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Homecomming pt 2

After a very restless night I awoke the next morning and was starting to get dressed but then decided to stay naked and see how the day went.Dad had already gone to work,of which I was glad, and mom was out by the pool.That gave me a chance to move around the house freely.I poured myself some coffee and then went out to see what she was doing.I found her laying out on one of the chairs reading a book and when she saw me she smiled and said she was glad that I was willing to try out something new.We stayed outside most of the morning talking and I was beginning to see their point of view.Both of them seemed so much happier and freer than when I had left for school four years earlier.I was also ejoying my new found freedom,at least in front of my mother,later when dad got home it might be a different story.
Later that afternoon as we were getting supper ready mom asked if I was going to get dressed before dad got home and I almost went to put something on but then decided not to.Sooner or later I knew I was going to be nude in front of him and I decided it might as well be now.When he got home I was embarrassed for a few minutes but then it went away and we spent an enjoyable night at home watching tv.The two of them snuggled up on the couch and although dad stayed semi-hard most of the night he never got a full erection at least not in front of me.
The next few days went along pretty fast with me and mom getting to know each other again and me working on my tan.I was really enjoying being nude all day without a care in the world.Thursday mom mentioned that they were having a party saturday night and I was more than welcome to stay for it if I wanted.A few of their freinds were comming over and she thought I might like to meet them.
Saturday came and as the day wore on mom and dad spent the day cleaning and getting the house ready.About five they finished and took showers and I thought they were getting dressed but when six o'clock came and the guests were scheduled to start arriving both of them were still nude.When I asked what was going on mom aaid that they were nudist freinds and that clothing was optional.Now I didn't know if I wanted to stay or not but since I had been naked all week and was used to it I decided to hang around for awhile.I was dressed and if I didn't like it I could always find an excuse to leave.
When the doorbell rang the first time dad asked if I'd get it for him and when I opened the door two couples were standing there waiting.I asked them in and introduced myself then asked if I could take the women's coats,which I couldn't figure out why they were wearing because it was warm outside.When they took off the coats I found out why,they were both nude under them.A few minutes later the other two couples showed up and one of those women was also naked under her coat.With-in a few minutes I was the only one left wearing anything,everybody else had stipped down and had grouped around mom and dad talking.It was kind of strange seeing all these ordinary looking people standing around naked the only thing that they seemed to have in common was the fact that they all were completely shaved just like my parents.
After a few minutes dad came over to were I was standing and asked if I was going to stay around or go someplace else.He said that if I elected to stay he'd like me to undress so the other couples would be more comfortable.So far it just looked like a bunch of nude freinds had gotten together for talk and a few drinds so I decided to stay and went to my room and got undressed.I looked at myself in the mirrow and thought that the thatch of pussy hair that I had would look out of place with this bunch,so I quickly went into the bathroom and took a scwissors to it and trimmed it as short as I could.I soon went back out and joined the party.
For the first hour or so everything was pretty normal and then I happened to glance over in the corner and saw my dad with mom and another women.As they were talking the other women was lightly running the back of her fingers up and down the length of dad's cock.I could see this was starting to have an effect on him because he was now semi-erect.Mom reached down and held just the head of his dick as the other women continued stroking with one hand as she held one of her tits with the other.I could see he was fully arroused now but the way mom had a hold of him his cock it couldn't stand up like it normally did.Then she let go and it strang up to its full height,and all three of them laughed as it did.All week I had been looking at my dad's oversized cock,both normal and erect but until just then I had never thought of it in a sexusl way.Now watching mom and another women play with it I was starting to get wet and my nipples had also reacted to the sight,they were standing up like they hadn't in quite a while.
The three of them went into the kitchen and I waited just a minute or so before I got up to follow.As I came around the corner I could see dad was stretched out on his back on the table and the other women was using both her hands on his now fully erect cock.His head was hanging over the side of the table and mom had straddled his face with her shaved pussy,moving slowly back and fourth aganst his nose and mouth.When she saw me she put a finger to her mouth singling to stay quiet and motioned me over.By now I was in a daze and moved over next to the table and the other women.Mom took my hands in hers and moved them down towards his cock until I understood what she wanted me to do.
I took over from the other women and slowly moved up and down the length of his shaft.It was the longest and thickest I'd ever felt and probably would ever feel and I could feel it twitching in my hands.I moved one of my hands to his balls and felt the weight of them and how smooth and soft they were.Mom was watching intently and as I moved my hands up and down she leaned forward and took the head in her mouth,sliding her toungue around it's opening and licking away the pre-cum that had formed there.I couldn't believe what I was doing but there was no way I was going to stop until I had gotten him to cum.I moved faster each time bringing the head of his massive cock up against my mothers lips then taking it away from her.While this was happening the other women had moved around behind me and I felt her hands running up and down my thighs and over my ass cheeks.She spread my legs and in one quick motion got two of her fingers up inside me from behind and used her other hand to carress my clit from the front.I was fast approaching my orgasm and wanted my dad to cum at the same time.I moved one hand off his dick to the back of my mothers head and pushed down until she had a few inches of his cock firmly lodged in her mouth and moved my other hand faster and faster hoping he would cum too.
I saw that his balls were starting to contract and that he was now moving his hips along with my motions.I could feel his cock twitching now and pulled mom's mouth off him just in time to watch him cum.The first couple of spurts caught mom in the face but she moved out of the way in time for the rest to cover his chest and my hands.That was all it took for me to cum too and I squeezzed the fingers that were inside me for all I was worth.Mom was cumming too,I could hear her softly moaning and the sounds of dad's toungue as it sucked the last of her orgasm from her.We both collapsed over his outstretched body and I watched as mom licked all the cum off his chest and my hands.His now semi-limp dick was just a few inches from my face and as an afterthought I moved it to my lips and kissed the head gently wandering if I'd ever get this chance again.

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