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In the Silence of the Room

By Jo Martin

The storm seemed to find new life.The rain pounded the roof of the house with a vengeance.The wind accelerated to a higher degree and wildly flapped green leaves on their crooked branches.I rested naked on my back as the gust whistled outside around the house and waited for his manly touch against my skin.
This would be the first time at my age of fifty-eight.The first time I'd release the lust within me from a man eighteen years younger.No words had to be spoken.We said all we needed to in our actions.
The moment his lips clasped my nipple,my skin goosebumped as I closed my eyes.
He suckled like a baby thirsty for milk.Everytime I glimpsed,my sexual heat elavated Time passed in the candle-lit room.Although I couldn't see clearly,The light had spread enough for me to view his swollen manhood.
I pushed him gently on his back when my excitement heightened.We smiled at each other for a brief moment before I slid down to grasp the base of his cock with care.My shadow on the wall gave him a clear picture.
I opened my mouth,moved downward until his stiff rod vanished and captured his thickness between my lips.I slid up and down his pole while I enjoyed the taste.I sucked slowly at a steady pace and soon he issued moans of pleasure that interupted the silence of the bedroom.
I hesitated to stop after a good length of time,but forced myself to if I wanted complete satisfaction by feeling him inside of me.The tip of my wet tongue rolled over his throbbing knob,his slit,and the sweet taste lingered in my mouth.
Somehow we knew our next preference.We switched positions and within seconds, I had spread my thin legs wide.He moved up between my inner thighs and licked through my gray pussy hair.I watched as he parted my tender cunt-lips with his fingers,but could only keep my eyes for a small amount of time when I felt his lips roam smoothly.
My body tingled when his hungry tongue landed on my clit.I lifted my ass about an inch off the mattress and began to rotate my hips in a slow motion.My blood ran sexually hot.I could feel my pussy being drenched from his wetness.I squeezed the sheet as my love-juices boiled.
Quite aware of the moment,he broke away and positioned himself on top of me.His warm,masculine flesh sent a thrill along my spine.Our lips clashed for a minute with heated passion as his thick tool slid easily into my love-tunnel.My hands skied quickly on his back,thighs,and ass moments before my arms wrapped him snug.
He pumped slow and deep.His balls barely slapped my cheeks as I continued to keep his cock tight inside my hole.Our hearts raced with every minute that passed.
I held him closer against me and let out faint sounds from the pleasure he gave me.
His thrusts became harder,faster.With my legs spread even more,my body shook vigorously.Seven inches of stiff manhood pounded me like a jack-hammer.Sounds of ecstasy grew louder.Thrust after thrust,I could feel him widen my hole.
He slid his hands under my ass and lifted me closer to him.In one quick movement, he slammed his cock in deep.We yelled in absolute pleasure as I tightened my muscles around his shaft.The sensation was exquisite!
I basked in the enjoyment of feeling his warm,thick load flowing into my cunt.Then I coated his excited cock with my warm love-milk until he gave me every drop of his.
The moment had ended,but I wished we could start all over again.This was the first, but not the last time I had a sexual encounter with a younger man.It was a time that I'll never forget.

Bio-I've been writing erotica for several years with the pen-name of Jo Martin.I've been published in White Shadow,Black Spectre,Very-Koi,and many other online sites.If anyone would care to send me feedback,I'd appreciate comments.
Thank you for your time.Jo

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