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Homecomming pt 1

After four years of college I was having a real hard time finding a job and although I didn't really want to I moved back home to cut my expences.Things had really changed since I had been gone,the house had been remodeled and there was a new pool in the backyard with a high fence around it.Mom said they had put it up for privacy because her and dad liked to sunbath in the nude sometimes.I thought she was joking but didn't say anything,figuring she'd tell me the truth later on.
I was home about a week or so and had just gotten back from a job interview and was in the kitchen getting a coke when mom came in from the backyard.She was completely nude and I noticed two things real quick,she had no tan lines and she had completely shaved her pussy.The other thing that made my mouth drop open more than it already was was that she also had a nipple ring in her right tit.I just stood there with a shocked look on my face until she finally broke the ice and asked what I thought.I tried to act non-chalant about her nakedness but it wasn't working and finally she said that her and my dad had started not wearing clothes about a year ago after comming back from a Caribean vacation.She said they had visited a nude beach and had fallen in love with the freedom instantly.
As we talked she made no attempt to cover herself and went about the job of preparing supper.When I finally asked if she was going to get dressed she said I might as well get used to seeing her like this because this was their new lifestyle and they weren't going to change just because their daughter was staying with them for awhile.I left and went to my room thinking about what had just happened.
A couple of hours later I heard dad come home from work and knew supper would be in a few minutes.When I went into the kitchen mom was just setting the table still nude and she said dad was out by the pool and would be in in a few minutes.If I had been shocked when I first saw my mother nude it was nothing compared to when dad walked in thru the patio doors.
He was nude and shaved just like mom but what really stood out was the size of his cock.I had been out with quite a few guys at school and I sure wasn't a virgin but his cock was bigger hanging limp than most of the guys I knew when they were hard.It must have been at least seven inches long.He didn't act at all embarrassed and asked how my day had gone.I was speechless and tried not to look at him as he talked but it was pretty hard not to.I was overwhelmed,here I was 23 years old and completely dressed in the same room with my nude parents.This was going to take some getting used to because it didn't look like they were going to start covering up just because I was there.I ate supper without saying anything and then went back to my room to think this over.It didn't take very long and I was sound asleep.
The next morning,saturday,after I woke up I went down to the kitchen and found mom cooking breakfast.She was still nude and when she saw me asked if I'd go wake up dad because breakfast was almost done.I walked down the hall to their room and as I opened the door I saw him laying on the bed with the biggest erection I'd ever seen.He must have been a good 10 inches long and I couldn't help but just stand there and stare.I must have been taking to long because mom came down the hall just then to see where we were.She moved past me into the room and woke him up as I scurried back to the kitchen.Soon they both came down the hall into the room,dad's erection had gone down some but he was still semi-erect and his cock flopped back and forth from side to side as he walked.They both sat down and we ate breakfast and afterwards I helped mom clean up the kitchen as dad read the morning paper.
They both stayed nude all day saturday and sunday.I was finally starting to get used to them being this way and then on sunday mom asked if I'd like to try going nude for awhile.She said I could do it during the day when dad was at work if I was embarrassed about him seeing me that way.I told her I'd think about it and went back to my room.I took a shwer and was starting to get dressed for bed but then decided to stay naked for awhile to see how it felt.Just moving around the room putting things away and relaxing felt great and I was starting to see how they liked being nude.But then again I was in the privacy of my own room and no-one else could see me.Then I thought that since it was late and no one else would be up I'd leave the room and walk around the house for a while to see how that felt.
I was on my way to the kitchen and as I went past the den I saw that the tv was still on and from the light it was giving off I could see my parents sitting side by side on the couch.I was going to go back to my room but then I saw that mom had her hand wrapped around dads cock and was slowing moving it up and down.I knew I should leave but it was to thrilling standing there watching them.I must have unintensionally made a noise because mom looked around and saw me standing there.She told me to come in and join them now that I had decided to try being naked for awhile.I moved into the room and sat on the chair across from them being careful to cross my legs and keep my arms over my tits.The sudued light in the room made me a little more comfortable than I would have been during the day and I found being nude in front of them wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Matter of fact they acted like I wasn't even there.Mom still had dad's cock in her hand and was still stroking it until I thought it couldn't get any bigger than it all ready was.She worked at it for a few more minutes until dad told her to stop for awhile.She stopped stroking it but never let it go and after the program they were watching was over she stood up and pulled him to his feet without letting go.She said they'd see me in the morning and led dad away by his cock.

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