked her hard and fast ,and my walls being thin my neighbor hearing all of this finally couldn't stand it any more came out and peeked at us throught the blinds as my Japanese Slut and I as we culminated in a cresendo of my hot jism flowing out her hot,wet very tight pussy. Looking back at my neighbor smiling as he envied me through my blinds .

And this is the tale of my "Midnight Midori"

Why that name you ask ?

Well simple , since Naomi / Midori had a boyfriend she was living with , the only time we could talk and get to know one another was late at night , hence my calling her "My Midnight Midori" .

And If I were you I'd be sitting where you are thinking there is no way this story is true .

Well ,Quess again , it is , just ask my peeping tom neighbor about the time I turned around and smiled at him as my hot cum was ooozing out of my Japanese love slave .

Please Email me your comments as this is my first try @ this.

I'd personallly like to thank the unkown idivididual who encouraged me on by telling me no way I'd get a Japanese girl in that chatroom

LOL :o}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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