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Exhibitionism Delivers

As i drove along with my skirt hiked up to where my panties would be, if I was wearing any, I thought about the last couple of years and all the fun I had been having flashing unsuspecting peole.It started by accident one night when I had ordered a pizza and while bending over to get the money from my purse had caught the delivery boy starring.It didn't take me long to figure out he could see the sides of my tits thru the opening of the t-shirt I was wearing.My nipples got instandly erect and I felt a tingle run thru my pussy as I paid him and he left.My hands were in my pants before he got back to his car and I had one of the best orgasms I'd ever had.From that moment on I knew I could have fun with this and no one would think someone in their mid thirties would intensionally expose themselves. I don't have the best body but for someone my age I still look pretty good.Around home I wear just the minimum if anything at all,and gave up bra and panties about a year ago although I have a whole drawer full of stockings and garter belts for at work.If any of the salesmen in the office knew what I wore under my dresses alot of them would have to walk bent over.I also spend quite a bit of time at the tanning salon getting an all over tan. Tonight I was going to try something new,well not really new, but this time I was going to try and video tape my adventure.My living room is set up with a wall of mirrows that face the front door,so any one at the door can see whats going on in almost the whole room.I figured that if I set the camera up in the corner I would be able to tape not only what I was doing,but also what the person at the door was doing.In a few hours I would know if I was right or not. By the time I got home I had a spot on my dress and my inner thighs were damp from just thinking about my upcomming evening.It had been hard to keep my hands out of my crotch the last few miles on the expressway but I had managed to control myself.Once inside the apartment I stripped and called the pizza place and was told it would be an hour or so until they could make the delivery.I went into the shower and made sure I did a close job of shaving then spent some time setting up the camera.I poured myself some wine and waited for the pizza,going over in my mind what I was going to do.First I had planned on wearing a towell but as I looked thru the camera lens I figured I could get away with staying nude as long as I didn't open the door to far. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and I got ready for my little game.I pressed record on the camera and then walked to the door knowing I was taping my ass as I walked.I opened the door just enough to make sure it was the pizza guy and then told him to wait as I got the money.The door was open about a foot or so and I moved so he couldn't see me directly but would be able to watch me if he looked at the wall mirrors.I went over to where I had left my purse on the floor and spreading my legs slightly bent from the waist to retrieve the money.I felt my ass cheeks seperate and knew my inner lips were now exposed along with the rest of my shaved pussy.I took extra time hoping he was getting a good look at my naked body not wanting this to end any faster than it had to.After about a minute I straightened up and turned to go back to the door making sure not to look in the mirrors.I stayed behind the door as I handed him the money and waited for my change, then opened it alittle more to get the pizza.I moved just a bit so my bare leg and hip showing around the door and thanked him before closing it. I put the pizza down and quickly rewound the tape.When I played it back it clearly showed me walking around nude and him starring intently into the mirrors,just the way I hoped he would.It was great and I decided to do it one more time that night, so I called another place for another pizza. About 45 minutes later the doorbell rang and I went into my little act again, except this time it was a girl delivering the pizza.For some reason I felt safer with her and told her to come in while I got the money.Her eyes got wide when she first saw me standing there naked but then she stood quietly as I went to my purse.I told her I hoped she didn't mind but that I had just gotten out of the shower and hadn't expected the pizza so soon.She said it was ok and she was glad I wasn't a guy.I asked her about that and she said that sometimes guys would answer the door nude and that it made her really nervous especially when they did it with erections.I pointed down toward my bare snatch and said that she didn't have to worry about anything I had pointing at her.That broke the ice and we talked for a few more minutes before she thanked me and left. When I played the second tape back I found it much more erotic than the first one.So much so that I couldn't hold back any longer and brought myself to a quick climax.This has now become one of my all time favorite flashing games and I have 25 or so tapes of me nude taking deliveries.

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