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The place where I lived earlier had a large lawn in front. I used to play soccer over there with a few of my buddies. one of them was a cute and a bit shy. After we changed our house, we lost contact and started meeting at a course we have been doing on business studies. We got along pretty well as we knew each other. He visited my house in the meantime a couple of times and slowly he told me that he was gay. He was 5'9'' and a bit bulky. He also said that he had a boyfriend but they did not go along well and parted very quickly. I did not bother him about his sexuality any more as I thought he should be patient about me! I mean i can't just tell him that i was also gay!!

We went along well for about a year when he had a problem with his housing. Then we thought over that we should rent a small apartment and live there. He was very happy and said that I was his best friend. I felt sorry for him and thought that i should tell him about myself. Two months after we moved in, I confided to him that I was gay. He was shocked and blamed me for keeping him in the dark for such a long time. We did not talk for a week but after that I broke the ice and told him that I always had a crush on him but was too afraid to tell him. Fortunately, he understood and we again became friends.

The day when we first got close was when I expressed my love for him. That day was also my birthday. I treated him in a fine resturant and there we had a long chat about our relationship and I confessed that I was in love with him. He was awestruck and after a long time very relaxed. He accepted my love and said that he would do anything for me.

For a the next two months we did not touch each other as we thought that it would be too early to go physical.

Then one day as we got into a little conversation, the electricity was gone and it was too hot to stay in the living room. We moved to my room with a candle which made the room even hotter. We started talking a little bit but then i could not resist the temptation and kissed him. I explored all parts of his mouth and then started to open our clothes. Our sweaty bodies just slid against each other. We kept on kissing and then at one point our hands started to go down. I touched his swelled cock and jerked it hard. Then he shrieked as i put it on my mouth and sucked hard. He had a good and hard orgasm. then he tooke mine and touched it. that made me hotter and our sweaty bodies once again touched. I cummed harder than before on his face and as it was getting hotter we went to take a bath. There we sucked each other out and then ass-fucked twice. It was a wonderful night of bliss and love.

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