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A College Grad's Gift

My friends and I treated ourselves to a cruise as a college graduation present.
I was eating dinner on the main deck when I saw him. He entered the dining hall with such confidence; I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was older, mid-fifties, with broad shoulders and a clean cut. I had no interest in the younger men on board.
He immediately noticed me staring but I didn't look away. Instead I smiled and toasted my wine. After dinner, I left the room, realizing I was more than excited thinking about him.

Back in our state room, I had my friend give me a Brazilian bikini wax, even if I wasn't going to see him again, I would be ready for anything.

The next day, we went horseback riding on the beach so my firm thighs got a touch of sunburn. That night, after showering, I rubbed my tits and flat belly down with scented lotion. I just knew something was going to happen. My friends left for dinner early, so I put on a long black sleeveless dress that accented my voluptuous body and headed up to dinner. With all of the married men staring at me, I started to get hot and excited while walking down the hall.

As I walked toward the elevator, I noticed him waiting. He was tanner than the other night but still standing with such confidence…my nipples hardened almost immediately. Without a word, we both got on the elevator. When the doors closed, he turned to me and put his strong hands on my hips. With complete silence but intense electricity, our eyes were locked. He ran his hand up my back and placed it on the back of my neck. I let his knee part my legs. Suddenly, the elevator stopped but we weren't on the floor for the dining hall. He kept his hand around the back of my neck and led me to his room.

He unlocked the door and guided me in. He turned on a light and stood over by the bed. I went over to him and slowly lowered myself to face his crotch. My tits brushed against his leg and gave me a tingle. I undid the belt buckle and unzipped the fly, tracing his hard on. His breath never hastened. My chest was heaving. I gently guided his smooth pink head from his trousers. I licked my lips and placed the head in my mouth. He only stared at me sucking on the tip of his cock. He placed his hand behind my head again, this time grabbing my hair. I almost came as I sucked…I could feel his warmth and smell his cologne while he forced my face into his pubic hair. He still had a grip on my hair when he began to fuck my mouth. I was so wet while his balls slapped my chin. His cock slid in and out of my mouth for only another moment. I could feel his balls tighten when he pulled out. He pinched the head for a second and looked down at me.

I heard a noise come from the bed behind me. When I turned around, a woman said, "Nice show". I was too stunned to move. I looked at him for reassurance but only got a cold stare. He pulled me up by the arm to give the woman a good look. I still could not see her clearly in the shadows, but she did approve by whispering, "mmmmmm…big tits, and a hard ass, good."

She stood up and approached me wearing nothing but a gauze shirt and a thong. She was also in her fifties with longer blond hair and an even tan. Her nipples pressed against her shirt and I found myself wondering what it is like to kiss them. The woman took my hand and brushed it over her breast. My body just took over. I walked behind her and faced her back. I reached one hand around to cup her breast and the other found her thigh. I kissed her neck and stroked her thigh lightly; she pulled my fingers to her panties. I told her to take off her shirt as I slid my finger between her hot slippery lips. I knelt down again and began kissing the back of her thigh up to her cheeks. I let my tongue find her slit and gave it a tickle. She let out a sigh as I worked my way up to her tight ass hole. I licked around it and shoved my tongue in. I've never smelled or tasted a woman before but I loved having control over her. I got up and told her to lie on the bed.

She obeyed and lay down, spreading her legs wide so I could see her pink lips. I buried my face in her crotch. I licked the outer, fuzzy lips and made my way to her clit. She grabbed my dress and pulled it over my head. While her husband watched my tight ass, I sucked on that little clit until her legs locked around my head and her body shook. When she was done, she flipped me over and pulled me to the edge of the bed and sat me up. She spread my legs and looked at the wet spot on my panties. She leaned in and kissed her juices off my mouth, sucking on my bottom lip. Then she pulled my head back by my hair and ran her tongue down my neck to my luscious tits. She nibbled for a second and then told me to turn over. While I was on my knees with my face in the bed-spread, she parted my cheeks and fingered me. She pulled her fingers out and licked them off. Dipping her thumb in my cunt, she then jammed her thumb into my anus. I tried to get her to stop by squirming to avoid it but that only made her laugh. It hurt just for a minute until I began to enjoy it. Her husband came over onto the bed, where he kneeled in front of me. His prick was hard again as he smeared it over my face. I tried to catch it in my mouth but he kept teasing. I could feel my body beginning to tense up while she sucked and licked my clit. He guided his thick hard-on into my mouth and started pumping, all the while getting an eyeful of his wife eat me out. "Suck big daddy's cock". I couldn't stop…he was rocking me back into her mouth and she was pumping in and out of my ass furiously. My clit was swollen and so sensitive to every touch. I let out a soulful moan as I started cumming but his cock muffled it. He pumped faster and very hard; I could only feel hair in my face and feel his cock poking the back of my throat. "Fuck!" He yelled as he pulled out and squirted all over my face.

I won't be forgetting that trip anytime soon.

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