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Cousins nice ass

Steve always looked at his cousin Sara. Ever since he was a kid he would watch her as she slipped into the cold water of his swimming pool and her nipples would harden to about a half inch long. She was about his age and it torchured him, since they were such good friends that they could never get it on together and he had to watch her as she walked away with other guys, about to give them the ass which he so desired! It was high school graduation and Steve and Sara decided to get together for a slice of pizza at the local pizza hut. They met there, and talked for a few hours before deciding it was late and left. On the way out, Steve asked Sara if it would be okay for him to stop by and pick up his application for college that she had that night. She said it was fine so he headed to her place and walked up the stairs with her. When they got inside, Sara told him she was going to take a shower and that it was on the kitchen table, and to shut the door on his way out. He went into the kitchen to get the application, and heard the sound of the shower start up in the background. He was on his way out when he was suddenly struck with an idea. He shut the front door and walked slowly over to the bathroom, where she had left the door slightly ajar. He peered inside and to his and his penises delight, he saw her naked, back turned to him, about to step into the shower. He opened the door slowly and stepped inside. He walked over to her and stuck his finger inside her pussy, instantly lengthening her clit to double it's size. She turned to see who it was, and was shocking when she saw Steve standing there, his cock in his hand, working furiously at her hairy cunt. But the pleasure of the situation overwhelmed her, and she started to moan. She soon grabbed Steve, and pulled into the shower, so that the nice warm water could caress both of their genitalia as they went at it with each other. She got to her knees and took one quick glance at his 8 inch cock before submursing it into her well-worked-in deep-throat. He moaned with pleasure, and his monster in the mouth swelled with pleasure as well. "I've been waiting for this for so long." He exclaimed.
He was about to release a load of wet cum into her mouth when he extracted it and got underneath her. He slid his ready to burst penis into who nice warm snatch, causing a burst of quivering pleasure to flow through her body. "I never knew you wanted me this much" she squealed, "you never said anything!" "I want you. I always have, ever since i saw those huge tits of yours sprout from your chest. In fact," he said, as he worked her cunt hard, "let me see those things how they were meant to be seen." He turned her over, and he watched her tits as the water only enhanced their large beauty. Quickly he began sucking her nipples vigorously. He did that for a while, switching back and forth, from nipple to nipple, then moved into the all famous 69 position where her heated pussy sat on his ever waiting toungue and his big balls slapped in her nose. They worked it and after sometime at the same time, they both cummed relentlessly into the others mouth, filling each other with strengthening juices.
Afterwards they lay there, holding and kissing until they finally decided to go to bed, but that's another story for another day.

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