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It all started awhile back when I was on a job out of town, let me tell you my wife is a very hot 40 year old that works in a gym. She is very sexual and loves to play with herself while I watch, she even has some very sexy toys that she loves for me to use on her or on herself while I watch. I have often fantasized about watching her fuck a big black cock just like her toy. I always like to watch it plow into her and stretch her lips to the max, it brings her to orgasm in no time. I often wonder if she is thinking about getting really fucked with a huge cock as I sometimes think about. It probably would never happen or so I thought.
This trip started out like any other trip, we talk and e-mail each other all the time. One night we engaged in some really sexual conversation, I finally talked her into getting out her favorite toy and lubing it up really well I started by telling her how much I wish I could be there to watch her taking the black monster in her shaved white pussy. I instructed her to rub it up and down her sweet crack from her ass to her clit very slowly and with some pressure so she could feel it rub her whole crack. I had here do this for about 5 minutes until I knew her clit was on fire and would have to be satisfied. I had her lay her head back and pretend it was a very alive huge black man. I also told her to relax and pretend I was with her if she needed me, really I was anticipating watching her beg the big black fucker to stretch her sweet white shaved pussy and cum all over her. It all started to fall into place.

I instructed her to lay back and let me guide his massive cock into her pussy, I greased his knob really good and placed it at the entrance of her pink slit and rubbed it up and down. I watched as her hips began to move and try to get it in her, finally I pushed on his ass and the head began to enter her tunnel. At that point she had her first orgasm. I instructed him to move only an inch in every minute or so and then start over from the beginning, by pulling all the way out. I move up to her tits and start slowly massaging them and pulling on her nipples until they were rock hard, at that time I lowered my head down and began licking and sucking from one nipple to the other, running my tongue all over her chest until she was covered with saliva. The assault on her pussy was beginning to take its toll on her and she began moaning and begging for the black stud to give all of his big cock in her white pussy. He was very good and only had about half of his eleven inch cock in her by now; it was so thick I could see it exposing her clit every time he pushed more into her. By now her pussy was steadily dripping sweet juices, I could see how shiny it made his black tool when he plopped it out of her with every stroke. I began running my hands over her breasts as I began running them down her belly I could feel her stomach rippling under my finger tips as I made my way to her pubic area. I slipped my finger tip around her clit and slightly squeezed, bringing her to another orgasm, while she was thrashing about I ran my fingers down to where his cock was spreading her lips and slowly started tracing her stretched lips and rubbing his cock at the same time, she was still gasping when I placed my cock to her lips, as soon as it met her lips she opened and took me inside her mouth and began devouring my cock like she had never done before. We had been at it for at least 30 minutes by now and my wife was out of control, I mentioned to our black stud to go ahead and give it all to her. He pulled all the way out of her pussy and started back in real slow and did not stop until all 11 inches were in and she felt his big balls slap on her up turned ass, she moaned around my hard cock with a deep gut wrenching moan. He stayed deep inside of her without moving for a minute to let her pussy get accustomed to it massive size, he grinned up at me and told me her pussy was contracting on his cock like she was fucking him without moving. After a minute he started his assault on her sweet little white pussy, she could not keep my cock in her mouth any more, her head was thrashing back and forth to much for me to keep fucking her mouth.
Since I know what she liked, I took control. I instructed her to lie on the floor; she didn't want to but finally she released his massive cock from her pussy. I had her lay across the coffee table with her ass in the air; I grabbed her hands and attached them to the legs of the table so she could not move. I immediately shoved my cock into her mouth as the black stud moved behind her to begin assaulting her pussy again. He loved the way her ass was exposed to him for his personal pleasure; he grabbed both cheeks and spread them as far as he could to totally expose her crotch. He then had me pull out of her mouth and come back and lick her from asshole to clit as he spread her open. He couldn't get over how pretty her shaved pussy was after his cock had assaulted it for the last 30 minutes. I did as I was told and then he ordered me to stick my tongue in her ass and ream it good, I was loosing control by then and didn't care what he wanted me to do. My wife and I were becoming his slave as every minute passed, his big cock was now swinging right at my face as I tongued my wife's asshole and began sliding it all over her slit. At one point he pushed it into my mouth and half way down my throat, I nearly gagged from the assault but did as he ask. He told me to move underneath her as he parted her pussy lips with his massive tool, as the head entered her he ordered me to lick her clit and the head of his cock as slowly pushed all the way in. By this time my wife was screaming for him to fuck her pussy, which he started doing, his balls were slapping against my nose as he rammed into her, all she could say was her body was his to fuck or do anything with it he wanted to and he intended to. His cock had her in a state of constant orgasm; her whole body was shacking nonstop as he plowed into her. She had so many orgasms that they just all ran together now.
He finally screamed he was starting to cum and let loose a jet into her pussy which made her howl, he pulled out and dumped the rest of his load onto the crack of her ass and back. Cum was spilling all over her and was running down her crack, what didn't puddle on her back. I have never seen so much cum in my life there must have been a cup full of the white stuff, he came for a good 30 seconds, just pumping and pumping.
He then ordered me to untie her as he lay back on the couch, after my wife was free he told her to crawl over to him and lick his cock clean. Well I know she didn't really like cum, but when she grabbed his cock and pulled on it more cum oozed out and she crammed her mouth down on it to savor it in her mouth. She started going crazy for more of it and devoured his cock to get some more of it into her mouth. He looked over at me and ordered me to lick her clean and share it with her. I started sucking it off her back, when I had a mouth full I leaned over and pushed her mouth off his cock and deposited what I had in my mouth to his cock, she was going crazy and started sucking it right out of my mouth like a mad woman, I immediately went back and got some more and did the same thing again. Her eyes were all glazed over from lust and craving his cum, after about three trips of this his cock started to swell again and I could see the gleam in her eyes. When he was fully erect he order us to get him all wet and juicy for my wife's next fucking.
He ordered my wife to her hands and knees and had me rub oil all over her tight asshole, I knew she was going to protest knowing that monster was going to fuck her ass. But instead she started pushing back on my hand in anticipation of the assault, my fingers slip past her rectum and I poured oil straight into her sweet puckered asshole. When I got her loosened up he moved in between her spread ass, he had me spread her open so he could aim his cock into her tight hole. My wife started to protest when the head started pushing in, then it slipped in and she let out a slight moan of pleasure. He stayed still for a minute for her to get use to his massive size, he then told me to slide under her and hold my cock up so she could lower herself down on my hard cock, when she had all of me in her I pulled her ass cheeks apart so he could easily penetrate her ass. He slowly started pushing in with every inch she moaned and begged for him to fuck her ass, she kept trying to push back onto the big tool but my hands had her ass cheeks in a tight grip. After about half of his cock was in she lost all control and started babbling how she loved his cock and how she needed his big black in every hole she had. When his balls hit bottom she started Cumming like never before and kept on Cumming until he pulled out of her ass.
She started pleading with him to fuck her some more and with one thrust he buried himself to his balls in her ass and she started Cumming all over again. He grabbed her ass and started plowing her with long hard strokes and finally dumped another cup full into her ass. She could feel his cock pumping her full and screamed how much she loved his cock and how he could fuck her anytime he wanted.
The black stud ordered me to get the shower running for him so he could clean up before he could finish her, he told her to wait on the floor for him to return, I laid next to my wife as we embraced each other, we both spoke of our love for each other as we kissed. I ran my hand over her and could feel all the cum that was running out oh both her holes; I massaged it all over her ass, back and tits. He hollered from the bathroom for me to come help him; she lay there with a slight smile of content on her face. After 5 minutes we appeared to see her lying on the floor with cum running out of both her holes and stated she only had one left. With that he sat on the edge of the couch with his semi erect cock bent towards the floor, we both knew what he wanted next. As my wife made her way to his crotch he ordered me to clean her with my tongue while she sucked him off. She grabbed his cock like she had never had one before and started sucking and jerking him off like a crazed slut needing a cum fix. I started licking and tasting juices off her body and started jacking myself off. After five minutes she had him hard a rock, her head looked like a jackhammer going up and down on the big black tool, he was into a steady moan as she devoured his cock. By the time I made it to her pussy and started sucking on her slit to get all of his cum from her pussy she was on the verge of another orgasm. My hand was like blur on my own cock as she started moaning around his cock signaling another orgasm, at about the same time his hips lifted off the couch and his cock expanded at the same time her pussy convulsed, my cock exploded all over my hand as I looked up I saw her cheeks puff out as he blasted off into her mouth, my wife was swallowing as fast as she could to get all of him, which we knew was impossible to swallow that much but she wanted it all and only lost a few drops. After we lay there for a few minutes he stated he was leaving and wrapped my wife up in his big arms and gave her a big kiss and a hug and said good night.
We proceeded to the shower where I cleaned my wife up as she hung onto the towel rack for support, I then helped her to bed and laid her down and crawled in next to her and kissed her as she squirmed back against me and told me she loved me with all her heart.
The End

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